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The field of science which is becoming ever so pervasive in all facets of life holds the key to the
future. It also presents a promise of positive transformation in society when put to appropriate
I have always had a strong attraction to the study of Chemistry for the better part of my life. This
strong passion has been unrelenting and ever growing leading me to pursue M.ED (SCIENCE
EDUCATION) at the University Of Cape Coast. During my study at the University, I always
saw new challenges as opportunities to learn something new and add to my competence. This
attitude always made me the de-facto leader during group discussions, projects and
brainstorming sessions in the course of my program.
As a dedicated and ambitious student with a strong passion for Chemistry and self-development,
I believe that I have the intellectual ability and positive attitude to undertake any Msc programs
in chemistry. More importantly, as someone with a well-developed social conscience, I will
bring to my studies an awareness of the importance of these subjects to society, creating an even
stronger motivation to understand and to influence society after graduation.
I have always dreamt of becoming a professor in the future and show people how Science can be
used to improve living conditions of Sub Saharan Africans.

Mohammed Issaka
M.ED (Science Edu. UCC)