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U.S. Department of Justice | | United States Attorney District of Minnesota. We ed Sous Thane ity atta 300 South ‘ian See Prax: (612) 6603787 owaple hit 3413 August 22, 2016 Jean Brandl Brandl Law, LLC 310 Fourth Ave. S., Suite 5010 Minneapolis, MN 55415 RE: Uhan Omar Dear Jean: ‘Thank you for speaking by phone earlier today about your client, Ithan Omar. As you are aware, an erroncous news report aired yesterday on Fox9 indicating that my office ‘has requested an investigation into the immigration status of Ms. Omar, As | said on the telephone, there is no truth to this report and my office is not investigating, nor have we requested an investigation into Ms. Omar. Very truly yours, CL ANDREW M, LUGER United States Atomey AMLIae