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Theme: …I am doing a new thing… (Isaih 43:19 NIV)



Topic: Holy Spirit – The Missing Ingredient

Texts: Acts 1.8; & 2.1-4


When you hear or read the title, “The

Seven Spirits of God” for the first time, the first

question that will likely come up in your mind is,

Does this mean God has seven Holy Spirits?

The Bible does show that there are “Seven

Spirits of God.” It however behooves us to

understand exactly what this means and how it

applies to us in the New Covenant.

To start with, the number Seven (7) is regarded

by the Hebrew people as a sacred number, and

throughout the Bible it is used to symbolize

perfection, fullness, abundance, rest, and

qTHE 8 SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD ...divine secrets to the miraculousq

completion. The “Seven Spirits of God” therefore

implies a “completeness” or “fullness” of the Holy

Spirit, and this fullness of the Spirit is what every

Christian ought to have, for it is our birthright.

Study Questions

A. Unique Supernatural Encounters with the Holy Spirit

Theme: …I am doing a new thing… (Isaih 43:19 NIV)


1. According to the recorded history of the Bible, every person who was called by God had a unique supernatural encounter with Him.
Describe how the following people had their unique encounters with the Holy Spirit:
a. Jeremiah (see Jeremiah 1.4-9);
b. Jacob (see Genesis 28:10– 17);
c. Joseph (see Genesis 37:5–10);
d. Moses (see Exodus 3.1-2);
e. Isaiah (see Isaiah 6:1–5);
f. Paul (See Acts 9:3–19); and
g. Jesus Christ (see Mark 1.9-13).
2. Have you being baptized by the Holy Spirit? Was there any time you had an encounter with the Lord? Discuss.

B. An Ongoing Flow and Yielding to the Holy Spirit

1. What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit (see Ephesians 5.18).
2. Discuss the following different levels of relationship with the Holy Spirit:
a. The Spirit with us (see John 14:16); and
b. Having power and yielding o the Holy Spirit (see Acts 1.8 AMP & Romans 8.5, 9).
3. What is the difference between the following:

a. Knowledge and experience? Check the English meanings first (See John 14:26 & Luke 24.49);

b. Words and Works (see Acts 1.1 ESV and John 14.11 ESV); and

c. Spirit baptism and being filled with the Holy Spirit (see John 20. 21-22 & Acts 2:4).

Epilogue: In our day, God continues to use supernatural methods to commission and empower His people to impact the world for His kingdom.
As He did for those we read about in the Bible, He gives each of us also our own experience and calls us in a personal and distinct way. Let us
therefore, release ourselves to the call and usage of God withholding nothing.