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KEYBOARD 1 - CONDUCTOR SCORE {o Me mus Music and Lyrics by Dolly Parton Book by Patricia Resnick Based on the 20th Century Fox Picture Originally produced on Broadway by Robert Greenblatt, April 2009 NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! Should you find it necessary to mark cues or cuts, use a soft black lead pencil only. NOT FOR SALE This book is rented for the period specified in your contract. It remains the property of: 3 . PLEASE RETURN ALL MATERIALS TO: MT! MUSIC LIBRARY 31A INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD ‘Musee Tanarar InreanarionAt NEW HARTFORD, CT 06057 421 Wes 54th Sreet New York, NY 10019 (212) 541.4684 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Piano Pad Gospel/Blues Piano Percussive Rhodes Pizz. Strings Pretty E.P. Icicle Bell Funky Clav. Pretty F.M. E.P. Arco Strings Synth Bells Clavinet Bar Room Piano Octave Trem. Strings Harp Fast Strings Bassoon. Oboe Glock. Trem. Strings Harpsichord “Journey” Chorus Piano Percussive E.P. Pretty Pop Piano Magic Harp Wurly (w/a little trem.) Wurly + Piano Piano + E.P. (layered) Rhodes 9TO5 Keyboard 1 - Conductor Score Act One 1.9to5 Ja. Into the Bullpen... 2. Around Here 2a. Back to Work! .. 3. Here For You 3a. Here For You (Reprise) 3b. Into the Xerox Room ... 4. [Just Might .. 4a. Punchin’ In 5. Backwoods Barbie. 5a. Enright’s the Man... 6, Heart to Hart... 6a. Violet's Pissed 6b. Maui Wowie 7. Dance of Death 8. Cowgirl’s Revenge .. 9. Potion Notion ... 10. Joy to the Girls. 10a. Oh My God! 10b. Out of the Bathroom .. 10c. To the Hospital 11. [Killed the Boss .... ‘Tia. The Search for the Coffee Cup 12. Shine Like The Sun 9TO5 Keyboard 1 - Conductor Score Act Two 13. Entr’acte ...... 14, One of the Boys... a. One of the Boys Playoff... 15.509... 16. Change It... 16a. Ain’t it Great? 16b. A Better Day .. 17. Let Love Grow .... 17a. Goodnight, Mr. Hart 17. Stay Here, Dick.. 18. Get Out and Stay Out ... 18a. No She Didn't (Slacks). 18b. Hail to the Tinsworthy ... 19. Finale .. 20. Bows 21. Exit Music Keyboard 1/Conductor 9TOS Music & Lyrics by Dolly Parton Orchestrations by Bruce Coughlin ‘Additional Orchestrations by ‘Alex Lacamoire & Stephen Oremus Note to Conductor regarding CUTS: There are several numbers that had cuts made after the band parts were completed. In these cases, there are specific instructions in this Keyboard 1/Conductor book and in the Full Score which explain the cuts and state exactly how to dictate the information to the band in the clearest manner. This information is placed at the points in the score where the instruction is to be given. #4 - 1 JUST MIGHT Start at bar 5. (Cut bars 1 - 4.) Cut from the end of bar 50 to the top of bar 52A. #7 - DANCE OF DEATH Cut from the end of bar 1 to the top of bar 6. Cut from the end of bar 15 to the top of bar 18. #8 - COWGIRL'S REVENGE Cut bar 122P. #11 - [KILLED THE BOSS Cut from the end of bar 24 to the top of bar 29. Cut from the end of bar 90 to the top of bar 95. #14A - ONE OF THE BOYS - PLAYOFF Cut from the end of bar 18 to the top of bar 23. #16A - AIN'T IT GREAT Cut from the end of bar 2 to the top of bar 5. #18A - NO SHE DIDN'T Start at bar 5. (Cut bars 1 - 4.) Keyboard 1/Conductor 9tos (Tour)| 1 9TO5 ‘Music & Lyries by Dolly Parton Orchestrations by Bruce Coughlin ‘Additional Orchestrations by Alex Lacamoire & Stephen Oremus DOLLY: "Well, hey there everybody! When hear that sound it takes me back to a time before computers and cell phones. Back when apples and blackberries were somethin’ I'd pick behind the barn.” Moderate 80's 4 2 3 43x 5 Tui gp (IANO) (LH. PLAY ae tro ip tees rote er EP ey Cree (carp) fA wits sempre, itd sick J's mae ie DOLLY: " We're goin’ back to 1979 when a gallon of gas ran you about 86 cents, shag rugs, pet rocks and disco were the hottest things aroun¢ 6 7 8 ° Gtr 2, K2: Rhodes Vamp . ~ +Tbn, Bari and it seemed like your whole life _Guistd between the hours of 9105." {GO ON] "Back then there was no such thing as office assistant 5090 /802/08557 ‘Ey Grishman Mai Preparation 212768280, Keyboard 1/Conductor 3.9705 9105 Cour) ‘We were just secretaries! And the boss wasn't interested in no women’s movement. Unless of course it was happening under his desk!" 4 5 16 7 (to19) Goes se des Ses se ti GROUP1: Tum-ble out-a bed and I stum-ble to the kit - chen, Tri. a GROUP?2: 2 Pour my - self a cup of am - bi - tion. a BOTH GROUPS: 2 Yawn and stretch and = ty = to come sss /ono32-T Keyboard l/Conductor 4.9705 9105 GROUP 3: (Tour) 2 nf 2 theshow'r and theblood stats pump - in’ ees /am2/098-7 -3- Keyboard /Conductor 5.9705 9005 (Tou) ENS: = Out on the streets the ta-ffic stars jump--in for folks like me on thejob from ning +H. [RELPLAY] wtins to__ five Workin’ nine to five what a way to make a liv - in’, Bare-ly Hns,Tamb. } (48vb) es wiGtes comp. eenaeae = +Congas, Drs: backbeat time wibig HH upbeats 2 Ws all takin’ and__no giv - in’ They just. use__your mind and they s 4 as 02/087 -4 Keyboard 1/Conductor 6.9705 905 (Tour) 2% A 8 37 (toa) ee nev-er give— you ced - it Its e- nough to drive you crazy if_you let it = = = +*K2 z RT bw eH PL* wiGtrs, FE Gi? wiBs, Drs. d's Sxs, Tpts. (RH. TACET “sub. wiGte.l (as before), Bs, Drs. Drs.: Alarm SEX DOLLY: ‘That's Violet. She's the company veteran JOSH: "Lot me tell you all what's goin‘on. ‘Also a widow and mom of ateen." "Mom, where are my clean socks?" a7 a «0 ss 802/088:7 Keyboard 1/Conductor 7.9705 9105 (Tour) DOLLY: VIOLET: JOSH: "Why would my clean VIOLET: "Because your clean socks are dirty! “That's the teen.” "In the dirty clothes hamper." socks be with the dirty clothes?” ‘C'mon, we're running late!" a, ae a6 am Gtr 2, K2: B3 np DOLLY: a . +a +Tbn, Bari n, Mer life makes the jugaing act in the circus look like a piece of cake.” ra two lives have got me hop pin’ *4k2iCym. FS roll (more Hi) Dawn ‘tl mid - night there’s—no stoppin’. Don't know which I'm mothering —the most. — Solo ; ber a Pack fis lunch and kiss my son,‘ grab my purse and L— keep run - in’ (R.H. TACET. 7 F sea /802 05.0.7 -6- Keyboard 1/Conductor 8.905 9105 (Tou) VS. >>> Hse83/902/09-8-7 -7- Keyboard 1/Conductor 9.9705 95 (Tour) & Got so much—on my plate I could choke Workin’ nine to five— for 4 MEN & 3 WOMEN (onstage): Workin’ nine to five — Hans, Tamb.§ (No Congas, Gtr.2) nf : See Drs: backbeat time +Timp. wibig HH upbeats Tin ig HH upbeat: 2, = « service and—de-vo - tion. You would think that 1 would deserve fat pro-mo - tion. Want to You would think that 1._— Want to Hose50/a29-7 Keyboard 1/Conductor 10.9705 gus (Tour) but the boss_— won't seem to let me swear sometimes that man is 1 Swear sometimes that man is Hins,K2 _ out to get me.—_ = up MEN: out to get me_* Nine to five. — [R.TACET, @ foub.mp ine . 7 "Gut ony HH upbeats ossrajszjo92-T Keyboard 1/Conductor 11,9705 9105 Town Vamp =, "she's sexy, she's sweet, she's -" esc Well, You know who she is! sa DORALEE: goon 7 Jet you dreafi— just to watch’em shat-ter. You're just. a step— on the boss— man's lad-der, but K2: Fiddle @ = wiGt. 2 sim. Tr sub. p G +X-stick on '2' & "4", (no Gtr. 1) you got dreams hell ne -ver Gtr. | quasi Pedal Steet 05893 /902/09-8-7 -10- Keyboard 1/Conductor 12.9705 9105 (Tou) s — thesame boat with a-lot of your friends. Wait-in' for the day your ship - ‘ll come in Gtr 1,K2 a n tide’s gonna tum and its all gon-na roll your. vay. ———_ + tides gon-na tum and its all gon-na roll your. way. Ka +Hins poet ¥ poy . +Toms -- ssa jezjon 3-7 Keyboard 1/Conductor 13.9705 ees fa DWAYNE: DWAYNE: as long as we're— to-geth - er. You know You—and L— Gurs: Country comping ‘wiK2 (47th) mF or ‘Drs: backbeat time +Tamb. B's DORALI make it through—what @€ ~~ ver. They can't keep—us down, ‘Well ust rise—above— it. YBu hold 05855 /902/09-6-7 -l- Keyboard 1/Conductor 14.9705 9105 (Tour) em where to shove— On. sana roll Nine to — fiveyoucanlose— your mind, Brs. Brs,) out) S Ge, HH +K2: Warly +Cha Bell -B- Keyboard 1/Conductor 15.9705. 9105 Tour) 83 BéKATHY: poco ad lib Get up— and work. Get up and work. Nine to five you can lose your mind, — 86 8 it’s en-ough Work- in! nine— to five, “lee. Gur.2 5's wl ped ae 5893 /902/00-8-7 -4- Keyboard 1/Conductor 16.9705 9105 (Tour) a SIA: a — 10 drive you oa - x. Ws en-ough— 10 drive— you ca - 7. Ws en-ough TB: r Its e-nough— to drive you Arss sub. p Kick J's S: eresc.pocoapoco [cra - — 10 drive you Is e-nough, ——_____ its enough 10 drive— you a its_e-nough Lm [LH TACET Gu.1,C HH +Cym. roll se55/902/088 -15- Keyboard 1/Conductor 17.9705 9105 - (our) %, get up and work nine (K2 out) lace) [PLAY] Am7e00") —=—_—__ (Drs. play thru) Slightly relaxed JUDY: +Toms Dreams and plans are in the ma - king. Suc-cess is out_there for the ta - king, wish it was as simple as it sounds. OS sub. p< _ . i ive. Ooh. wiBs. 8vb, +Mark Tree DOLLY: "Well, there’s Judy. Ain't nothin’ simple for her right now. She don't know it, but her whole %, 7a 78 sim - ple wiK2, Bells, Cym, Nylon Gtr, 1 8yb w/ ped wiBs. 8vb -16- 3 /802/095-7 Keyboard 1/Conductor 18.9705 9t05 «life is about to change. Heck, the whole world is about to change!!!" (Tour) =, 70 we Jupy” I swear to you I'm gon-na do it, ‘AbMaj? | Dida 2 grit my teeth and Tl get through it. I's hard to see the up - side when you're. (TACET] 2? ———=_ a A se99 802 / -17- Keyboard 1/Conductor 19.9705 7 ou Atempo yoy 1084 nine 10 five it'-be - came nec-essar = y when my hhus - band Dick deft. me ENS. (whisper) Nine to five K2:Worly _4Hins, K2: Stgs. a Gt.2. ala “Soul Man” (RHPLAY +K2: pizz, for his sec-retar - y. Nev-er worked before, but somehow I've got to make— it ‘til I nse (s0/088-1 —18- Keyboard 1/Conductor 20.9705 9105 (Tour) 10 nn 109, 1 just have to fake it leam the ropes 1 guess Get up and work get up—and work workin’ ++Stgs, K3 (trem,) Org. T ————— +EL. Gtr.1 8b wiGtrs, Brs. +Timp. roll wiBs, Drs Juby/ 7] DORALEE/ VIOLET: w/K2, Gtrs, § § Bs, Drs, Tamb. 19s) ses /sz/008-T Keyboard 1/Conductor 21.9705 9105 (Tour) m6 115 know in-side—__ we're gonna make sub.p it through it. ‘There's a bright - er day and sub. p know— in si- high - hide Oh, there's a bright - er day +Brs, Clar, solo: Dixieland ae Cl. solo ete. ns, Fg ond Tab. Gtrs comp Drs/Congas: time 16, 17 18 welll keep lookin’ tward_— it, And we'll buy that wwe can just afford it lookin ¢ward - it and well buy—that dream soon as eye iS § Gtr wiGtts, Org +Toms, K2 gliss —~20- Hoses e208 Keyboard 1/Conductor 22.9705 9105 19 +2GIRLS, 120 wa rou) Nine to five workin’ nine Nine tofiveyoucanlose yourmind Getup__andwork getupandwork Nine to fveyoucaniose yourmind oh Bari workin’ nine to—five : At sub.p Jose your mind— Nine to— five— it's enough’ = = B: sub.p Nine to five you canlose— yourmind_ Nine to_five— its enough 4’ Gwe Hoss en/008.7 -21- Keyboard 1/Conductor 23.9T0S 90s our cresc. poco a poco DORALEE/JUDY: VIOLET: 126 I de- serve a fat pro-mo - tion the Stits enough. ‘Te it's enous for folks like— me— ‘Tow Bari, K2: Sigs = TEaS Tpts, Alto wik2: Warly J's Mp mTlases) Gu. 2, HH 125 123 190 131 tide's gon-na tum, Nine— to five! 401g. Timp. ; aliss Ze roll sess) 902/887 -22- Keyboard 1/Conductor 9t05 (Tour) | 1A INTO THE BULLPEN Ala“9 To 5” J=104 Hns, K2:B-3, G2 K2:Rhodes fa 6 eer = ‘W/Bari, Ton, K2~ VIOLET: Good Lord, what is that?! VIOLET: My section? Why are they always in my section?! KATHY: New girl. First day. She's in your section. MARIA: Just lucky T guess. G2 2 K2,G2_- 10 +Vibes 1 (Pro. Solo) a coausjepn0-T eecos/amjio7 VS. >>> Keyboard 1/Conductor 9105 (Tour)| 2 AROUND HERE JUDY: “I just hope I can do the job.” (MUSIC] VIOLET: “Relax, I've been at Consolidated for fifteen years. You'll get it. You've got the very best training you.” Supy: “Who?” VIOLET: “Me!” Bustling J = 166 Vamp (vocal last x) 1 VIOLET: 2 3 ere: Type- You got-ta know what 10 do you got-t do it in a hur-f Got-t [exces] "ter Tick” Wd, Pa ao) OT oT © |p wiitibackbeat Ks Rhodes, © EL Gtr. 1, FS Shaker” = = . |jPre Bs, Kick hhust-le gotta bust-le got-t@ scoot you got - ta scurr-y ‘cause we got_no time ITTI1T3 Pere: Typewriter "Ding" esos Keyboard 1/Conductor 2. AROUND HERE, 9t05 7 ° +WOMEN: © viover; eu) You gotta Bb [IANO] ~ mp tr 0 if , 1%, +WOMEN: VIOLET: 2 1 get it right on the first uy, Phon-ey.-‘cause each_—— mis-take— means they're los-in' lots of money. And we w/Gtr 2, K2: Stgs/Rhodes "Tick" a p———————| p Bs w/Bs. sempre wiGtr. 1, Drs, Shaker etc. 14s WOMEN: VIOLET: [-women: “° gotno time to_waste a dime $-round "Ding" = s cs ° Bs, +Bari adding ma-chine and the car-bon pap - er there's your i ir-com there's the phone afid théte's the stap-ler got your Gtr 2, K2: Pizz. wiK2: Syn Pad s et, USBKG/HH 26 — Keyboard 1/Conductor 3. AROUND HERE 9105 VIOLET! (Tour) 2, 2 2 WOMEN: 25 VIOLET: shred-der got your let-ters gon-na type you got-ia write is that clear? three-hole punch and at noon take lunch_—keep it’ running keep it com-ing “ype” *Retum" "Ding" xon2 , ) TTT] ,dJI) 3 % : » a VIOLET: “Follow me” pump you got-ta hump cuz we got no time to fool a-round—— $-round WOMEN: *Retum" "Ding" Gyan or laeen : tasty Bil oss /o 09-1 —27- a Keyboard 1/Conductor 4, AROUND HERE 9105 (Tour) [=] [The Weave] VIOLET+ENS.: 35 6 You got-ta know what to do you got-ta do it in a hur-ty got-ta hus-the got-ta bus-tle got-ta —— Sos Dem Fe Ply | wigs. 3's «Bs Dr wiDrs. (Shkr out) time: scoot you got-ta scur-ry ‘causewe got no time to fool a-round a-round here. 8859 /902/ 080-7 —28- Keyboard 1/Conductor 5. AROUND HERE 95 our) Punch in_when you en - ter Do ex - act-ly as you're told. Punch out_—when you leave HnsiCr, Tom Gtrs, K2: Sigs, sim, * No wedon't —play— cu ses please. — 05805902 /08-8-7 -29- Keyboard 1/Conductor 6. AROUND HERE 9105 & Tour) * 0 3 o ROZ: “Violet, Ob Violet." VIOLET: “Judy, this is Roz Keith, Mr. Hart's administrative assistant, It's Judy's first day.” K2: Rhodes, 2 s 5 % (sn ROZ: “Welcome to our happy litte family. Violet, I've been meaning to tallk to you about Mr. Harts rules regarding office decor.” FS 4 Za o Vamp (out any bar) (play!) ROZ: "As Mr. Hart always says..What a man.” ‘We mustn't look cluttered and sloppy. AOLET/ROZ: VIOLET: “What aman.” "An office that looks efficient -* “Isefficient.” (GO ONY FS a : —- [2] Vamp 8s se ad VIOLET: “Dear old Roz is Mr. Hart's administrative eyes, OZ: “Ive typed up a memo. You can post ton the bulletin board.” ears, nose and throat.” ‘VIOLET: “Thanks Roz. I know just where to stick i." [GO ON] K2: Stace. Sigs._ => (K2 out) po. s Gus. aa, roo 7 5) ky! sens /s02/ 088-7 =30- Keyboard 1/Conductor 7 AROUND HERE. ans four) * m 7s 6 VIOLET: © VIOLET: “If you ever want to g You got-ta know who to trust bet-ter ft, TTI oI Grr. 2 K2, Gurs.= wiSx's, Tpt, K2: Pad _ —_—=a—au ns eI laf 5 Bip Bip | Fim FR Ol wikca: Pad sus, ont T oR Of Pimms 7 7 @ a know in a hurr-y. No time for such a thing as your per-son-al wor - ries Got- ta grow you got-ta show Omit oo ia WHAT: z sth &y “ ens: , Sse keep it in tow a-round VIOLET: “Let's Recap...” A-round — here! Know who to trust and v +K2: Organ gliss fe Hose99502/09-8-7 -31- “Vamb = W/Tamb, Drs. HH d's