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For the revised Cambridge Examination ; IE co Express Publishing FCE Use of English GONTENTS oe + a a eo © 10 1 12 Tense Forms.. Practice test 1 a . 19. The Infinitive/-ing form/Participles Practice test 2 .. Modal Verbs. Practice test 3... Adjectives / Adverbs / Comparisons .. Practice test 4 Pre-test 1... Clauses / Linking Words... Practice test 5.... Reported Speech... Practice test 6.... Passive Voice / Causative Form Sly, Practice test 7... Conditionals) Wishes/Unreal Past Practice test 8... Pre-test 2... Nouns/Articles 1S Practice test 9... Determiners / Pronouns .. Practice test 10..... Questions / Short Answers. Practice test 11... Inversion | Emphatic Structures. Practice test 12.. Pre-test 3 Appendix 1: fer Belihg Rules Appendix Appendix Appendix 4: Word Formation . Irregular Verbs... The FCE Use of English 2” js a practice book intended mainly for intermediaie and post-intermediate students, but it is also useful for more advanced students for revision and censolidation. ‘The aim of the book is to help students to understand and use English grammar through struciurally graded material ‘and full-colour pictures. In addition the book offers preparation for the new Cambndge FUE Examination, or any other similar examinations Oral Development sections, These appear throughout the book and help students practise the grammar structures presented. Foider sections. Each unit is followed by exercises which provide general practice for the new FCE Examination or any other similar ‘examinations. The use of Phrasal Verbs is explained in ‘Appendix 2 and the use of Prepositions is explained in ‘Appendix at the back of the book. There are also "key" word transtormation exercises, cellocations and idioms, test sections. After every unt there Is a section which trains students to cope with the new Cambridge FCE Exemination Papor 3 - Use of English or any othor similar examinations. Pre-test sections. After evory four units there is a section which familiarises the students with the format anc level of cifficulty of the actual tests. ‘These appear in the Teacher's Book and revise all structures: taught up {0 this point ‘A Teacher's Book accompanies the Student's Book This contains the answers to tne exercises in the Student's Book and presents useful grammar tips as well as three tests in two separate versions. yA a eo) ° i} Losi Cy | le) ra Pestea by Eapiess Fusing Ley movoe, New Greernam Par Newour, Bese RG 19 HW Tel. (G04s) 1605 917 963 Fax (44) 1805 B17 463 ermal nquines@enpresapuiroiny oo NTERNET hp ‘ian ouresspuolsting cus 2 vigna Evans 1096 Dentro irate © Bynes cau Fest publsned 1906 Now eatin 2300 A ognte feseray Me pal Ut ate publication may 0@ Fepraguced, stored ES retreva system, oF vansmitied in any teem, of Dy any moans. slectronic echnical phoiocepying oF cthewse ‘wthout the pri writen germission cf the Publenors Lay out E Maveayers WBN Baza) & e Identity 4 They are 2 The robb down on. 3 The sunt west 4 The cour 5 Clare is | 6 We've be 7. They emy 8 Paula ha “slavting u 9 The child Free b Identify 1 Bill alwa work. 2. Thonew 3. There ac 4 Scientist prevent 5 Andrea t 6 Laurais 7 Meet ext my asic 8 He's bec 9 The Kel Dear Mr 1) ar yoursdves, 3) Gust!move) time decare we 7) together in in the even 1D