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New product for UNSINKABLE BUOY pega ects surrorr ® ; CEMAT CHAIN THROUGH SUPPORT BUOY is available in ‘two model : the chain-through type and the center-pipe type, They are designed and produced according the workload and required buoyancy. ‘The metallic part is galvanized and we make sure they can withstand the workload the buoy. The PE foam inside the buoy acts as the buoyant and as the energy-absorbing material in case of impact. Keman Support Buoy use polyurethane/polyurea elastomer skin. It has very good elasticity and excellent resistance against UV ray and abrasion. oa 28. POLYURETHANE, rl] Keman Chain Through Support Buoy eS} Description Dimension Diameter (mm) 500 - 2500 W Length (mm) 500 - 3500 Buoyancy (kg) 800 - 6000 7 Pipe ID (mm) 330 - 508 fe STIFFENER 7q basal 1 PE FOAM BOTTOM REINFORCEMENT We PT KEMENANGAN Jalan Gunung Sahari No.75, Jakarta Pusat 10610, Indonesia INN Telp : +62 21 4207083 (Hunting), 4241317, Fax : +62 21 4200052 E-mail : info@kemenangan.co.id - www.kemenangan.co.id SINCE 1954