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Lease Termination Notice due to Extremely Outrageous Acts

Tenants in Possession: Date: 4/20/2019

Mary Eng (Email: maryeng1@gmail.com), George Karge (eermonkey155@gmail.com)
Property Address: 430 S Holladay, #6, Seaside, OR 97138

This notice is being served to tenants in possession both by email and mail. According to lease
agreement, actual notice over email is allowed.
Tenants pose extreme threat of personal injury to themselves, to the building and to the
neighbors by repeatedly overloading the electrical outlet using multiple appliances which
caused electrical trip hazards, tripping the circuit breakers repeatedly, nuisance and
disturbance to neighbors. By intentionally overloading the power outlet, tenants posed
extreme possibility to cause fire in the unit and building. Tenants used multi-plug adapter to
run high power microwave, cooking appliances, other electrical equipments and refrigerator in
the same power outlets. Even after in-presence notification from the landlord not to overload
the outlet, tenants kept doing this risk over and over again. Tenants was clearly informed that
the dwelling was a studio and didn’t have any stove or cooking appliances in the unit built-in.
Tenants weren’t supposed to cook in the unit or use any high power cooking appliance (like
cook pot) that consumes high electricity. Furthermore, tenants also used extra high power
heater on top of existing baseboard heater built in the unit. They kept using it even after verbal
request from landlord to remove it. All the acts are considered “Extremely Outrageous Act” due
to extreme risk of fire damage causing personal injury to tenants in the dwelling, and other
tenants living in the same building and nearby building. Furthermore, tenants splashe water
outside shower area (possibly shower without curtain) causing floor damage and leak to the
tenants downstairs. My investigation justifies the reason.
Tenants are given 10 day to evict the unit upon serving the notice over email on 4/20/2019. A
mail copy of the notice is also being sent over first class mail.

Sunny Seaside LLC,

14888 NW Fawnlily Dr, Portland, OR 97229
Email: rent.sppllc@gmail.com , Phone: 412-339-0554