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‫الر ْح َٰم ِن ه‬
‫الر ِح ِيم‬ ‫َّللا ه‬
ِ ‫س ِم ه‬
ْ ‫ِب‬
("In the Name of Allah The Most Compassionate The Most Merciful")

Q: Islam is an entire merciful religion


The brilliant religion of Islam is put together only with respect to two essential
sources. Right off the bat, the most remarkable and persuasive figure of our
adored Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive) and furthermore the incredibly
expressive and the sublime Quran. Together, these two sources give bountiful
direction, astuteness and incredible methods for advancement and additionally
the flawlessness of human life. Indeed it might be affirmed that for a Muslim, the
total diagram to lead an unsullied and perfect life in this world and subsequently
accomplish the most elevated status in the Akhirah (the great beyond) is
contained inside these two sources.

The Quran is portrayed as containing counsel and direction on each and every
subject that influences human life and additionally being an entire medicinal
solution for every one of the maladies of the heart and boundless wellspring of
leniency for all humankind. The Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive) likewise is
depicted as Burhan – the unmistakable proof, kindness for humankind and a
paragon of flawlessness, having each ethical property humanly conceivable or
possible. It is hence not astounding that when his most loved spouse and the
most dearest individual in his life Aisha (May Allah be satisfied with her) was
solicited to depict the character from our cherished ambassador, she essentially
stated, "His character was the Quran" – i.e. he was the Quran strolling, the Quran
talking, the Quran living.

Here I need to investigate a little about how the Messenger (harmony arrive) is
applauded by Allah and the most astounding regard in which our Lord holds our
dearest Prophet (harmony arrive). The accompanying sections indicate the
amount God adores, thinks about and treasures His creation:

“God has done a favour on the believers by sending a Prophet from amongst
themselves, who recites His verses, purifies them and teaches them the book and
wisdom” (Ale Imran: 164).

“There has come to you a Prophet from amongst yourselves, your sufferings grieve him,
ever anxious about your welfare and for the believers he is most kind and most merciful”
(At-Touba: 128). Abdullah Yusuf Ali comments on this verse saying “the tender heart of
the Teacher is grieved that any among his flock should rush headlong to ruin. He
watches ardently over them and whenever any of them show signs of faith, his kindness
and mercy surround him and rejoice over him”.

“And we have not sent you, [O Muhammad] except as a mercy for the entire humanity”
(Al Anbiya: 107).

God has favored the Prophet (harmony arrive) with numerous incredible characteristics;
without a doubt those characteristics depict the flawlessness of his character, the
faultlessness of his air and the magnificence of his identity and also the high regard in
which our Maker holds him. These sections of the Quran expressively sing his gestures
of recognition. From one viewpoint they uncover the glory, the quality and the loftiness
of the Prophet while then again they demonstrate the liberality of Allah. To such an
extent that one is constrained to shout, as Jami stated:
Oh most beautiful, Oh leader of mankind

To praise you as you deserve is just not possible

After the almighty God you are the most noble

That is the story in short

A Punjabi poet Pir Mehr Ali Shah expressed very aptly this human inability to
comprehend fully the magnificence of the Prophet (peace be upon him) when he wrote:

“Glory is to God how beautiful, how wonderful and how perfect you are, where is Mehr
Ali? And where is your praise? On what have these irreverent eyes befallen?”

Anyway this refrain "We just sent you as a leniency for the whole mankind" is far
reaching and accurately outlines every one of these characteristics. It is a mirror, which
mirrors the miracles of the darling Prophet (harmony arrive) in its full magnificence. To
reword it, the stanza says: "O dearest! The great book, the ideal religion, the
respectable character, incredible contentions, clear signs and magnificent supernatural
occurrences that we have favored you with – the reason for this is you can be the
benevolence for every one of: the individuals who tail you and the individuals who are

The word Rahma implies having compassion, empathy and being benevolent. The pity
and sympathy prompts compassion, which thusly rouses one to be caring. The Prophet
(harmony arrive) indicates sympathy – "your enduring lament him" – and after that he is
thoughtful, caring and forgiving.

Those counterparts who had the lucky fortune to pursue "the kindness for all" were
totally and easily changed by the incredible good example they saw before them.
Incidentally, before the appearance of Islam, these exceptionally individuals were
among the most oblivious, the most hard, the most rude and the most severe gathering
of individuals that at any point existed, taking their numbness and mercilessness from
the pre-Islamic Jahillayah time and the traditions, which were pull for a considerable
length of time in all out dimness. Be that as it may, the exemplification of flawlessness
that the Prophet's (tranquility arrive) life was transformed all the haziness into the
astonishing reference points of light on the grounds that in about a couple of brief years,
the Arabs turned into the most acculturated, the most refined and the most edified of the
considerable number of individuals. A passionate intensity for otherworldliness,
religiosity, change and triumph cleared over the entire of the Arabian promontory, all by
the motivation and the living case of one remarkable figure (harmony arrive).

The lives of the Arabs were completely changed by following the case of one singular
man with an attractive identity and exceptionally appealing nearness. The declaration to
this unquestionable truth is brought into the world not simply by excited and sincere
Muslims, which would be normal at any rate, however even by honest non-Muslims, for
example, the prestigious student of history Michael H. Hart who in his book

'The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons ever' puts our brilliant Prophet
(harmony arrive) at the highest priority on the rundown, even in front of Jesus Christ
who comes at number three, simply behind Isaac Newton. Michael Hart legitimizes his
decision as in this manner, "my decision of Muhammad to lead the rundown of the
world's most compelling people may astonish a few per users and might be addressed
by others, however he was the main man in history who was especially fruitful on both
the religious and common dimensions… Muhammad established and declared one of
the world's extraordinary religions and today, thirteen centuries after his demise, his
impact is still ground-breaking and unavoidable… Muhammad was in charge of both the
philosophy of Islam and its fundamental moral and good standards. What's more, he
assumed the key job in converting the new confidence, and in building up the religious
practices of Islam. It is this unparalleled blend of mainstream and religious impact which
I feel qualifies Muhammad for be viewed as the most persuasive single figure in
mankind's history."

This is such a ground-breaking award without a doubt and it is even more great since its
espouser isn't a passionate, devoted, traditional Muslim!

For a tirelessly ambushed and blockaded Muslim nowadays, it is so satisfying to find

that even non-Muslim antiquarians can't locate a parallel for our amazing Prophet
(harmony arrive) and the manner in which he single-conveniently and medium-term
reformed and changed a whole race. The lessons of our incredible Prophet (harmony
arrive) changed the course of mankind's history, to such an extent that tyrannies was
tested, an immediate way to Allah for each individual was opened therefore taking out
the requirement for ministry as a methods for intervention, one of the major principles
(some may even say scourges) of Christianity.
Separations of different sorts were addressed, tested, battled, vanquished and
annihilated by the appearance of this extraordinary religion. A lot more noteworthy
opportunity and decision and also a lot a larger number of rights were conceded to
ladies than had until now been idea possible. Dug in racial biases weaved with different
old innate practices and traditions were cleansed far from the revolting substance of a
crude, savage, uncouth and in reverse social request, a social request which thought it
flawlessly authentic and worthy to cover absolutely guiltless and irreproachable
individuals alive in light of the fact that they were seen to be of the wrong sex! To
deracinate such primordial but then broadly settled personal conduct standards was not
a simple accomplishment and under typical conditions, would have required age a long
time to have a particle of effect.

We just need to take a gander at our general surroundings to perceive how incapable
and deficient we ourselves feel when we see the frightening situation of our Palestinian
brethrens or the persistent maligning of our own religion. Our darling Prophet (harmony
arrive) had a whole lot more to battle with regarding things that were in urgent need of
an adjustment on the planet and society around him. He didn't have things like the
broad communications, Internet bloggs, 24-hour news, purposeful publicity press,
financial assets, online networking or any of the cutting edge methods for influencing a
change available to him. However he could achieve and bewildering change in how
individuals thought, carried on, lived, venerated, associated with others and
considerably more next to all by his significant lecturing and unbelievable persona, a
persona which to the exclusion of everything else was pervaded with empathy and an
extraordinary feeling of equity and decency.

At the point when the Muslims were heartlessly being abused in Makkah for the
reprehensible wrongdoing of grasping Islam, with their occupations undermined and
their lives under never-ending attack, they went to the Prophet (harmony arrive) and
asked him (harmony arrive) to revile the Makkans who were executing this mistreatment
and oppression against the new Muslims, since his condemnations were properly
accepted to have the extraordinary forces of hurting the reviled ones. In any case, the
dearest Prophet (harmony arrive), after hearing this supplication, declined to enjoy this
vindictive yet in any case reasonable feud against his past brethrens and just said in a
sympathetic, forgiving voice stated, "I show been sent as a Mercy not a discipline, be
persistent". It was this empathy, this leniency and this benevolence that empowered
Islam to spread like an out of control fire all through the globe inside an astoundingly
short space of a negligible couple of years!
Allama Aloosi gives profound translation of the stanza, "He is a leniency for all as in
everything determines Divine beauty through him, he is the direct, the channel". That is
the reason the Prophet's (tranquility arrive) light was made before the production of
whatever else. There is a Hadith, which says, "O Jabir! God made your Prophet's light
first" and in another Hadith it is portrayed that the sacred Prophet (harmony arrive)
expressed that, "Allah is the provider and I am the wholesaler".

Outstanding amongst other Muslim writers and scholar Mohammed Iqbal communicates
movingly and expressively this remarkable and unique status of our cherished Prophet
(harmony arrive) in one of his acclaimed sonnets as pursues:

He is the savvies of all, the last Prophet, and the ace of all

Who gave the residue the brightness of Mount Sinai

From the vantage point of passion and love

He is the first and the last; the Quran, the criterion, Yaseen and Taha

In end I might want to express that "Benevolence for Mankind" speaks to the adoration
for God for all individuals alike, meriting and undeserving, the exemplary and the
fiendish, the devout and the wicked, the good and the corrupted, the virtuous and the
loose. Numerous Muslims guarantee that they are the picked individuals as in they are
in a favoured position of being the unique beneficiaries of God's benevolence, as having
the best and the last prophet as their guardian angel, as having an ideal religion as a
profession format. That being the situation, aren't there any additional duties
appendeged to those comparing exceptional benefits? On the off chance that we
beguile ourselves into suspecting that we are God's top choice, ought not we feel an
additional awareness of other's expectations towards the advancement of the world we
live in as God's "picked" vicegerents on earth? In that capacity, ought not we at that
point bear an expansive lump of the fault for the dreadful chaos that the world is right
now in, particularly the religious wreckage which is to a great extent because of our own
mind-desensitizing idiocy and our shocking failure to settle our negligible inside
We are in every case brimming with illogical hot air about the Ummah being one body
and blow a considerable measure of tourist about the pivotal significance of solidarity in
Islam but then we exhibit our ancient religiosity and our otherworldly chapter 11
unremittingly when we see on numerous occasions that no two researchers concur on
the equivalent Islamic decision. The delightful and the ideal religion of Islam has turned
into a grievous apothegm for everything that is preposterous, illogical and entertaining,
also uncouth and prejudiced. This is all a direct result of the manner by which we, its
"extraordinary beneficiaries", depict and delineate it for the whole world to see.

the Holy Qur’an consists of one hundred fourteen Surahs, one hundred thirteen of which
start with the phrase, ‫يم‬ ‫الرحْ َٰم ِن ه‬
ِ ‫الر ِح‬ ‫َّللا ه‬
ِ ‫س ِم ه‬
ْ ِ‫"( ب‬In the Name of Allah The Most
Compassionate The Most Merciful") as the message of Islamic kindness, mercy and
affection, however one Surah does not start with this phrase for a clear reason.

The surah is a notice of war, fight and hate to the resolute and obstinate foes of Islam
for whom there was no expectation of direction and amendment. Clearly, there is no
space for discussing friendship and benevolence when battling with the pernicious
adversary. As it were, the proportion of brutality and forgiveness in the Holy Qur'an is
coordinated hundred and fourteen. In other words, mercy and mercy is the premise and
brutality is an exemption. Is it conceivable at that point to call a religion, the wonder of
which is this Qur'an, as the religion of viciousness?

Return Evil with Goodness

God says:

ُ ‫س‬
‫ان‬ ِ ْ ‫ان ِإ اَّل‬
َ ْ‫اْلح‬ ِ ‫س‬ ِ ْ ‫ه َْل َجزَ ا ُء‬
َ ْ‫اْلح‬
"Shall the recompense of goodness be other than goodness?" (55:60)
This verse which is full of affection, clemency and amity is an Islamic motto for Muslims.
Surprisingly, studying other Qur’anic verses, we find that not only instructs to
recompense goodness with goodness, but also bids Muslims to reply evil with

ِ َ‫سيِئَةَ ۚ نَحْ ُن أ َ ْعلَ ُم بِ َما ي‬

َ‫صفُون‬ َ ْ‫ي أَح‬
‫س ُن ال ا‬ َ ‫ا ْدفَ ْع بِالاتِي ِه‬
"Repel thou the evil with that which is fairer. We Ourselves know very well what
they describe." (23:96)
O Prophet! Even though the dupes have wronged with you, but you let them return to
Islam through kindness and affection.
Does the religion, the logic of which is violence and severity recommend to its prophet
to reply others’ evil with kindness? Or such religion is the religion of affection, kindness,
clemency, tranquility and warmth?

Islamic Clemency even with non-Muslims

َ‫ي قَ ْو ًما ِب َما كَانُوا يَ ْك ِسبُون‬ َ ‫قُ ْل ِللَّذِينَ آ َمنُوا يَ ْغ ِف ُروا ِللَّذِينَ َل يَ ْر ُجونَ أَي‬
ِ َّ ‫َّام‬
َ ‫َّللا ِل َيجْ ِز‬
"Say unto those who believe, that they forgive those who do not look for the days
of God, that He may recompense people for that they have been earning." (45:14)
According to the above verse, Islamic clemency and benevolence is not allocated and
restricted just to the Muslims and believers. Rather, God instructs Muslims to be kind
with non-Muslims too.
Is such religion the religion of violence?
We read in the tale of People of Lot that the perfect ambassadors charged for discipline
appeared to Hazrat Abraham (as) in the state of outsiders. They were charged to
demolish and destroy the city of People of Lot. Abraham (as) arranged sustenance for
them, yet none of them contacted it. This did not sound great around then, since when a
more odd visitor did not contact sustenance, the host was not anchor of his wickedness.
Unexpectedly, on the off chance that he took nourishment, the host felt peacefulness
and security. On this record, Abraham (as) imagined dread of them and felt peril, he
asked them the reason. They answered: "Don't stress. We are errand people from your
Lord who have appeared to you for achievement of two missions:

To begin with, we might want to give you the happy news of Isaac and after Isaac, of
Jacob; in spite of the fact that your better half is an elderly person and you are an
elderly person as well.

Abraham (as) and his significant other turned out to be extremely upbeat and were

The other is that we are authorized to stifle People of Lot who are wicked and
This in as opposed to the primary news was extremely upsetting and aggravating for
Abraham. At that point, he consulted with the heavenly couriers for delay or easing in
discipline of People of Lot, and debated with them on this.

The angels replied to his request:

َ ‫اب‬
‫غي ُْر َم ْردُود‬ َ ‫ع ْن َٰ َهذَا ۖ ِإناهُ قَ ْد َجا َء أ َ ْم ُر َر ِب َك ۖ َو ِإنا ُه ْم آ ِتي ِه ْم‬
ٌ َ‫عذ‬ ْ ‫يَا إِب َْرا ِهي ُم أَع ِْر‬
َ ‫ض‬
"O Abraham, turn away from this; thy Lord’s command has surely come, and
there is coming upon them a chastisement not to be turned back." (11:76)

While People of Lot were a standout amongst the most corrupt, polluted and grimy of
the point of reference countries and individuals, Abraham's (as) forgiveness and
kindheartedness grasped them, and he was notwithstanding attempting to go through
his respect with God for them and mediate for postponement or lightening in their

Abraham's (as) philanthropy and merciful disposition is extremely an excellent one, and
Qur'an and Islam support such graciousness and kind heartedness.

Is it adequate to blame such religion which is full for pardon, consideration and
generosity to rough? Never!

Prophet’s (S) Benevolence, an Attracting Factor for

One of the miracles of Holy Prophet of Islam (S) is to be soft at heart and bring hearts

ِ ‫ظ ْالقَ ْل‬
ۖ ‫ب ََّل ْنفَضُّوا ِم ْن َح ْو ِل َك‬ َ ‫غ ِلي‬ ًّ َ‫ت ف‬
َ ‫ظا‬ َ ‫ت لَ ُه ْم ۖ َولَ ْو ُك ْن‬
َ ‫َّللاِ ِل ْن‬
‫فَ ِب َما َرحْ َمة ِمنَ ا‬
"It was by mercy of God that thou wast gentle to them; hadst thou been harsh and
hard of heart, they would have scattered from about thee." (3:159)
According to this verse, Prophet’s (S) clemency and benevolence (originating from
divine mercy) attracted people and their trust to him. We read in verse 63, The Spoils

ٌ ‫ع ِز‬
‫يز َح ِكي ٌم‬ َ ُ‫ف بَ ْينَ ُه ْم ۚ إِناه‬ ‫ت بَيْنَ قُلُوبِ ِه ْم َو َٰلَ ِك ان ا‬
َ ‫َّللاَ أَلا‬ َ ‫ض َج ِميعًا َما أَلا ْف‬ َ ‫لَ ْو أ َ ْنفَ ْق‬
ِ ‫ت َما فِي ْاْل َ ْر‬
"Had thou expended all that is in the earth, thou could not have brought their
hearts together; but God brought their hearts together; surely He is All-mighty,
All-wise." (8:63)

Development of an amazing Muslim country from among the difficult and uninformed
individuals, while changing their scattered and angry hearts to hearts that are joined
together and kind was a heavenly marvel.

Accordingly, we have not misrepresented if call "uniting hearts", joining the

inconsiderate and angry individuals and seeding warmth, generosity and closeness
among them as one of the vital supernatural occurrences by Islam Prophet (S).

Is the religion that is bringing hearts together with benevolence and clemency as one of
its miracles, the religion of violence?

Peace and Truce, the Basic Islamic Program

َ ‫ان ۚ ِإناهُ لَ ُك ْم‬
ٌ ِ‫عدُ ٌّو ُمب‬
‫ين‬ ِ ‫ط‬َ ‫ش ْي‬
‫ت ال ا‬ ُ ‫يَا أَيُّ َها الاذِينَ آ َمنُوا ا ْد ُخلُوا فِي الس ِْل ِم َكافاةً َو ََّل تَتابِعُوا ُخ‬
ِ ‫ط َوا‬
"O believers, enter the peace, all of you, and follow not the steps of Satan; he is a
manifest foe to you." (2:208)
According to the above verse, peace and truce is a basic Islamic program. It is
interesting that Qur’an calls those who arouse dissidence, and seek war and struggle –
a follower of Satan. In other words, peace and truce is a divine and merciful attitude,
while war, arousing dissidence and violence is a Satanic and devilish one.

Amity and Mercy Are Among the Signs of God

Some verses of Holy Qur’an indicate the signs of God’s Magnificence, which is the
subject of “Argumentation of Order” in theology:
‫ َو ِم ْن آيَاتِ ِه‬he Holy Qur’an consists of one hundred fourteen Surahs, one hundred
thirteen of which start with the phrase, ‫يم‬ ‫الرحْ َٰم ِن ه‬
ِ ‫الر ِح‬ ‫َّللا ه‬
ِ ‫س ِم ه‬
ْ ‫"( ِب‬In the Name of Allah
The Most Compassionate The Most Merciful") as the message of Islamic
kindness, mercy and affection, however one Surah does not start with this
phrase for a clear reason.
The surah is a notice of war, fight and hate to the unshakable and difficult foes of Islam
for whom there was no expectation of direction and revision. Clearly, there is no space
for discussing love and leniency when battling with the malevolent adversary. At the end
of the day, the proportion of viciousness and mercy in the Holy Qur'an is coordinated
hundred and fourteen. In other words, mercy and mercy is the premise and brutality is a
special case. Is it conceivable at that point to call a religion, the marvel of which is this
Qur'an, as the religion of viciousness?

Some verses of Holy Qur’an indicate the signs of God’s Magnificence, which is
the subject of “Argumentation of Order” in theology:
ٍ ‫َو ِم ْن آيَاتِ ِه أ َ ْن َخلَقَ لَ ُك ْم ِم ْن أ َ ْنفُ ِس ُك ْم أ َ ْز َوا ًجا ِلت َ ْس ُكنُوا ِإلَ ْي َها َو َج َع َل بَ ْينَ ُك ْم َم َو َّدة ً َو َرحْ َمةً ۚ إِ َّن فِي َٰذَلِكَ ََليَا‬
َ‫ت ِلقَ ْو ٍم يَتَفَ َّك ُرون‬
"And of His signs is that He created for you, of yourselves, spouses, that
you might repose in them, and He has set between you love and mercy.
Surely in that are signs for a people who consider." (30:21)
Here, “between you” may refer to the spouses. However, it could be applied and
extended to all human beings. So, one of the signs of God is that He has brought
affection, amity and mercy among all humans.
Right! “Bringing hearts together” is one of the divine signs, because otherwise,
social life was not possible.


 All the points and ideas have been taken as a reference from
books or internet.