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Visit to Project Site of Vikas Samvad Samiti in Shivpuri

Day 1 in Shivpuri: PME

The VSS team briefed about the work they do in Shivpuri with support from CRY and shared the key
highlights of the quarter.

Brief on VSS’s work in Pahuri, Shivpuri

VSS team works extensively with the Sahariya community towards two aspects- health and nutrition.
They have been working with ANM, ASHA and Anganwadi workers from last 4 years with 1200 families in
15 villages of Pahori Block to save them from malnutrition, maternal and child death. The work is
distributed under two phases- first phase- two years were spent in data collect6ion and the last two
years (the current phase).

The project activities include:

1. At a Village level
 Village Health and Nutrition Day every month to be organized - kids immunization, ANC
and PNC check-up pregnant and lactating ladies.
 Constitution of Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committees and train them and
Gram Panchayat.

2. At Block level
 Work with CMO and VMO to ensure that people are able to avail health services
 Capacity building of ANM
 Curb malnutrition by working with a core group. The core group comes up with a
solution for the problems faced by the villagers. They seek support from Government.

3. Community Based Management of Malnutrition (CBMM)

CBMM does the integrating of ASHA, ANM and AWW. This also encompasses multiple activities
such as:
 Food demonstration to the women’s group in the villages.
 Ensure smooth functioning of AWCs and nutria corners are operating well.
 Formation of Core groups and community leaders.

Key highlights of the quarter

 The number of TB cases of gone down to 32 from 108 cases in the last year
 Total 3000 beneficiary applied for poultry and Rs.1200 was deposited, in their account by animal
husbandry department. A total of 13500 chicken and Rs. 360000 were provided to 300 families
in our field area
 In Madhopura Village, to curb the water issue, boring for hand pump has been and hand pump
will be installed in next two months.
 Poshan Samvad:- meeting held to ensure that ANC and PNCs are happening in the villages and
children at AWC are getting food.
Day 2: Discussion was held with the VSS team for the de-addiction of the villagers. A plan has been made
to collect the numbers and it will be implemented soon.

Day 3: Field visit

During the field visit we covered the following things:

B. Construction site
C. Adoloscent girls meeting: