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Door St pper

Solution 1O1

Since there are so many problems related to doorstopper coming in
the way or sticking out I decided to either place it inside the box or
eliminate it.

Also the screw getting loose all the time. Who have that kind
of time in life to fix it. NOT ME!
This part will be attached to the door

The door hinge will be made of this kind of hinge that will stop
due to obstruction.

22.5° B
45° C
67.5° D
112.5° F

The Google Home will be connected to the smart door.

Google Home speakers enable users to speak voice
The door will stop after 45° interval each.
commands to interact with services through Google's
intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant.
The Google Home will move the door from one position to another.
There are basically 6 positions in the door can stay.
The doorstopper will work in the same
mechanism as some of the internal
door locks only in this this case the rod
will not go inside the hole instead will
stick to the strip.

• Another option is to add and

internal vertical rod that will
obstruct the door and prevent it
from banging and make it stop
at several.

There will be magnetic strip in the shape of

yellow line. A large number of household
appliances use magnets. Electromagnets are
magnets that can be activated and deactivated
through the application of electricity. This is
useful in a number of common household
items. People use them in their everyday lives,
such as the magnets installed into shower
curtains in order to easily stick them to the
60degree angle

This type of doorstopper will be useful in outdoor windows