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Productivity Tips and Hacks Study Strategies +5

How can I study 10+ hours a day?

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Gianluca Salles, Student

Updated Jan 19, 2018

I believe I must start by stating that the popular Pomodoro Technique isn’t as
effective as people think. For those who don't know, this technique includes setting
25-minute work intervals with short breaks in between them. I tried using this
technique for a couple of weeks, and failed miserably. More Related Questions
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The reason I was unsuccessful in this endeavor is that the Pomodoro Technique
Questions In Other Languages
didn't allow me to reach a significant dose of focus. Often times, when I
would find myself completely immersed into a task, my alarm clock would blare out, En español: ¿Cómo puedo estudiar más de 10 horas
al día?
interrupting my continual state of focus. An article from Productivityist explains it
better: Auf Deutsch: Wie bist Du in der Lage, mehr als zehn
Stunden pro Tag zu lernen?

If you have a task that takes longer than 25 minutes to complete, then the rigidity In italiano: Come si riesce a studiare per più di 10 ore
al giorno?
of the system forces you to step away from it for 5 minutes and actually prompts
you to move on to another task. So when you start your day (or take the time on 日本語で入力: どうやったら一日10時間以上勉強でき
the day before to plan your day), you need to work out “pomodoros” with the
knowledge that you have 25 minutes or less to work on it at any given time. Dalam bahasa Indonesia: Bagaimana saya bisa
belajar lebih dari 10 jam lebih dalam sehari?

Just like this article, I favor systems that are not as rigid. It is impossible to impose a Em português: Como posso estudar mais de 10 horas
por dia?
broad and simple productivity technique if every single person has a different way of
working. Thus, the Pomodoro Technique is, for many people, inarguably useless. िह ी म: म कैसे एक िदन म 10 घंटे से ादा पढ़ सकता ँ ?
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In het Nederlands: Hoe kan ik meer dan 10 uur per
Thus, I forgot about it. How many hours do top students study? I’ve read
dag studeren?
that Chinese students study 16 hours a day and

MITdansk Hvordan
students kan
sleep jeghours
3–4 studere 10+ to
a day timer
be om
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How many hours do 4.0 students study per day?
På norsk: Hvordan kan jeg studere 10+ timer om
How many hours do medical students study daily?

Howsvenska: Hur kan
many hours manshould
a day plugga Imer än tio timmar
om dagen?
How do I study 17 hours a day with full
मराठी म े: मी िदवसभरात दहा तासां पे ा अिधक वेळ अ ास
कसा क ?
Has anyone studied 10 hours day with full 100%
বাংলায়: িকভােব আিম িদেন 10 ঘ ারও বিশ সময় ধের
পড়া না করেত পারব?
Why do Indian students study 10-15 hours per
த ல் : ஒ நாைளக் 10
மணிேநரத் ற் ேமல் நான் எப்ப
ப க்க ம் ?
What are your 10 best study tips? How to study
long hours?

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(I spilled the Pomodoro Sauce. For good.)

Instead, a better style of work would be the “Flow Technique.”

At school, students like me are always given homework which might not hit our
appeal. However, other tasks, or usually those that are chosen by the student – such
as extracurricular activities – are of our appeal.

So, once I get home and start doing my homework, I don't set an alarm. I don't stand
up every hour to make sure my “blood is moving,” or that “my mind is able to focus
better.” I don't “set an alarm very 30 minutes to make sure I'm drinking a certain
amount of water.”

I sit down and start working. Done. When I feel like I want to stand up, I do so.
When I feel like eating, I do so too. Essentially, this technique involves reaching
FLOW as fast as you can by completely immersing yourself into the task at hand.

For those who don't know, FLOW is “the mental state of operation in which a person
performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full
involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”[1]

In fact, this psychological phenomena can be expressed in a graph – which I hanged

in my room:

Often times, the greatest option in life is to aim for activities and tasks that reach the
highest level of challenge and your highest level of skill. In this graph, that would fit
in the FLOW category – where both your skill level and the challenge level of the task
are high. Consequently, by working on achieving flow while doing your tasks, you are
much more likely to go through a 10+ hour-session of work successfully. I've done it
some times.

Here's a video explaining more of the psychology behind this:

Flow, the secret to happiness

Also, you should definitely watch THIS one as well.

Still, many of the tasks that schools provide are viewed as uninteresting and useless.
Therefore, it seems like flow is impossible to occur, since the challenge level is always
disproportionate to the student's learning. However, it is not!

Whenever you reach the Relaxation or Apathy section in the graph above, flow can
still be reached due to the amount of importance you give to it. You can do
this by creating a dependence on your work. I do this by thinking that every single
task has to be prioritized equally. You may do it a different way, though. Again –
working styles are created by the individual, which is why the Pomodoro Technique
might not work for everyone.

Overall, the “Flow Technique” is much more likely to assure one's productivity when
working, as it helps people to construct a bigger sense of focus in their lives –
something so elusive nowadays that not even “Pomodoros” are able to solve.


To read more, please access The Conscience of a Student .

[1] ‫זרימה‬
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soilen.org, Making study more Interesting Enjoyable Easy - Soilen.org

Answered May 22, 2016

How to extend study time:

Start with one hour fully focused study and add 15-20 minutes daily in it. In one
month you will have habbit of 11+ hours of study. Study of 11 hours daily With
interest, concentration is very-very powerful. You can achieve anything. If you want
you can extend time more than 11 hours easily.

And this method can be applied anywhere, if you want to develop any habit or
want to get rid of any bad habit, always increase (or decrease) very small

How to study for long hours without getting bored:

Enjoy: Develop interest towards study, enjoy learning new facts and information.

Effective & Powerful Motivation and Inspiration: There should be a very

powerful motivation, Goal, Dream to study. It will act as a driving force and ultimate
source of energy.

Competition: Feeling of competition, to win, to become topper will compel you to

study very hard and you will not think something is boring or interesting.

Interest: Spend 20-30 days with any subject (or skill, work and person). You will
find that very interesting. And in a few months you will fall in love with that subject.

Learning Skills: There are many techniques and methods that can improve your
learning skills, speed, accuracy and efficiency. After learning these skills you will find
your subjects very interesting, very simple and you will enjoy your course books.
Read my post in detail to improve learning skills:

Complete Smart Study Management System

How to Learn Faster.

Discussion: After studied make discussions with your like minded friend. Have
question and answer sessions. Explain each other what you have understood in
particular topic.

Note down Most Interesting, New, Surprising, Common, Easy, Tough,

Important point: Each day (or hour) note down what you have find most
interesting thing in the topics. And also note down other things also. It will tune your
mind and develop your interest in natural way.

Creative Link: Connect with anything you already know in creative way. Apply
knowledge on real life situations. Using these link you will make your learning
interesting and you will be able to remember all important points for long time. (this
is part of learning skills)

Make it simple: Books are written by very experienced and subject expert authors.
So language, flow, presentation combinations are generally not easy to understand
and remember. So make it simple and Convert or express in your language.

Mental Map: try to express all important points of a chapter in the form of map. It
will make You to understand flow and inter/intra connections with different points
or sections. (this is part of learning skills)

How to improve efficiency, How to mentally prepare for long hours of


To study for Long Hours it is very important to maintain your Energy,

Concentration, Motivation and Interest without losing your efficiency and
productivity. This may be very helpful to you, I have followed this and it positively
worked for me.

[1] How to Develop Interest, Motivate and Mentally Prepare for Long
Hours Study: Discussed above “How to study for long hours without getting

[2] Emotional Balance: For 15 hours’ study control your emotions very well, don’t
feel depressed, worried, tension, fear, pressure....it will drain energy. So emotions
and thought management is very important. Don

[3] Body & Mind Relax: every hour gives 1-2 min mental relax with deep
breath/body parts concentration/Dhyan Mudra, walk for some time in room,stretch
your body, use water, it gives energy and coolness.

[4] Save Body energy as you can:Sit in very comfortable position. If you don't
feel sleepy in bed, then sometime you may read with lay down in bed.

[4] Highest Energy Level in Morning: Start the day with Tough or Interesting or
Important Subjects including Revision

[5] Lowest Energy Level: During 3-6pm many feel very low energy, concentration
or interest so in this period include very Easy/ Interesting/ Revision

[6] Fuel Energy: when you need use Fruits/dry fruits/ Nuts/Juice/Milk etc.

See in detail at the end of the answer

VITAMIN C: Improved Mood, Increased Intelligence, Neurotransmitter

Production [Brain Vitamins: Essential Vitamins for a Healthy Brain ]


[7] Short Recall: every hour invests 2-3 min for quick Recall or short

[8] Use flexible schedule like 13 hours, 14 hours, 15 hours then again 13, 14,
15 and so on. This increase your continuity in studying for long hours.

Detailed Study Schedule for example CLAT may be like this:

*Starting time may depend on your comfort. And don’t try to change now.

4*-6 a.m.- Maths (including 2short recall/ revision for 5-10 min)

6-7 a.m. any tough point to understand or remember [At start this time devoted to A]

7-7.45- Daily routine work+Breakfast (with mental recall and visualization)

7.45-9.45 Reasoning

(including 2 short recall/ revision for 5-10 min+ Body Relax)

9.47-10.45 English (including 1 short recall/ revision for 5 min+ Body Relax)

10.47-11.45 Legal Aptitude (including 1 short recall/ revision for 5 min)

11.47-12.00 have anything to eat that can give you energy (with mental relax)

12.00- 1.00 Legal Aptitude

(including 1 short recall/ revision for 5 min+ Body Relax)

1.02-2.00 English (including 1 short recall/ revision for 5-10 min)

2.00- 2.20 Lunch (with mental recall and visualization)

2.20-3.20* Maths

(including 2 short recall/ revision for 5-10 min+ Body Relax)

3.20-4.20* Reasoning

(including 2 short recall/ revision for 5-10 min+ Body Relax) OR

Revision with walking in room (day by day it increases in different part of the day)

4.20 10 min for brain relaxation and mind game

4.30-5.30 GK (including 1short recall/ revision for 5 min)

5.30 Anything to eat

5.40-7.00 GK (including 2short recall/ revision for 5-10 min+ + Body Relax)

7.05-8.05 Legal Aptitude

(including 1 short recall/ revision for 5 min+ Body Relax)

8.05- 8.50 English (including 1 short recall/ revision for 5 min)

8.50- 9.20 Dinner

8.50-9.00 walk

9.00-11.00 Revision or any subject that demand more time

(including 2 short recall/ revision for 5-10 min+ + Body Relax)

Study Management

Energy and Activeness


1. Study Management:

(a) You can choose late night study or early rise in the morning whatever suits you.
You should not force to yourself to follow any particular pattern.

(a.1) Read Silently or aloud Keep Changing if other not work.

(b) Priorities Study: Start your study on every day with very important chapter.
Anything you want to understand very difficult point, or want to remember very
important chapter.Early morning time is best for Maths or Science.

(c) after 2-3 hours morning study you can complete your 'daily routine work’s.

(d) Flexible: Be very flexible, observe your mind. If any time you feel uninterested
or uneasiness with subject, then CHANGE the subject. Do not force yourself
otherwise this feeling may increase and your energy may go down and the whole day
may ruin.

(e) During study never stuck on any question or point for long time. If you
will do, then it may drain your energy, your mind will start stressing. Once your
mind’s waves are disturbed it may hamper your all day's study. Instead mark this
point to take next day in morning schedule.

(f) Brain Game: Now you may feel little bit uncomfortable. After 10-12 hours of
study. Give your mind and body rest. Play 5-6 min any simple Brain Game not
more than this. It will do muscle exercise of your Brain. It will help in relaxing your
mind and generate concentrate again.

(g) your last schedule of the day should be finished with Revision.

2. Energy and Activeness:

(a). To maintain energy level and activeness in body and mind for whole day and
without losing your efficiency and productivity; you should take proper nutritional
and protein diet. Milk,soybean, cereals, dry fruits, vegetables, fruits. Take break in
each hour of study and productively utilize to Relax, Recall, Retain and Re-

(b) To keep energy level take interest in study, enjoy your study, use creativity and
mnemonics and don't take burden of study.

(c) Smartly schedule your study

(d) Don't eat too much at one go instead consume all your proper diet in 6-7 meals.

(e) Take healthy and nutritious breakfast: like milk, nuts, fruits, sprouted

(f) If you need take light meal or fruits or milk as per body your requirement.

3. Sleep: first you have to curtail your sleep in such a way that it increases your
efficiency as well. Sleep very comfortable so that next morning you will feel fresh and
energetic. You will be able to concentrate on your study.

“ Smart Sleep Management System”

4,5 and 6 hours sleeping Cycle: I used to sleep one night for 4 hours, next night 5
hours and then 6 hours then again starting with 4 hours.

Eating habits: Avoid oily foods, junk food, fast foods, and other eatables with zero
nutritional value like cold drink chips chocolate ice cream.......

In this way we take more calories than what we need.

To digest all these food, we need more energy (yes food give energy and also consume

In digestion process oxygen is required. And our mind also need proper supply of
oxygen. (Oxygen in blood circulation and not environmental oxygen)

So when we consume lot of calories oxygen supply to mind become weak and we start
feeling sleepy.

Vitamin C Nutritional Information

Fruit Sources:

Black Currants *Breadfruit *Grapefruit *Guava *Kiwi *Lychee *Mango

*Mulberries*Orange *Papaya *Passion Fruit *Pineapple *Strawberries

Vegetable Sources:

Amaranth Leaves *Bok Choy *Broccoli *Brussels Sprouts *Butternut Squash

Green Pepper *Kale *Swiss Chard

Nut/Grain Sources:


Protein Sources:
Goat Milk *Soy Beans *Low fat Yogurt

Vitamin E Nutritional Information

Nut/Grain Sources:

Almonds *Filberts/Hazelnuts *Pine Nuts/Pignolias *Sunflower Seeds

Fruit Sources:

Avocado *Blackberries *Black Currants *Blueberries *Boysenberries *Breadfruit

Cranberries *Guava *Kiwi *Loganberries*Mango *Mulberries *Nectarine
Papaya *Peach *Pomegranate *Raspberries

Vegetable Sources:

Butternut Squash *Parsnip *Potatoes *Pumpkin *Spirulina *Swiss Chard


Legume Sources:

Edamame *Pinto Beans


[please give your valuable feedback about this: If it works for you or don't
work. and what problem you faced in applying this!

Help me to improve: If you find any grammatical error or any idea to

improve this please do share with me]
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Your feedback is private.

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Rajesh Singh Sekhawat, Top Writer at Quora (2018-present)

Answered Nov 9, 2017

I recently answered the related question the answer is pretty big and surely it will
improve your concentration Atleast 10 times if you follow most of those for at least
90 days

If you are looking for ultimate focus Bible otherwise read on :

Rajesh Singh Sekhawat's answer to What is a better way to get rid of my laziness (I'm
having it too much) and get back to my studies with full concentration?

The answer is derived from latest research on motivation on peak performance on

productivity and focus as well as from hundreds of articles, videos and books that I
have read related to this topic

The ...(more)

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Richard Newman, Founder at Body Talk
Updated Apr 1

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Shashwat Roy, I study because I have to.

Answered Apr 17, 2017

Here's an experiment that I did on MYSELF for my mid semester exams. This
experiment has by far the best study results ever ( that is speaking for myself ).

Aim: To concentrate on studies without distractions.

Apparatus :

1. Relevant book for the subject.

2. One notebook.

3. Class notes.

4. An empty room. ( literally empty, or as close to it as possible).

5. A study table and a chair.

Theory :

All one needs to do to fully concentrate on studies, is make a grand gesture.

“The concept is simple, by leveraging a radical change to your normal environment,

coupled with a significant investment of money, all dedicated to...(more)

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Shubham Das, B.D.S from Burdwan Dental College and Hospital (2023)
Answered Aug 26, 2017

“You are the master of your fate,The captain of your soul” because we
have power to control our thoughts. Thoughts are powerful things when mixed with
definiteness of purpose,persistence and BURNING DESIRE. Start your day with
the thought of achieving the goal and bam you won't understand how fast time
passes. Be determined and be clear what you want in life. 10hours is nothing. I have
seen toppers studying 14–16 hours a day. Trust me or not but they have same brain
or IQ like us. But its their burning desire and shear determination which makes them
1 in 10 miliion.

Before asking HOW ask you...


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Martin White, Custom Computer Modeler/Builder (2017-present)

Answered Oct 20, 2017

This is the best system that I have found so far.

The key to the best system is consistency and having fun with what you are doing.

First, have a positive attitude.

Know that the material that you are learning is not impossible and that you can do it.
So many people have learned it before you, also thinking they couldn’t do it, but they
have done it and have realized it was not as hard as they were making it out to be.

Second, be prepared.
Find what you need to make sure that you don’t have to leave once you start

Third, read the title of each of the chapters and try to get a sense o...(more)

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