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DEPOSITION EXHIBIT FEL Kiellberg 5 i Bg]y ve MINNESOTA CAMPAIGN FINANCE AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE BOARD : AFFIDAVIT OF CARLA G, KJELLBERG STATE OF MINNESOTA) " COUNTY OF RAMSEY) |, Carla C, Kjeliberg, under penalty of perjury, state: 1. Lam the owner of Kiellberg Law Office, PLC, 2. I provided crisis management services to the campaign of llhan Omar in August and September of 2018. As part of those services, | secured and paid for the services of Bruce Nestor and Tom Rosen. Those services were necessary because of the urgent campaign crisis, 3. [paid $1,500.00 to Fredrick & Rosen Lid for the services of Tom Rosen (see attached Exhibit 1). | also paid $750.00 to DeLeon & Nestor, LLC for the services of Bruce Nestor (see attached Exhibit 2). 4, A total of $2,250.00 was billed to Ilhan Omar and pald by a check from the : campaign in the amount of $2,250.00 (see attached Exhibit 3). 5. Lalso provided legal services regarding a divorce for Ms. Omar, and Ms, Omar paid for those services personally. | declare under penalty of perjury that everything | have stated in this document is true and correct. Dated: July 30, 2018 a S i a Opt Kets KJELLBERG LAW OFFICE, PLC Carla C. Kjaliberg 2866 Unlverslly Avenue West, Sulte 230 8, Paul, MN 65144~ 661-780-7709 Page: than Omer oer i2010 2621 ain street South ccouNr No: "2e0r-00F HMnneapoe WN 65454 STATEMENT NO 1 Dieree Hours eren016 CCK Confrence ith than a0 8000 TOTAL Fees 400.00 TMEKEEPER HOURS HOURLY RATE ToraL Cada. Helberg ao" ¢2o000 ‘Sead carsor20te Froderck Rosen, Ld, 1.00.00 TOTAL ADVANCES ‘800.00 TOTAL CURRENT WORK $,90000 BALANGE DUE $4,600.00 The above amount is due on recelol.Involees not pad within 30 days are subjc lo interest, to the extent pormnlied by Ia, plus costs of calecon, including allorney's fees and court costs incurred to coloct outstanding balances, sateen FREDERICK & ROSEN Lto, ‘onan Puaun AcounTANS a2 CELSIOR BOULEVARD rus, une ob TeLEPNONS 2) o209557 ee ca 622 Soplombor ot, 2040 ottorg Lev Oo, PLC 2268 Unlverly Ava W #230 ‘Paul, NBT Non-Relalner Services: Amount ‘Sorviegs Re: HirsVOmer 2018 & 2014 _1.600,00 ‘ola! Non-Retelner Services $1,600.00 BALANCE DUE $1,600.00 Tyg Anes TH vial ‘ug ue ue accor oF emer autre oxenan Tatty coma Lc esc oF ee Dae RNS AOE