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HACM240  Series  3KW  –  30KW  
Issue:  7  (Oct  2018)   Pages:  2  
HACM240  Series  3KW  –  30KW    
Indoor  Rated  Single  Phase  AC  Load  Banks  
Technical  Summary  Sheet  –  HACM240  Series  3KW  to  30KW

The  Hillstone  HACM  series  load  banks  offer  a  low  cost  solution  of  AC  testing  of  small  UPS  and  
The  HACM  allow  user  operation  by  panel  mounted  load  channel  selection  of  Ni-­‐Chrome  Mica  resistor  
The  HACM  safety  features  including:    
•   Contactors  and  circuit  breaker  isolation  
•   Panel  mounted  emergency  stop  
•   Fan  failure  shut  down    
•   3  metre  cable  sets  with  matching  connectors.    
Optional  extras  include:  
•   Panel  meter  with  digital  display  of:      
volts,  amps,  power  and  frequency  
•   Extra  cable  length  available  
HACM240  Performance  Table:  
Load  Bank   Max.   Power  at   Amps  at   Power  at   Amps  at   Power  at   Amps  at  
Type  Ref   Volts   240V   240V   230V   230V   220V   220V  
HACM240-­‐3   240V   3.0KW   12.5A   2.8KW   12A   2.5KW   11.0A  
HACM240-­‐10   240V   10.0KW   41.7A   9.2KW   40A   8.4KW   36.5A  
HACM240-­‐15   240V   15.0KW   62.5A   13.8KW   60A   12.6KW   54.8A  
HACM240-­‐20   240V   20.0KW   83.3A   18.4KW   80A   16.8KW   73.1A  
HACM240-­‐30   240V   30.0KW   125.0A   27.6KW   120A   25.2KW   109.6A  

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HACM240  Series  3KW  –  30KW  
Issue:  7  (Oct  2018)   Pages:  2  
HACM240  Specification:  
Description:   Indoor,  adjustable,  resistive  AC  load  bank  
Max  voltage:     240  volts,  single  phase,  2  wire  plus  earth  
Technical  Summary  Sheet  –  HACM240  Series  3KW  to  30KW

Rating:   See  Performance  Table  

Frequency:   50Hz  /  60Hz    
Adjustment:   Manual  control  via  panel  mounted  switched  steps  with  a  minimum  load  
step  of  333W  
Controls:   Fan  control  switch,  emergency  stop,  load  switches  
Cable  termination:   BS4343  industrial  panel  mounted  plug  on  3KW  to  15KW  units.  
Powerlock  cable  connectors  on  20KW  to  30KW  units.  
Cooling:   240V  single  phase,  50/60  Hz,  horizontal  force  air  cooling  fan,  powered  
from  the  test  source  or  optional  separate  auxiliary  supply.  

Element  type:   Ni-­‐Chrome  Mica  Resistor  Technology,  air  cooled  resistor  elements  
Element  tolerance  +/-­‐5%  

Enclosure  Specification:  
Environmental  Protection:   Designed  for  indoor  operation,  IP21.    
Construction:   Light  Weight  Aluminium  case.  
Finish:     Powder  coated,  textured  finish  RAL  7032  
Operating  temperature:   0-­‐50  deg  C  
Storage  temperature:   0-­‐80  deg  C  
Movement:     Handles  and  Swivel  Castors.  
HACM240  Case  Size:  
Load  Bank  Type  Ref   Case  Size   Length   Width   Height   Approx.  
(mm)   (mm)   (mm)   Weight  (Kgs)  
HACM240-­‐3   1   790mm   290mm   550mm   15Kgs  
HACM240-­‐10   1   790mm   290mm   550mm   20Kgs  
HACM240-­‐15   2   790mm   470mm   550mm   25Kgs  
HACM240-­‐20   2   790mm   470mm   550mm   25Kgs  
HACM240-­‐25   2   790mm   470mm   550mm   30Kgs  
HACM240-­‐30   2   790mm   470mm   550mm   30Kgs  
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