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1. Britain: tên thường gọi of the country includes: England, Scotland, Wales and
Northern Ireland.
Great Britain: The largest Island of British includes: England, Scotland, Wales.
2. Monarchy(quân chủ) countries: which has Queen ( Elizabeth II) and King as
head of the country.
3. Constitutional Monarchy (qc lập hiến): which has King or Queen who must be
supported by Parliament.
4. Ireland: - Northern Ireland: belong to the UK
- Southern Ireland: Republic of Ireland
5. the UK only has land border with the Republic of Ireland.
6. Britain is the member of EU and NATO.
7. F: The UK is surrounded by Pacific Ocean.
8. Ben Nevis: highest mountain of UK and Scot
9. Most famous lake in the UK: Loch nest in Scot
10. England: Largest country in the UK
Wales (Cymru): smallest
11. F: Wales is the East of England (West)
12. F: Industrial areas & major cities of Wales are in North (South) and central
of Wales.
13. Scotland (Alba): North of G.Britain
14. 1603: James VI of Scot became King James I of Eng.
15. Scot has been part of the UK since 1707
16. Scotland has border with only Engl.
17. Scot is famous for Kilt ( the kind of long dress worn by Scottish men.
18. Bagpipe: Traditional instrument in Scotland.
19. Patron Saint of N.Ireland: ST. Patrick.
20. Northern Ireland has 3 names: Northern Ireland, Ulster, Six countries.
21. The English: people from England
The British: people from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland.
22. King Henry VIII united England and Wales.
23. 2 Archbishop and 24 Bishop: members of House of Lord.
24. House of Common: 533MPs
25. Prime Minister of the UK: Theresa May (since 13/7/2016).
26. 2 level of school: -- Primary scl (5-11years old)
-- Secondary scl (11-16,18)
27. In primary scl: Math, English, Science
28. 16 years old: fifth class
17 years old: Lower six
18 years old: Upper six
29. Trường công: State school, Maintained school
Trường tư: Public school, Independent school.
30. At the age of 5: British child has to go to school  11 finish junior.
31. 3 categories of State school in Engl and Wales: Community, Foundation,
Voluntary school.
32. Many voluntary school are connected to particular religious
33. LEAs are responsible for owning and funding community school.
34. Integrated schools are for both Catholic and Protestant children.
35. After GCSE  stay in school
 go to technical college
36. Go to university must have: At least 3 Alevel, 6 ASlevel + pass interview
37. Home schooling before 13 yearsold  after 13 yearsold go to Rep school.
38. T: Religious education is provided by all state school in the UK.
39. F: Sex and relationship education is compulsory in Primary and Secondary
40. T: There are 4 keys stages of compulsory schooling.
41. F: The curriculum is the same for all schools in the UK.
42. F: Key stage 1 is for pupils from 5 to 11.
43. F: AS is equivalent (50%) to A level
44. Bachelor degree = Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of science
45. 2 oldest universities are Oxford and Cambridge.
46. It takes 3 years to study for BA or BSc.
47. Academic year in Britain is divided into 2 terms
48. Further education includes course of study leading to A levels.
49. Tutorial: Teaching period for a small group of students.
50. in House of Lord: 2 archbishop and 24 bishop in all events.
51. Royal family: Protestant.
52. Official religion: The church of England.
53. Church of England is divided into 2 geographical provinces: Archbishop of
York and Archbishop of Canterbury.
54. Ông già No-el: Father Christmas (England)
Santa clause (America)
55. Parish: Giáo xứ - Vicar (cha xứ)
56. Diocese: Giáo phận – Bishop (giám mục)
57. Archbishop, Bishop, cathedrals are appointed by the Queen on advice of PM.
58. the Church in Wales has no connections with the British State.
59. Queen acquires Archbishop, Bishop.
60. The Church of Scotland is Protestant.
61. The Church of England is the official church or established church
62. The Presbyterian Church of Scotland is Kirk.
63. The Supreme Governor of the Church of England is the Monarch.
64. There are no established churches in Wales and Northern Ireland.
65. The established churches are not funded by the state.
66. Diocese: a district under the care of a Bishop.
67. Parish: an area having its own church and vicar.
68. Clergy: Vicar.
69. Congregation: group of people who regularly attend a church.
70. Nuclear family: consisting of Father, mother, children.
71. Extended family:……………parents, children, relatives.
72. Single-parent family: either father of mother and his/her children.
73. Step family: consisting of parents, children from their previous/current
74. Childminder: a person whose job is to care for children while there parents
are at work.
75. Daycare(nơi giữ trẻ): a place where children are looked after at day time
76. Cohabit: Live with each other without marriage.
77. English has 6 meals: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, tea-time (3:30 and 5:00),
dinner, super.
78. Vegetarians: People who do not meat or fish.
79. Takeaway: meal brought at restaurant where food is taken to be eaten
somewhere else.
80. Spirits: strong alcoholic drink like whisky.
81. Rough language is unexact language.
82. Do not need to offer the tip in bars.
83. Bedsit ( Bedsitting room), a combined bedroom and sitting room, share
washing and cooking facilities.
84. Mortgage: Legal agreement buy with a bank lends you money to buy a
85. Estate agent: person who buy and sell house for others.
86. National Paper: a paper that is sold throughout the country.
87. Local paper: ………………. Produced in one town.
88. Daily paper: ………………..you can buy every morning.
89. Broadsheet( báo cỡ lớn): A serious paper that reports world events.
90. Tabloid (báo cỡ nhỏ): A paper containing sensational stories about private
lives of rich and famous people.
91. London’s Fleet Street area was the centre of the Press.
92. Most of people in the UK read National newspapers.
93. The UK has a long tradition of free press.
94. 4 home football teams of the UK are: England, Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland.
95. 2 different types of competition: national and Europe competition.
96. Rugby league is played in the North of England.
97. The home of golf is Saint Andrew golf course in Scotland.
98. New year’s eve = Hogmanay: At Hog, there is first footing (people carry
some food, money, a piece of coal for the fire.
99. Who is the Valentine: Lover, parents, people you like.
100. What is the Valentine: Gift, card, chocolate, flower you give to person you
like of 15th, Feb.
101. Easter come between 22 March and 25 April.
102. the symbols of Easter: Easter eggs, Bunny (rabbit)
103. Lent: is the 40 days from Ash Wednesday( thứ 4 lễ tro) to the time before
Good Friday (thứ 6 tuần thánh)
104. Ash Wednesday: The 1st day of Lent.
105. May day: 1st day of May, including dancing round the maypole and
choosing a May Queen.
106. Morris dance: for Scottish men around the maypole to drive evil spirit
107. Guy Fawkes’ Day: at night 5th, Nov, people make a dummy of Guy Fawkes
from old clothes.
108. Meals in Christmas: Turkey, Christmas pudding or hot mince pipe.