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Jessica - Nallely Victoria - Kaylon Joshua - Cristian

**Jessica walks in the bathroom, minutes later Victoria follows**

VICTORIA: Hey you okay?

1JESSICA: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

**Victoria shows the embarrassing video of Jessica that’s going viral**

JESSICA: How’d you get that video?!!

VICTORIA: it’s trending all over social media. Girl, keep up with the


** Jessica sighs and walks away to the mirror ** JESSICA: If my mom sees that video, she’s going to disown me and kick me out the house.

VICTORIA: I mean, I got a few people who might know how to take it


**INT. Library**

** Both Victoria and Jessica walk upstairs to the library to meet Joshua. **

JOSHUA: Whats up ladies?

VICTORIA: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We need your help asap.

JESSICA: Yeah! What she said! JOSHUA: Whats the issue?

VICTORIA: I need you to take this a andvideo downn immediately.

JOSHUA: I got you! BUT… you might have to pay.

**Jessica pulls out a $10 bill.**

JOSHUA: Make that 20.

**Jessica rolls her eyes as she pulls out a $20 bill**

**Hours go by as Joshua continues working in the computer, trying to take down the video**

JESSICA: The buses are almost here for dismissal… are you almost done?




**Jessica checks her phone as she gets text messages from her family and friends, including her mom, asking her about the video.*

JESSICA: You’re not doing it fast enough!

JOSHUA: and…

I’m…. done

** Jessica immediately goes on her phone, googling her video to find her video deleted and gone from the internet** ** They all laugh/sigh in relief**

SCENE CHANGES **Jessica & Victoria walk outside leaving for dismissal.**

**Joshua follows behind them, but suddenly stops to pull his own phone out, reposting her video sneakily.*