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Abortion should not be an option if someone doesn’t want to be a mother or a father or is not

ready for parenting. If you do abortion you would feel so sad and guilty for killing an innocent
baby that hasn’t even been born. Abortion shouldn’t be allowed because every unborn life
matters,kills one hurts another,to much complains after doing abortion. Even if your not ready to
be a mom you can call for adoption or if you need money someone can help you from your
family and friends or you can do a fundraiser and if for the age and you need to be educated
either put your baby in daycare let your parents take care of them or put for adoption. But
abortion should never be the option. Everyone deserves to live no matter what it is. I'm against
abortion because your killing a innocent heart that hasn’t done anything to you is something
wrong that you do. Yes women have the right to do it but also unborn lives also have the right to

All unborn lives matter black,white,indian,muslim,asian,mexicans ect. We are all equal no

matter what the race is because we all are humans and human life is precious. Yes there are a lot
of trouble from every race but not all black or white or indian or muslim or asian or mexican and
ect are bad a
"lot of them are actually useful for the world but still all lives still matter no baby has the right to
die. “Every year at least 12,000 are killed painfully cause of abortion. From those mostly African
Americans are getting killed approximately 850 everyday 37% percent from all abortion. African
Americans are more likely to get killed than white babies. Womens are like 25% out of 100%
might die during abortion do to botched abortion. Woman named Tonya Reaves died cause of
botched abortion.”

Abortion can also harm the mother not only kill the child.Abortion kills one but hurts another a
lot of women after abortion regret doing abortion.”Women who do abortion suffer an increased
risk of anxiety,depression,even suicide.Women who aborted their pregnancies were 30% more
likely subsequently report all the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder than those who
continue with the pregnancy term. Not to mention but medical cost 38$ more greater than full
term babies. 30% of preterm births which now count as 6% of all births are attributable to prior
abortions. Abortion and breast cancer had attracted much media attention. Abortion can increase
the risk of breast cancer. Knowledge that a full term pregnancy before the age 32 act as a
protective mechanism against breast cancer.” Teenagers with family of breast cancer who have
abortion before they turn 18 have an incalculably high risk of developing breast cancer. Abortion
also have risks on the mothers during or even after abortion.

“There are affecton of doing abortion like the mother might die or if your not ready yet but you
wanna be a mother in the future there is 25% out of 100% that you can get pregnant again.160%
of women that do abortion are hospitalized for psychiatric treatment for 90 days following
abortion. 44% of people after abortion complained about nervous disorder, 36% complained
about sleeping disturbances. 31% have regrets about what they decide 11% have been prescribed
psychotropic medicine by their family doctor.25% of women go for treatment and there are 3%
of small groups”.Abortion can also have affection part of you life or in the future.” Doctors have
been saying that women who do abortion go to therapy not just for talking about the lost of their
baby but also life like something not even close to be relating to it”. As you can see there are a
lot of complains after abortion on some can lead to damage not just for the mother but also
people around her.
On the other side babies can ruin sometimes people’s life like if your a teenager if could ruin
your education. It might affect your grades taking a care of a baby and doing your school work at
the same time. Being a mother or a father is a big responsibility and a lot of money which can
affect your living. Also its women's right and choice and body to make decisions to do abortion.
Also its her independence the ability to determine her future that’s what some people think. Plus
for some people might also include the government say that since the constitution when said the
“person” does not mean or include the unborn which in that case doesn’t mean murdering.
Obstetrics and Gynecology found out that women risk of dying from abortion is 0.6 out of
100,000, and when giving birth its 8.8 out of 100,000. It can decrease the population of human
beings. It can also be good for women who get raped and don’t want a baby from a guy that
hurted them. I agree with a the reasoning of why abortion should be legal because after all it is
women's right and i would like to do the decisions for myself.

Abortion should be illegal because it can cause a lot of harm to other especially to the mother.
Like i said every unborn live matter no matter what to. They also say “ the more the merrier” we
mean about everything including babies. Also no one deserves to die because of a mistake
happening it is not the unborns fault so why should they pay the consequences for something
people did. Reasons to be against abortion is because people are killing innocent people.