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In the name of Allah the Merciful

Peace, mercy and blessings of God. Best wishes to you and good health.
Mr. Eng / Ahmed Salman Al Rajhi Altrm.
I present to you my complaint. I am Mr. Hamid Mohammed Thamer Al-Mansouri, an Emirati
I bought an apartment, unit # 3410, in the Reem Island on December 31, 2008 and paid the
amount of AED 497,410 thousand dirhams and the delivery date on the expected 15.05.2011.
The delivery was delayed and new expected date was never made known to me. I went by
myself to Tameer in Dubai and met with Mrs. Rania and asked them to restore the amount I
had previously paid. Unfortunately she told me I would only be given AED 150,000 thousand. I
told her that I needed the funds but she told me that she does not have the authority to change
the amount.
I present my request to Your Excellency for the return of my right as it is under your authority
and it is well known you are individuals of virtue and benevolence as well as justice and
I am in great need for the funds as I am suffering from financial hardship. I owe these funds to
the bank and I have been ordered by the court to pay this debt or else there will be an order for
my sentence. I am a father of six children, may God protect your own sons.
I have sent all the paperwork related to this matter and I would be extremely greateful if you
would accelerate the matter. May God bless you and bestow his bounty on you.