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Mark 1:40-45 Jesus Heals a Leper

Why did we choose this passage?

 The ending is not a part of why we chose this passage, instead we wanted to study of
Jesus, according to Mark's gospel, focuses on action and the Messianic Secret.

The ways God saves us:

 The incarnation, teaching (ex: Sermon on the Mount), His example.

What do we know about lepers?

 The people with this skin disease had to yell "UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN!" if they were near
any people.
 They aren't allowed to touch anyone. Think about the psychological affect that would
have on a person!

Unclean vs. Clean

 There is a distinction between what is holy (what is God) and what is common (what
is created).

 What is common can be distinguished as clean or unclean.

 What is common has to be sanctified in order to be of the activity of God, and then
considered holy.
o (Sanctified: growing into God's likeness and becoming consecrated for his use.
Like Jesus, the apostles taught that sanctification, or true holiness, expressed
itself in patient and loving service while awaiting the Lord's return.)

 Therefore, there are 3 categories:

o Unclean, clean, and holy.
 Sin makes something that's clean to be unclean.

Why did Jesus heal the leper in this way?

 Jesus chose to REACH OUT and TOUCHED this leper. That is significant!
Mark 1:40-45 Jesus Heals a Leper
What are ways in which Jesus saved this leper?
 He was healed physically of his leprosy, but not only that, he was made clean
emotionally and psychologically.
o V. 44 - "Show yourself to the priest"
 Lepers need a good bill of health in order to enter back into society.
o Showing yourself to the priest allows them to verify this.
 It's not just that the leper was healed, but there's also emotional healing so that he can
enter back into society and function in a healthy way.

What other ways do we need to be saved?

 Think about Valentine's Day... Our relationships, whether familial, boyfriends or
girlfriends, or in our friendships?

Main Point
 Jesus cares about the WHOLE person.
 He doesn't just forgive us of our sins and say we're good for the afterlife. No, he wants
our relationships restored now, not just functionality to be carried on!
 What do restored relationships looks like?

 What are some ways in which we say to ourselves, "Unclean, unclean"?
 Where in our lives do we need Jesus to touch?