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Jeremiah 29:1-11 Having Faith in God’s Promises

A letter/message to the Exiles/Jews (captives of Babylon): Settle down in Babylon


 Because of the season of Advent. There is a waiting in this passage.


 It’s God’s plan and God’s desire that we are here and should seek the welfare of the city in
which we dwell.


 Q: How will God be faithful to his promises?

o A: It’s not a matter of IF he will, but HOW he will. (Hebrews 11 – Faith in Action)

 Q: What is advent? What does it mean?

o A: Advent = Coming
o A: This season isn’t simply a time of waiting. It has a dual purpose:
1. Anticipating Christmas for the coming Messiah
2. Expectation that there’s more – That Jesus will come again.
 After Christmas, that something more is to happen – A new heaven and
a new earth.

 Q: Who are the false prophets?

o A: The ones saying the Lord will bring them back to Jerusalem any day now. This is
unlike what the passage says.


 What is it that we wait for?

o The coming of Jesus Christ. “Lord, come quickly.”

 How do we live now, until salvation is complete?

o All Christians should believe that salvation has not yet come until we are with Jesus and
he saves us from all.
1. Saved from the punishment of sin: Justification
2. Saved from the power of sin (ongoing): Sanctification
3. Saved from the presence of sin and evil: Glorification
 That there will come a day where there is no more sorrow, tears, pain,
etc. (Revelation 21:4)