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Mark 10:32-45 The 3rd Time Jesus Foretells His Death

& Resurrection and The Request of James & John

 We are getting into the book of Isaiah at Impact. The book of Isaiah is super important in
the OT. It is sometimes referred to as the 5th Gospel and is it very influential on NT
 Small groups don’t have to study Isaiah, but it is helpful to understand as background.

 Isaiah is the most referred to OT book in the NT. It has beautiful passages. It’s poetic,
but it can be a hard book to try to read through and interpret as a whole.
 The 1st 5 books of Isaiah functions as a preface or an introduction where it presents the
issue and problem.
 Ch. 6 is more well-known as the Call & Commission of Isaiah, “Here I am. Send me.”
o Ch. 6 also functions as an intro and layout for the rest of the book; what happens
to Isaiah is what all of Israel should go through. Sin must be blotted out, and
 The nature of Israel’s sin needs to be dealt with in order to be used by God
o Israel is supposed to be God’s 1st born as a nation, but how can that happen
when the people are prideful and sinful?!

 Innocent suffering servant
 There is a messianic figure who is this suffering servant
o Jesus is the suffering servant
o This is the kind of servant leadership we are called to
 A theme throughout Mark is, will the disciples have eyes to SEE? (10:33)

 “What do you want me to do for you?"
o This could be in contrast to the one we studied last week, Mark 10:46-52
Mark 10:32-45 The 3rd Time Jesus Foretells His Death
& Resurrection and The Request of James & John
 The people still believe that Jesus is going to lead a political rebellion.
o But they should know better, for even Jesus clearly states what will happen in
 V. 39 - What does Jesus mean by the cup and baptism?
o His suffering
o Jesus doesn’t say they are able, but he does say this will happen.

 V. 43 - Jesus says, “It’s not so with you!” I’ve been with you for so long, you should know
better! Not so with you! See those Gentiles over there? That’s their crazy stuff!
o They do end up “drinking the cup” and being able to do that, we just don’t read
that far in this passage.

 OK, so you’re going to Jerusalem, and this is where you’re gonna kick butt! If there’s
talk about death, can we be the guys that sit to your right and left? After they heard the
foreshadowing, this is what they care about?

 You have no clue what you’re talking about you think you’re able? Heck ya?!
o Do we know what Jesus is talking about?

 If Jesus can’t answer James and Job’s questions, then he isn’t going to answer all our

 The 10 disciples: “Why didn’t we think of that first? We wouldn’t mind a spot in glory
o They are thinking only about themselves.

 Then it just ends without their response.

o Right after this is Bartimaeus’ dialogue with Jesus for sharp contrast.
Mark 10:32-45 The 3rd Time Jesus Foretells His Death
& Resurrection and The Request of James & John
 Ransom for many
o We are to see JESUS, that he has paid (or going to pay) the ransom for many.
 Son of Man
 Who wants to be first has to be slave of all?
o If we want our leadership to be Godly leadership, it takes the form of Jesus, it
redefines everything according to greatness.

 What are the kinds of things we want God to do for us?
 In light on the passage, are we only asking for (selfish) things for ourselves?
 How do you define success?
o James and John had their own ideas
 What does greatness look like in the eyes of Christ?
o The glory that James and John ask about is different from the glory that Jesus is
talking about.
o James and John think Jesus is going to kick butt once they get to Jerusalem and
they want to be his left and right hand men when Jesus takes the throne.


 You could read on and compare to the passage we read last week, Mark 10:46-52
 The blind man says “My teacher” and James & John say “teacher”
o Even if James & John call him teacher, are they willing to listen? Are they willing
to learn?
 We got the idiot disciples over here in Mark 10:32-45, don’t be like them. Be like
o Its’ the blind man who asked for SIGHT and the disciples don’t really SEE.