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In Response to the “Black Lives Matters” Movement

I speak on behalf of your local congregation and body of faith believers in Jesus Christ.

To my brothers and sisters in Christ who fear for their safety, the safety of their children, and all
those who were and are impacted, whether directly or indirectly by gun violence and despicable

We will never understand your pain. We won’t. But we stand with you because you
deserve better. I care. It is not your job alone to stand up for the lives that were lost. Your family
deserves better. You don’t stand alone. Black lives always matter. And I am sincerely sorry that
it has not been this way.
And to all the members of our faith community:

Supporting “Black Lives Matter” is acknowledging that black lives have not mattered in
our society. Controversy about police brutality has arisen, while people try to explain why a
police office would deem a circumstance appropriate to use violence and lethal action, and we as
a society fail to realize the significance of the matter, which is that a life was taken. We do not
know all of the facts on each situation broadcasted in the news. Therefore, our justifications of
why it was “okay” to take a life should not hold higher priority in the conversation. The
sympathetic point out how these black lives that were taken were someone’s father, someone’s
son, someone’s daughter, etc. And I shall add, yes, those individuals whose lives were taken are
someone’s father, or son, or daughter, etc., but not only that…
My black brothers and sisters:

You are first and foremost a child of God, which makes you someone, not merely
because of your connection to others, but someone who is incredibly valued, cherished, and
beloved by our God, and by us.

As Christians, we are to care for the least of these, the ones unheard, hurt, and abused.
“Black Lives Matter” does not mean that all lives don’t matter, but it is proclaiming the radical
statement that Black Lives Matter Too.

May the wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ fix our eyes to see what he sees, break our hearts for
what breaks his, and guide us in the ways we need to show more of his love to each other.

With great sincerity,

Elizabeth Swan – November 18th, 2018
UD Campus Ministry Young Adult Ministry Scholar
UDTS MDIV 2nd Year Residential Student
UD Worldview Seminar I Instructor