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Elizabeth Swan’s Ministerial Code of Ethics

My Ministerial Code of Ethics

As a minister of Jesus Christ, I will be obedient to God’s call to proclaim in word and
deed the fullness of his everlasting love, through the gift of the Spirit. I will be responsive
to God’s grace and faithful to his service.

I choose to commit to the following ethical principles in order that my ministry may be
pleasing to God, my service beneficial to the Christian community, and my life a witness
to the world of Christ’s everlasting love.

My Personal Conduct
I will strive to glorify God with my life as I live out my convictions.
I will seek racial reconciliation and equity among people of other faiths and appreciate
our differences by recognizing our God is the creator of diversity.
I will use the platform God gives me to combat racism, sexism, homo-negativity, and
I will neither exchange nor tolerate scandalous, malicious, or inaccurate information with
or about others.
I will nourish myself by growing in intimacy with Christ through prayer, worship,
accountability, and spiritual direction.
I will prioritize my physical and mental health by living an active lifestyle, practicing
good eating habits, and caring for my body.
I will endeavor to live within my income, not to live in excess, so that I may continually
give generously to people who are less privileged.
I will be honest in my stewardship of time and money.

My Relationship to the Community

I will live compassionately towards God's creation by being mindful of my impact on the
environment, and continue to make strides toward a more sustainable and minimalistic

I will live empathetically towards others by being Christ-like in my personal attitudes and
conduct toward all people regardless of their race, class, gender, or sexual orientation.
I will be a faithful example for those whom I seek to serve and lead towards Christ.
Elizabeth Swan’s Ministerial Code of Ethics
My Relationship to Fellow Ministers
I will seek to serve my colleagues with respect and love as partners in ministry.

I will strive to be a lifelong learner by continually seeking to broaden my worldview by

listening to other's perspectives.

I will speak openly and honestly with any colleague who is hurting or damaging the
integrity of this Code of Ethics, and endeavor to be of help.

My Relationship to the Church I Serve

I will love the people I serve with the love of Christ, without prejudice or condemnation.
I will respect the confidentiality of those who come to me as a minister.
I will nurture community in Christian fellowship through discipleship and mentoring.

In my evangelistic responsibilities, I will seek to lead people to Jesus Christ and to

participation in the fellowship of the worshiping body, without manipulation or
demeaning other religious faiths.

My Relationship to the Church Universal

Recognizing that I am one member of the family of Christ, I will follow the Spirit as I
live out my convictions for the strengthening of the fellowship of Christians everywhere,
while bringing attention to those whom I minister, that we are part of the Church

I will engage in prayer for the global church and bring others into the journey of
continually growing in cultural competency.

And when I fail and fall short, I will seek God's forgiveness and wisdom as I humble myself and
learn each day.