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Telephones : 26411706, 26413820, email : council@cisce.org

Council’s Class XI Question Paper for the subject Literature in English (English Paper – 2)

This is further to the Council's Notice, regarding the setting of Question Papers in select subjects for Class XI
for the School Annual Examination from the Academic year 2018-19 onwards.

Specifically, with regard to the Literature in English (English Paper – 2) for Class XI, please note that the
prescribed syllabus to be completed and which will be examined is given below:

1. Drama: The Tempest or Candida 4. Echoes : A Collection of ISC Short Stories . ...
(Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. New Delhi)
The Tempest: William Shakespeare
(i) Salvatore – W. Somerset Maugham
(Class XI: Act 1, Act 2, Act 3)
(ii) Fritz – Satyajit Ray
Candida: George Bernard Shaw (iii) Quality – John Galsworthy
(Class XI: Act 1, Act 2)
(iv) A Gorilla in the Guest Room –- Gerald

2. Things fall Apart: Chinua Achebe Durrell

(Class XI: Chapters 1 to 16)
(v) The Chinese Statue – Jeffrey Archer

3. Contemplations: A Collection of ISC Essays

(Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. New Delhi) 5. Reverie : A Collection of ISC Poems .. ..
(Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. New Delhi)
(i) Dream Children – Charles Lamb
(i) The Gift of India - Sarojini Naidu
(ii) On Going out for a Walk – Max Beerbohm
(ii) Desiderata - Max Ehrmann
(iii) Gifts – R. W. Emerson
(iii) John Brown - Bob Dylan
(iv) On the Art of Living with Others – Sir Arthur
(iv) The Spider and the Fly - Mary Botham
(v) My Visions for India – Dr. A.P.]. Abdul
(v) Dolphins - Carol Anne Duffy

However, please note that for the ISC Board Examination the complete syllabus covered in Classes XI
an XII will be examined for Literature in English (English Paper – 2).