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My reflection in WESTERN VISAYAS is that the western visayas is is the region that
located in Central Philippines and there is a 6 provinces. The first province is the
AKLAN, the aklan is the famous in boracay that situated in the northwest portion of
Panay Island and the aklan have a festival and that is the ati atihan festival that held
anually in january in honor of the Santo Niño (Infant Jesus), Held on the third Sunday,
in the town of kalibo in the island of panay. The ati atihan means “to be like atis”, “the
mother of all philippines festivals” and also inspired in the other philippines including the
sinulog festivals of the cebu and the dinagyang of iloilo city the aklan have also a arts
and craft that traditional weaving method of piña, The pili or sinuksuk tradition continues
to live because of weavers like Magdalena Marte and her niece Sosima de la Cruz.
Aklan have also a visual arts or a artist and that is Telesforo Sucgang he is Painter and
sculptor, he won also an art scholarship to Madrid, where he did El desembarco de
Magallanes , In 1884. The second province is the ANTIQUE , antique is the province
that located at the western portion of Panay Island, bordering Aklan, Capiz, and Iloilo to
the east and its capital is San jose, there languange is the Karay-a or Kinaray-a, the
antique have a festival and that festival is the Binirayan festival the binirayan literally
means “where they sailed to “ they celebrate every december in the month. Antique
have a art and that is the buri or also known as silag, the buri or buri palm tree is
characterized by its large, fan-shaped leaves from which fibers like the buntal and raffia
are derived and Patadyong is one also of the arts in the antique and similar also as the
malong of the muslims. Jerry Navarro Elizalde is one of the national artist in the antique,
He is a versatile artist, being both a proficient painter and sculptor and one of the paint
of jerry is the White Ruins, 1970. The third province is the capiz and also known as the
“Seafood Capital of the Philippines" and also known for the Placuna placenta oyster
shell there languange is the Capiznon languange, the capiz has a festivels and that
festival is the Sinadya sa Halaran Festival, sinadya halaran festival is the joint festival
of the City of Roxas and the Province of Capiz that celebrating on december 4-8. The
The Diwal Harvest Seafood Festival is also the festival of capiz that helded every 2nd
week of july Daisy Avellana and Ms. Jovita Fuentes is the artist in the capiz, miss Daisy
Avellana is the great diva was hailed as the “most sublime interpretation of the part”. Ilo
ilo also is the one of the provinces in the western visayas, during holly week, catholic
devotees visited at least 7 churches at the iloilo and one of the church is the San
Joaquin Church, build in 1869 this Roman Catholic Church firmly stands in the
municipality of San Joaquin as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of
the Philippines, because of the devastating war and earthquake, this church has been
reconstructed twice. Its yellowish color is caused by the construction materials used
such as adobe, coral, and limestones. The Tigbauan Church (St. John of Sahagun
Church) is also made of coral rocks and limestones, and is also known for its famous
two pyramidal red spires. The St. John of Sahagun Church is unique for its Latin-
American design. Dinagyang Festival is thefestival that in the iloilo celebrated, the
dinagyang also known as the Queen of all Philippine Festivals,Dinagyang was also
voted as the Best Tourism, Religious and Cultural festival in Iloilo City, Philippines held
on the 4th Sunday of January. Ramon Muzones is a novel artist that authored a total of
62 novels and his first hiligaynon novel is the “Tibud nga Bulawan” in 1938. The
GUIMARAS, guimaras well known as the agricultural crops in the western visayas and
there famous planted is the sweet mangoes well known as the nickname "Mango
Capital of the Philippines" and there festivel is the Manggahan festival. The last
province was the NEGROS OCCIDENTAL also known as the "Sugar bowl of the
philippines and one of the active volcano in the philippines” . MassKara Festival annual
festival highlights held every fourth Sunday of October. Larry Carumba International
Visual Artist Bagong Bayani For Culture and the Arts and , his works are mostly nature
because it connects his life and interest and also serves as tribute and respect to the
importance and value of nature in our daily lives.