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WASIT GAS PROGRAM. L-10.00014.0007 Da uae NAME COMPANY bate Gicleone of rennguested answers SECTION 1 1) When grinding 2 piece of metal with a portable power grinder, the type of Personal Prowctive Equipment required is: a) Safety glasses only ) Gogales only ideciaaic 2) The maximum vollage permitted for portable power tool: ay 110) b) 220V ©) 240V @) 1s0v 3) Flammable} sruetures: ©) 50 meters a) 1008 alerials storage areas cannot be located within of ober buildings or 4) The ratio of vertical to horizontal spacing for a straight or extension ladder is a) tol b) 21 Basi 5) A swaigit or extension ladder must extend over the edge ofa r00f, excavation, or seaold platform by u minim distance of a) foot b) 4 feet 4) Noset distance Safety Offer Exam WGP Page tof 10 Fike E400 ‘SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY (SAUDI ARAMCO) Element Of TRUE DATE 06/2010 NEW 6) The Sasi Aramco General Insmuction which ses forthe Work Permit Receivers requirements is ISSUING ORGANZATION: PROJECT MANAGEMENT a) GI1.200 by GIs.330 0) G16200 7 some ured on your job sit, a preliminary writ report must be submitted to the Saudi ‘Aramco PMT within erie atime: pao ©) Shours 4) 3days 8 must have toe boards, mid rails top rails and access ladders once they reach a height than the base width 9) Excavation “Spoils” must be set back a minimum of __ from tbe sides of the excavation a) I meter b) on 30 10) The maximum working pressure on an acetylene sou is| mig a7 b) 10 «) 19.50 11) During storage of oxygen and acetylene gas eylinders they must be separated by (1) Aine Resistant Wall or 2) Distance of ay 20 ©) Not required if tanks are empty 4) Not required ifprotective caps are on ) None ofthe above. “SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY (SAUDI ARAMCO) Element OF ESUEDATE. REPLACES ISSUING ORGANIZATION: PROJECT MANAGEMENT ‘06/2010, NEW. 12) Which of the following would be classified as a Clase "A" fin? b) A fire involving flammable Tiguids ©) A fire involving combustible metals 4) A fireinvolving live electrical equipment ule in an excavation i 13) The sol type that i ea a) Type, b) Type B 4) None o 2 above |) What is necessary for a worker to wear on a steel beam sis feet or more above ground? ae al ihc os bes coutgs ©) He must never gx ana steel beam 4) None ofthe above 15) When there are openings in oof work and/or at edges of roof, and fall hazard exis, barricades ‘must be installed capable of withstanding a force of a) 100 bs key by 150 Ths (68 ky 4) 125 hs (56.7 key 16) Which ofthe following factors does not affect the load capacity ofa mobile crane? 8) Boom length b) Boom angle ica 17)How many clips are required fo eonstruct an eye in one-half inch wire rope? iain ce) 3 clips with U-bolts on the dead end 4) clips with U-bolis on the dead end ‘SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY (SAUDI ARAMCO) lament 04 ISSUING ORGANIZATION PROJECT MANAGEMENT a a 06/2010 NEW 15)Class “B” fires involve Dammable Higuids or gases that could be under pressure. What would give ‘you most concemn when selecting & Class "B™ fre extinguisher? a) Expesure to electrical equipment by) Depth of flammable liquid ©) Location offre exis ©) Type of fise detectors present 19)How long isa Work Permit usually valid? ) Tday 20) How Far apart shall aecessegress aders be in excavations? a ton b Ist 1 21) When transferring an extremely flammable guid from a 5S gallon drum via a hand pump wo a small ‘metal safely can, which of the following provides the best protection? a) Ground both containers ) Bond both containers tox and cumin cued and il acre ea 22), small mobile crane with rubber tires has ruck & power line. The Tine, which is now believed 0 be dead, is lying aross the crane boom. Which ofthe Following best deseries the proper course of action for the crane operator? fa) Jump from the crane and run away ©) Have the oiler knock the line from the boom with 2 weod pole <0) Swing dhe boom bck andl foc until the line breaks or falls oF 23) When checking the ground! on a dupley oulet, which ofthe following provides the best method? a) Check continuity between the black and white wire 'b) Check continuity between the green wire a the outlet box ©) Check eontinuily between the white wie and the outlet box 4) Check continuity between the green wire and the building ground ISSUING ORGANWATION PROJECT MANAGEMENT 0672010 NEW 24) Which of the following is irue concerning explosive proof equipment? Explosive proof equipment is allowed to operate in flammable or explosive atmosphere because itis capable of: a) The explosion i it happens will stay inside the eontainer by Not producing sparks under any condition ©) Operating below the auto ignition temperature 4) Shutting down the equipment serviced in an emergency 25) How long should the appointed “Fire Wateh” remain atthe site of HOT work after the work has stopped? 8) 1Ominates by 15 minutes ©) 20minutes 26) One purpose of the “Anti-Two-Black" device on cranes is? a) To determine the weight ofthe load being lied bb) To prevent cribbing blocks irom contacting outrigger Noals ©) To detemnine the length of the wire rope that has been extended 27) What are the most important sell-developed skill ofa site safety officer? a) Conduct site safety inspections with a checklist 6) Conduct tool box safety meetings 4) Produce good looking reports 28) What isthe number one eause ‘confined space deaths? a) Explosive atmospheres PRCPerae ea 0) Oxygen detieient atmespheres 29) When lifting over or adjacent to process piping, ct., whatis required? a) Hold Tag by Welding Machine 4) Hot Work Permit ©) Alloftheabove ‘SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY (SAUDI ARAMCO) ISSUING ORGANZATION: PROJECT MANAGEMENT ‘30) What is used to control suspended Toads? a) Slings b cus 4) Shackles ©) Alleftheabove 31 Ifyou found a fire exit blocked by a wooden pallet what would you do? a) Leaveilt 4) Wait for someone else w mow 32) Before a Lill Plan can be used it must fist be what? a) Signed by the Superintendent bb) Singed by Opcrations €) Copied and filed 33) What is the permissible noise enposure for an eight-hour work shift? a) 80 ») 90 ©) 100 4) 20 34) What is the purpose of hold tag? 8) Toisolte or d>-energize equipment >) To work the job safely eiiieagg™*” “Yee beng tte ut 35) Hold tags and locks are primarily intended to protet the individual who is doing the work from? a) Being thrown in jail ing until the work is completed 4) Sleeping ‘SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY (SAUDI ARAMCO) Element OF ISSUING ORGANIZATION: PROJECT MANAGEMENT Sat ear 36) Where is a work pormit required?” a) AMLSaudi Aram ©) Construction work shop 4) None of the above SECLION? 1. When step adders have stepson one sie and rungs on the other, two men may be on the same ladder atthe sane a) Tru Portable power tols being operated from an on site generator ne not be protected by a GFCI (ground laut circuit interrupten to be consistent with the Saudi Aramco CSM. b) Fabe 3, Excavation not subject to vehiele trafic may be barricaded using Red and White Warning Tape: b) False w heavy plastic 5 gallon drums may be used to store, transport, and dispense diesel [uel only. 5. Cigarete smoking and approved smoking shelters, b) False 46, Holes may be drial into sides of hard hats to provide for emss ventilation ar-flow during very hot weather a) True 7. 1a tool breaks itis permis (0 weld a piece of pipe as a handle temporarily ‘SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY (SAUDI ARAMCO) Element 0 TRUE DATE REPLACES ISSUING ORGANZATION: PROJECT MANAGEMENT ‘06/2040 NEW 8 Soap and puper towels must be provided fbr dhe men io clean up bere meals. a) True ») False 9. Push siicks must always be used when guiding woodwerk into a tule saw, by False 10. Rubber boots must be provided for persons engage by Fase the pouring of concrete. 11. When wearing rubber boots for concrete pours, it isnot necessary to have your steel toe boots/shoes 13, Formwork boars should be removed wo the de-nailing area as soon as possible afer they are disassembled, b) False 14. A fire extinguisher must be placed near (S 10 1S feet) o any combustion engine being operated on site b) False 1S, Tool-box safety briefing must he held atleast once a week, a) Tue ») False 16, Methane is not an odorless al tasteless gas that is non-toxie, a) Tue b) Fabe ‘SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY (SAUDI ARAMICO) Element OF SSE DATE, REPLACES ISSUING ORGANIZATION: PROJECT MANAGEMENT a a 17, Hand held power tools such as drills and grinders may be locked-on ithe job is going to tke a long pered of time to accomplish, 18, Permanent scaffolds should be secured by ying ofT te 3 ‘vertically, 30 1 horizontally, at each end, and the top. portion ofthe structure every 26 0. 19, Scaffod planks must be at least 2” thick by 9° wide or up t0 2" thick by 12° wide 21. The windsocks in Saud Arumeo facilites are (o let people know in which direction a gs or ‘chemical leak will ow. b) Fale 22AS during construction activites. >) False {oy Ofcer must tour the site several dimes a day hecause conditions are cha 23. Dangerous safety hazards should be noted and kept in writing so that they ean be reported at the next Salety meeting. b) False 24. A weekly Safety Inspection ofeach area should be carried out and a report of defects given o those responsible for comrecting them by False |SSUNG ORGANIZATION. PROJECT MANAGEMENT SEE aa (06/2010 NEW. ‘A Safely Officer checks all consirucion activities only. The personnel olficer checks the mesical {cilities toilet facilities, drinking water and all Usings affecting health and welfare, galas 226. When hot tapping gasoline lines, iis very important to establis 1d ma lain product Move by False 27. Nis okay to bring chemicals on site without a MSDS if you only have 20 liters of liquid oF 10 eubic meters ofa toxic gas Ta 28. Crane operations must be stopped when the wind speed is over 10 mph? 1 ? 29, All Accident must be reported to Saudi Aramco within 48 hours? a) Tue Belore use all new filling equ and cere by False ment should be subjected to a proof load fest by the manufacture 31. Respiratory protective devices ean be classified as, air purifying, supplied sir, & seleontained breathing devices. excavation work and there 8 no know underground utilities, by suspected ‘permissible o use mechanical equipment lo excavate (Correet Answer to 5S Questions)