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▶While making VIDEO.

Say Something unique in starting of video that comes in video soon...

Say the title and tags in video again and again. It helps in video ranking...

▶While Editing..
Make a short video
Add transition in video
In starting of video show fast forward video for a little time..

▶ NOTE- 
TEXT in thumbnail was checked by youtube search engines which helps in youtube video
Try to make thumbnail related to your video title.
Try to use some important keywords in your video thumbnail.
Try to use some png image like red arrow, red circle in thumbnail of video. Thumbnail with this
images attracts the attention of viewers.
Thumbnail with round corners are more attractive than regular rectangular thumnail.
Make clean and simple thumnail.

▶Before Uploading...
Change video file name. It should be similar to your title or tags. It helps in video ranking.
For example- Pubg gameplay.mp4 or Pubg Tips and Tricks.mp4

▶     On➡TITLE
YOUTUBE uploading page...

Title should be written by checking the youtube suggestions (which can be find from youtube

Title should include important keywords.
      Video Closed Caption
Video Closed caption should be enable.. Because with the help of CC, search engine can easily

know what inside the video and your video will easily rank in search results.
First 2-3 lines of description is very important to rank your video high in search engine so use
short description in 2-3 lines which cover all the information about video..
Use your keyword in description

Tags- Try to use same keyword in title, description and in tags column..
Use keyword which are not more than three words in length.
      For example- pubg mobile gameplay, pubg rush gameplay, etc...
Tags-Make tags related to your video. Do not make irrelevant tags.
Use TubeBuddy Tool for finding top tags ranking for your video..
Don't use too many tags..
 If your channel is new or don’t have much authority, it’s recommended to target only low
competition keywords.
▶   ➡Important
Link To A Playlist
If you do this then If your video ends, next one in line should start playing automatically which will
increase your channel videos views...

If you are a new youtuber or you are not famous yet make sure to stay focused on your single

Make a account on reddit because  Reddit  Gives You Premium Viewers ( Reddit is a social
full of people from Premium Countries like USA.)

➡   Google+ Gives a traffic boost