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An Editor of a Publication


The First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi (FCEWM; Megjashi) is a non-
governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization with the purpose to protect
children and their rights.

Duration of Assignment:
1 external expert * 6 working days
Preferred period of assignment: July - October 2019

Purpose of the consultancy:

The purpose of this activity is to do an edition of a publication which will contain the
following papers: Action plans for reducing violence in schools, Child Safeguarding
Policy with supporting papers, Emergency preparedness plans (EPP) with templates
for the elaboration of an EPP and other similar documents.

The publication should be a guide for the schools in Macedonia for creating these
types of documents and guidelines for their successful implementation in the work of
school staff. All these documents have been developed during project activities and
implemented them in the schools.

Proposed venue: Macedonia

Dates of assignment: July – October 2019

The expert will be responsible for:

 Planning, coordinating, reviewing and editing content of the publication

 Providing exceptional, informative and engaging content by meeting quality
and accuracy standards
 Preparation of the structure and the content of the publication
 Writing of introduction for each chapter within the publication
 Approval the final versions that are ready for publication
 To be in constant communication with the reviewer of the publication and
project team during the preparation process of the publication
 Deliver documents and other deliverables on a timely manner
 After the completion of the assignment should provide a Final report about the
engagement in Macedonian and English language.

Duration and timeframe

The contract of the assignment should be for 1 (one) external expert for 6 (six) days.

Qualifications and competences of the expert

 Advanced degree in social science

 A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in preparation of school
programmes and manuals
 A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in making analysis and researches
 Excellent analytical, oral and written communication skills in Macedonian and
 Strong communications skills
 Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and work well with
diverse people.

Application procedure

Applications must be sent in English and entail the following:

• Expression of Interest and availability;
• CV should be presented;
• Two references from similar assignments
• Expected remuneration, in the form of gross fee per day

Expression of Interest clearly marked “Expression of Interest for an Editor of a

Publication” can be submitted electronically at the following email:
freelegalservice@childrensembassy.org.mk . The expression of interest should be
received no later than 22.06.2019 (23:59)

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