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1.1 Background

Some fruits like banana, dragon fruit, and skin of orange not only their
flesh of fruit are good taste and have so many function for our body but their
skin can be useful too. One of the function is for lips, every those fruits have
their own function for lips. The skin of dragon fruit can be use for moisturize
lips and redden the lips. The skin of orange can be use for lips that blackened
to return the color of natural lips. The skin of banana can be use for lips to be
more springy and smooth when you want to apply lipstick, enlighten the lips,
lift the dead skin which can cause chapped lips and blackened lips.

The beautiful flower rose has a lot of function to for beauty. We can use
the water that already boiled with rose petals. This rose water can be use for
controls excess oil, helps maintain the skin’s ph balance, aids In healing scars,
cuts and wounds. And for lips rose water have a good function for blackened
lips, due to its compound antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that contained
in rose water has ability to smoothen regeneration process dead skin cells so
it will make lips look brighter

Lip balm is as wax that applied to the lips to moisturize and relieve
chapped or dry lips. As we know Indonesia specially Jakarta is a tropical
country that has so many pollution and dry air, so lip balm is use full for us
and to make our lips better.

To combine benefits form the skin of some fruits, rose water, and lip balm
for our lips, I will make lip balm that contains the skin of dragon fruit, skin of
orange, banana, and rose water. This lips balm will have so many benefits to
our lips because each one of those things have their own function to our lips
so the lip balm can be more useful depends on our lips problem.

1.2 Problem Formulation

1. How to make lip balm with rose water, skin of dragon fruit, skin of orange
and skin of banana?
2. Is the lip balm from rose water can make lips look brighter ?
3. Is the lip balm from skin of dragon fruit can moisturize and redden the
lips ?
4. Is the lip balm from skin of orange can return the color of natural lips?
5. Is the lip balm from skin of banana can smoother lips and lift the dead
skin in the lips ?
6. Is there any benefits from those all lip balm ?

1.3 Purpose

1. To know how to make lip balm with rose water, skin of dragon fruit, skin
of orange, and skin of banana.
2. To prove whether the lip balm from skin of dragon fruit can moisturize
and redden the lips or no
3. To prove whether the lip balm from skin of orange can return the color of
natural lips or no
4. To prove whether the lip balm from rose water can make lips look
brighter or not
5. To prove whether the lip balm from skin of banana can smoother lips and
lift the dead skin in the lips or no
6. To know is there any benefits from those all lip balm


The skin of human lips is very thin. The blood supply is very close to the surface
of your lips, which is why lips look pink or red. In addition, your lips do not contain oil
glands, so the skin of the lips does not produce natural oils like the rest of your skin. As
a result, the lips become dehydrated or dry and cracked faster than your other skin.

To improve this condition, you might add moisture to your lips by licking so that
the lips become wet and not dry anymore. However, this only has a temporary effect.
After saliva dries, it takes natural moisture on your lips and even your lips will be drier
than before. The more you lick your lips often, the faster your lips will dry up.

Effective lip balm needs to be a natural oil for the skin of your lips so that the lips
remain moist and protected from dry environmental conditions. Therefore, using lip
balm or lip balm is important to maintain the health of your lips. Lip balm helps
moisturize your lips and make your lips more supple. Lip balm also helps prevent the
lips from damage such as cracking to injury.

The skin on your lips tends to be sensitive, especially when it's cracked. Many
people have bad reactions to hard chemicals and preservatives in commercial lip balms.
Homemade lip balm contains only natural ingredients, and is much softer on your lips.

What's more, in some factory lip balms contain ingredients such as phenol,
menthol, and salicylic acid which can make the lips drier. So when you wear it you have
to put more on the lips, and it will continue every day.

2.1 How To Make Lip Balm From Natural Ingredients

2.1.1 Make Your Own Lip Balm

 Material:
 Olive Oil
Olive oil which is rich in nutrients makes the benefits of olive oil for lips
widely used by many people, especially women. Olive oil can provide
nutrients to the lips, make lips moist, brighten lips, remove dead skin cells,
and rejuvenate the skin.

 Shea Butter
Shea butter has long been known as a natural moisturizer that can produce
the same oil that is usually accepted by the skin. This will make your skin
softer and more flexible. Shea butter also has the ability as a natural healer for
various types of skin diseases, such as black and dry skin.

 Beeswax
Beeswax is a material made from honeycomb hives and other bees, beeswax
serves as a protection from the scorching heat that causes broken lips to
break, beeswax serves as a moisturizer to keep lips healthy and bright.

 How to make:
 Melt beeswax by steaming.
 Melt the shea butter and lanolin in another container until they melt, for about
2-3 minutes while stirring.
 Transfer the melted shea butter and lanolin to another container, and add 1
tsp of olive oil, mix well.
 Add melted beeswax to the mixture. Stir until smooth.
 Transfer the shea butter lip balm to the plastic container, and let it cool for at
least 4 hours.
 Store lip balm in a cool, dry place.

2.2 Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit, is one of the fruits that usually grows in tropical regions such as
Indonesia or other Southeast Asian countries. Not only delicious for consumption,
Dragon Fruit has properties for health and beauty. Naga fruit itself has two types,
namely Red Dragon Fruit which has red fruit ivory and white Dragon Fruit which
has white flesh.

Both types of Dragon Fruit both have an abundant antioxidant content, so both
have benefits for health and beauty. One of them is, it can be used as a way to
redden lips with red Dragon Fruit.

Although both have antioxidant properties, but apparently Dragon Fruit has a
higher antioxidant content than white dragon fruit. In addition, the content of red
Dragon Fruit is three times higher when compared to Carrots.

Vitamin C found in red Dragon Fruit has an important role in collagen cofactors.
Collagen contained in this Dragon Fruit is very important for your skin, including
your lips. Because it can keep it elastic, fresh, looks young and of course this
collagen can make your lips look more rosy.

2.2.1 How To Beautify Lips With Dragon Fruit

The way to redden the lips with the first red dragon fruit is to eat it
regularly every day. Research has mentioned that eating Dragon Fruit
every day is not only good for health because the content of powerful
antioxidants in the form of lycopen owned by Red Dragon Fruit can
counteract free radicals that can make skin damaged and also at risk of
various kinds of dangerous diseases, such as cancer. But it turns out by
eating 2 to 3 red dragon fruit, can help maintain the health of your lips.
Because routine consumption of red Dragon Fruit 2 to 3 pieces a day can
meet the needs of Vitamin C, folate, mg, your daily potassium, which serves
to keep your coolies healthy, and also avoid lip color changes that occur
due to the many bad influences of outside, such as using the wrong lipstick
or smoking.

The way to redden the lips with the second red dragon fruit is by
making a natural concoction that comes from this dragon fruit. The
following is how:

 Prepare 1 red dragon fruit, split into two to take the contents.
 Crush with a blender until smooth or you can also destroy it using a
 Clean your lips first then dry it.
 Then apply the red Dragon Fruit which has been smooth on the surface
of your lips evenly.
 Let stand for several 20 to 30 minutes.
 Then wash with warm nail water and dry it with a tissue or towel.
 Do this method every day to get maximum results.
 Not only is it able to keep your lips moist and not dry and cracked, the
dragon fruit will also nourish the lips so that they can look softer and

2.3 Skin of Orange

Skin of orange is rich in various vitamins, minerals and other substances. No

wonder the fruit is often used as a symbol of various vitamin products or food
supplements. On average in a skin of orange contains 30 mg of vitamin C. This
amount can provide up to 30% of the daily needs of vitamin C in the human body.
Vitamin C has a very central role in the growth and development of our bodies. Lips
are one of the body parts most often affected by sunlight and other factors that
often make it black. Fortunately a variety of medical and traditional ways can be
done to re-enlighten it. One of them redden the lips with skin of orange as will be
discussed below.

Natural rosy lips are a dream of many people, especially women. Various
methods were carried out, even those with high risk such as embroidery of lips. In
fact, there are safer natural ways that can be used to redden the lips. Although
natural methods generally take more time and need patience to get the desired

Skin of orange has long been known as a whitening agent. Even in the
industrial world, processed skin of orange can be used as calcium hypochlorite as a
cheap bleaching agent for paper materials.

This fruit with sour taste is also a fruit that is rich in vitamin C which is good
for the skin, including lip skin. In addition, lemon juice also contains various
nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K, Potassium
and Phosphorus which are beneficial for lip health.

Its ability to make skin of orange quite effective redden lips naturally.
Especially black lips due to exposure to too much sunlight, smoking habits, high
caffeine intake, use of low-quality beauty products, and hormonal imbalances.

2.3.1 How To Beautify Lips With Skin of orange

The process of reducing the lips is essentially lifting the blackened

layer of the skin of the lips so that it is replaced with a new, brighter
layer. With a brighter skin layer the natural red lips can appear more

Orange peel contains citric acid which acts as a natural whitening

agent. This magic orange peel powder can be used effectively to
naturally brighten the skin. The trick, mix orange peel powder with
milk, rub the mixture on the lips and let stand for 15 minutes. Clean the
lips with plain water to clean to see the changes that occur on the lips.

2.4 Rose Water

Rose water or rose water may not be a popular beauty product. In fact, rose water
has been used for thousands of years as a traditional herb for beauty products and food
products as well as drinks. Rose water is made by distilling rose petals. This distillation
will produce aromatic liquid along with oil from rose petals.

Rose water contains antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients that are beneficial
because of the effect of relaxation on the skin. The nature of the anti-inflammatory rose
water itself will also reduce the rash or inflammation of your skin. In addition, rose
water also contains vitamins A, C, and E. These three vitamins can work well on the skin
of the face as an antioxidant that is believed to be able to fight aging (aging).

To get rosy lips like a rose, you can use the water essence rose. In rose water there
are anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe dry and cracked lips. In addition, rose
water can also counteract the dangers of sunlight which is the main factor causing lips
to turn black. The high antioxidant content in rose water can help regenerate new lip
skin while brightening, moisturizing and refreshing the lips.

2.4.1 How To Beautify Lips With Rose Water

Mix rose water with honey and apply it to your black lips. Let stand for a
long time and rinse using clean water.
 Use this mixture of natural ingredients 3-4 times a day for maximum
 Or you can also make rose water paste yourself at home as your lip
care routine.

You can make rose water paste by:

 Add the rosebuds to the liquid white milk and let stand for one hour.
 After one hour, stir and mix the rosebud with milk until the shape
turns into pasta or creamy.
 Add a few drops of honey and one twist of turmeric powder into the
 Use the water rose paste on the lips and let it sit for 15 minutes. Do
this routine twice a day so that the lips can go pink and blush and
feel soft.

2.4 Skin of Banana

Banana skin has a very good nutrient

content, including providing high enough
energy compared to other fruits. Bananas are
also rich in minerals such as potassium,
magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. In
addition, bananas contain vitamins, namely C,
B complex, B6, and serotonin which are active
as neurotransmitters in the smooth functioning of the brain. Mature banana skin is very
rich in potassium which can help reduce dark stains and colors.

2.4.1 How To Beautify Lips With Skin of Banana

For those of you who are experiencing black lip color problems,
bananas can be one of your choice solutions to overcome this problem. This
is because bananas contain quite a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C, so they
can rejuvenate your lips and certainly restore the natural bright color of
your lips.

How to apply bananas to overcome black lips is quite easy. Here are the

 Blend 1 banana
 Add lime juice and honey for more optimal results
 Apply to lips as lip balm
 Do it regularly every day so that the black color on the lips
slowly disappears

Banana skin can also brighten lips by means of banana skin given olive
oil to make it more slippery, and rubbed on the lips 10-15 minutes.

2.5 Any Benefits from Lip Balm

Although it is more famous as a product for moisturizing the lips, it turns out that
there is another function of lip balm that is rarely known to people. Here are 8
benefits of lip balm besides moisturizing the lips that you need to know!

2.5.1 Lip Balm for lips

The main function of lip balm is of course to moisturize the lips. But do you know if
it turns out the benefits of lip balm for lips are more than just moisturizing? The
moisturizing lip balm function will be able to reduce the problem of chapped lips. In
addition, of course lip balm will also keep the moisture of the lips so that the
problem of chapped lips does not come back.

Moist lips will look healthier, brighter, and your
appearance will look fresh. The function of lip
balm for other lips is to protect the lips from UV
light, this is the reason why there is a lip balm
containing SPF.

The benefit of lip balm for other lips is that it can

be a base lipstick that makes the lipstick last
longer on the lips. For those of you who want a
fuller lip impression, you can also get it from the
use of this lip balm.

2.5.2 Moisturize Other Body Parts

The moisturizing lip balm can not only be felt for the lips, but also in various other
body spots. Body parts such as knees and elbows tend to be drier and rough
compared to other body parts. You can apply lip balm to these body parts to
moisturize and soften the skin.

2.5.3 Make Blush On and Eyeshadow So More Pigmented

The function of the lip balm is to make the color of your eyeshadow and blush more
out. The color of the eyeshadow and the more pigmented blush on can make your
make-up more glowing. You can make lip balm as a base eyeshadow for a more
glowing eyeshadow color. As for blush, you can mix blush on powder with lip balm,
then apply it to your cheeks.

2.5.4 Maintain Eyebrow Shape

The next benefit of lip balm is to maintain the shape of the eyebrows. After applying
an eyebrow pencil, you can use the eyebrow gel so that the eyebrow pencil can last
longer. But if you don't have an eyebrow gel, it doesn't matter. You can also apply
lip balm to the brow to keep your eyebrows longer.

2.5.5 Prevent Blisters Due to Shoes
The fifth function of lip balm is that it can prevent foot blisters from shoes. When
using new shoes, usually our feet do not adjust to the shape of the shoe, as a result
blisters can not be avoided. If using a tape makes you feel that your appearance is
disturbed, then you can simply use lip balm in the easily scratched legs before using
new shoes.

2.5.6 Cleanse Remaining Mascara

The application of mascara does not always run smoothly and the results are
always neat. Sometimes there are mascara drops that fall to the bottom of the eye
and of course can damage your makeup. Try to clean it with a suede cotton bud
coated with lip balm.

2.5.7 Substitute Eye Cream

The next function of lip balm is to be a substitute for eye cream. Lack of sleep or
fatigue can cause eye bags that can interfere with your appearance. Apply lip balm
instead of eye cream to soothe the skin and reduce your eye bags.

2.5.8 Tidy Up Hair

Do you have unruly hair problems and out-of-hair like duck tail hair? You can
arrange your hair with the help of lip balm. The trick is to apply lip balm to your
hands, then use your hands to comb and rub your hair slowly. Then comb your hair
as usual.