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XXXIX, No. , June 17,2019 I P10.


SGMA: House passed

Duterte priority bills adjournment speech last committee orl rules, from
June 4, 2019, Arroyo said the opening pf the Third
early on,.she set the princi- Regular Session on July 23,
pal objective ofthe House to 2018 until the sine die
tatives during the llrird push for the legislative sgen- adjouinment last June 4,
Regrrlar Session of the da ofPresident Ro&igo Du- 2019, of the 2,505 rnea-
17th Conglesg under the terte, especially the passa€e sures processed, the House cently-edac{€d are: Republic Pbilippine Rrblic Safety Col-
leaderehip of Speaker of priority bills that were approved a toial of 909 Act 11321 "An Act Institu- leee (PPSC) to the PNP',
Gloria Macapegal Arroyo, in his 2018
highlighted measures, 250 of which tionslizing the Psntawid based on HB 8628; RA
succeedrlly proceesed a SONA. Anoyo said many became laws, 44 were Pamilyang Pilipino Prwram 11262 "Extending The Peri-
total of 2,605 measuFes other priority bills of the transmitted to President (4Ps)", based on House Bill od For The Grant Oflncen-
in just 54 eession days or Pr€,sidert, including tho6€ not Dutede for approval, 16 ??73; RA 11291 "An Act fto- tive€ To Touri6m Enterprise
an average of 46 mea- in his 2018 SONA were also were ratified bicam reports, viding for A Maena Carta of Znnes And Registered Tour-
srles per session day. passed by the House. She 33 were passed by the the Poor", based on HB ism Enterprises', based on
The House performance also lauded the House mem- Senate witholrt amend- 5811; RA 11285 "Energy HB 8861; R'4. 11261 "Ffst
showed the hard work, focu6, bers for their tireless work ments, 10 were adopted the Calendar of Business, Effi ciency and Conservation Time Jobseekers Assistsnce
and deipxmination df law- and dedication which result- Senate version while 69 and refer:red six resolutions Act", based on IIB 8629; RA Act", based on HB 172; RA
makel€ itr pasfig vital sa ed in genuine milestones tlEt were concun€d with Sen- on inquiries. 112?9 "An Act Transferring 11241'Pbilippine Occupa-
ciceconomic neasures tlrat will benefit Filipinoe now and ate amendments. Ofthe 250 new laws, 82 the PNippine National Po- tional Therapy Act", based
will benefit the present and in the tuture. I$e House srlbstituf,cd/ were national bills, 166 lo- li(€ A6demy (PNPA) and the on HB 8528: snd R"A. 11235
next generation of l'ilipinos. Based on the most re- consolidated 1,565 mea- cal bills and two Joint Rss- National Polic€ Ttaining ln- l\dotor,cycle Clime Preventidr
During her sine die cent report of the House sures, had 25 mea.sures in olutions. Among the most re- stitute (NPTI) from the Act", based on HBN 8419.