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December 18, 2016

To: Whom It May Concern

Fr: Kenneth Zachmann
Re: Megan Hart

During the summer of 2016 Megan Hart performed with distinction the duties of manager for the
Columbia Association. As her supervisor I was in a position to observe a number of professional and
personal characteristics, which offer very positive support for postgraduate training, internships or future
professional applications.
Clearly, given the current economic conditions, all application pools for the above mentioned
pathways must be exceedingly competitive. Only candidates who have demonstrated the values of trust,
compassion, independence, and initiative, and those who are excellent in field execution, should be
considered. In addition, candidates who are worthy of consideration must have academic credentials that
are suitable for the task and the ability to bring these credentials into play as required by the situation. In
my opinion Megan excels on all facets of consideration and thus warrants my full endorsement.
My endorsement is based upon personal observation and numerous supporting comments made
by colleagues who worked closely with Megan. Perhaps the greatest strength of this applicant is her
patience and compassion for the struggling employee. Even under the most demanding conditions Megan
is not quick to tire or prone surrender to frustration. When her first approach fails she is more inclined to
regroup and try a significantly different strategy than to just accept the failure. This attitude is infectious.
Employees always do better for leaders that truly believe success is possible. This is the exact attitude that
Megan presents with all of her tasks, projects and creative initiatives. I sincerely believe her natural ability
to reflect on her own learning style also augurs well for her effectiveness in the field. She tends to be
careful in analysis and then extrapolates potential outcomes before putting a program into practice. This
penchant for forward thinking is not common among current members of my management team.
Unfortunately, this management tool is not easily imparted to employees who are disinclined to grow and
expand their skill set. Megan is open to correction and easily redirected to where adjustments in our
approach are in order.
In her capacity as a manager Megan was tasked with responding to emergencies, evaluating site
conditions with respect to cleanliness, friendliness, safety, and most importantly, instructing and interacting
with staff consistent in a manor that is aligned with best practices in the area of proactive safety protocols,
risk management strategies and setting the standard for customer service. The vast majority of her time
was vested in interfacing with members and staff in order to achieve a high level of service and to provide
support for the community based values and goals. In her capacity as a trusted and valued manager she
practiced the values we prize. When required, she demonstrated the courage necessary to enforce the
community standards and subsequently helps navigate rebellious youth to a platform of improved behavior
and community assimilation. Perhaps this is one of the strongest facets of her application. Employees don’t
always see the best possible path before them. It is often the kind yet determined voice of a concerned
mentor who sets them on the right path.
In all the areas noted above Megan excelled. She consistently demonstrated the composure and
forward thinking that is necessary to be in advance of problems rather than stumbling in the rear trying to
be corrective. In light of these strengths I fully support her application for any of the options noted at the
beginning of this endorsement.


Kenneth Zachmann (Cell Phone: 443-864-0139)

Aquatic Supervisor
Columbia Association