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RF Design Engineer

Mexico City
+52 5564623944 vic.alb86@gmail.com

 7 years in RF industry specializing in optimization and design
 Experienced with Multi technology –2G 3G, 4G, VoLTE
 Multi-Platform experienced
 CDMA/LTE new sites design
 Part of the team who did the VoLTE trial and activation for Telcel network R7.
 Part of the team who did the 4.5G launch in Telcel R7 (MIMO 4X4, 256QAM, Carrier Aggregation)
 Part of the team who did VoLTE trial for Telefonica network R9.
 Customer interface service solving any daily issue
 Teamwork, Multi-Tasking
 Communication skills multicultural environment
 Quick learning
 Fluent in Spanish; conversational in English


 MapInfo  NQDI  DBVisualizer Eniq

 Global Mapper  Arieso GEO  Astellia Nova Geo
 Atoll Planning Tool  Excel Advanced  Remedy
 Mentum Planet  Microsoft project
 Path Loss  Access.
 Nokia Netact  ActixOne
 Eden-Net Nokia  Actix Analyzer
 NEMO (outdoor, analyze)  OSS Ericsson
 SwissQual,  Citrix


Company Name: Networkers

Job Title: RF Consultant 3G/4G/VoLTE for America Movil
Duration: 01/2019 – 02/2019

 Ericsson - Huawei parameter mapping and equivalent features activation

 Reselection inter PLMN Optmization
 IUR configuration inter-vendors, Handover optimization external objects definition
 Hicap settings
 Capacity analisys
 Execution and analysis traces in Layer 3, VIP Complains
 VoLTE Troubleshooting / SIP Analysis through Anritsu

Company Name: Ericsson

Job Title: RF Consultant 3G/4G
Duration: 09/2018 – 12/2018

 Perform KPI Trend Analysis and determine performance deviations

 Coverage and Footprint Optimization using OSS and DT tools
 Part of the Ericsson massive events team for Formula 1( Mexican Grand Prix)
 High cap settings for massive events and real time monitoring
 Baseband and Radio Resource Capacity Optimization
 DT Analysis and optimization through Actix, Nemo, NQDI
 Worst Cell Identification and Root Cause Analysis
 Managing LTE key performance indicators such as RSRQ, RSRP, SINR, CQI
 CSFB, SRVCC optimization, parameter audits inconsistency checks between Radio Access Technologies
 VoLTE Troubleshooting / SIP Analysis, IMS signaling, perform layer 3 analysis
 Features implementation IFLB, MBFI.
Company Name: Telefonica Movistar
Job Title: RF Planning and Optimization Engineer
Duration: 05/2018 – 09/2018

 New sites planning atoll. PCI, Neighboor relations, tilt (mechanical and electrical, azimuth, Reference Signal Power.
 RF shaping,
 RF optimization based on KPI’s and user experience (IEC)
 VoLTE optimization, SIP/RTP signaling, SRVCC to UMTS. QCI. Layer 3 analysis.
 Optimization for Mexico City SUBWAY (Indoor – Outdoor HO Optimization inter vendor, Sel-Resel Optimization, call
 IUR configuration inter-vendors, Handover optimization external objects definition
 Analysis and optimization through Actix, NQDI
 Responsible for parameter audits, neighbors’ audits, CSFB
 Radio Resource Management for massive events monitoring and solving in real time.
 Throughput optimization, CQI, RSP. PA PB
 Technical interface with external consultants

Company Name: America Movil

Job Title: RF Optimization Engineer
Duration: 09/2014 – 05/2018

 CIQ creation, EPT and Dump updates.

 LTE RF optimization based on radar and quality index, working on clusters and vectors assigned, optimization until delivery
 CA (Carrier aggregation) implementation and optimization, 3 LTE bands. Band 4 Band 7 Band 66
 MIMO 4 X 4, 256 QAM, MLB (Mobility Load Balancing) initial tuning and analysis in the 4.5 G network.
 UMTS traffic balance and optimization 4 bands, DRD
 Execution and analysis traces in Layer 3, VIP Complains, detecting fails and send proposals to improve performance.
 VoLTE optimization SIP/RTP signaling, SRVCC to UMTS. QCI. Layer 3 analysis FMA, U2000, Anritsu
 Responsible for parameter audits, features implementation and timer optimization.
 Radio Resource Management for massive events monitoring and performing changes in real time.
 Drive Test analysis in order to apply changes to improve the KPI’s and the user perception. Parameter and network
strategies (Third and Fourth carriers, LDR, DRD, cell selection and reselection, handover).

Company Name: Airbus/Secure Land Communications

Job Title: RF Design Engineer
Duration: 09/2012 – 08/2014
 Customer interface government project.
 Coverage predictions and frequency planning through Mentum Planet and Atoll, encrypted communications for government,
Tetra, Tetrapol, LTE.
 RF Shaping
 Microwaves links, design and implementation (Alcatel, Harris, Eclipse)
 Supervision of installations, Infrastructure deployment, contact with suppliers and customers
 Test and implementation of new products.
 Drive test performing and post process analysis, performing changes to improve performance, through Nemo Outdoor and
Nemo Analyzer.
 Site survey, deployment proposals, SNR analysis.
 Interference analysis spectrum analyzer measurements detecting external interferences.


 Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo (UAEH) - Institute of Basic Science and Engineering
Bachelor in Electronics and Telecommunications Graduated: 2012
Emphasis area in Radiocomunication Systems