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e, easy-to-use, yet extremely advanced and thorough. Also has touch interface for tablet-mode laptops (like Surface P
s with ELM327 interface.

Automatic protocol/interface detection

Real-time data, available in the form of tables, graphs, and gauges
Reads all generic and manufacturer-specific DTCs
Database of 9000+ Diagnostic Fault Codes for 35 car brand manufacturers.
Can be used to turn off the "Check Engine" light (MIL), and clear all emissions-related diagnostic information
Oxygen sensor test results
Continuous and non-continuous monitor test results
VIN, Calibration ID, In-Use Performance Tracking
Metric and English units of measure
Printable diagnostic reports
Data logging in CSV format
Sensor calibration: Offset or scale any vehicle parameter
Day/Night Color Display for easier reading
Customizable dashboards
Create your own PIDs as a combination of vehicle PID's

Windows 32/64-bit (Vista, 7, 8, 10+)
Windows XP Users? This software is NOT compatible with Windows XP. Download XP compatible software here.

rface Requirements:
ELM327 Cable or ELM327 Bluetooth or ELM327 WIFI

are Download:

here to download.

DO NOT share your License Key with anyone, else license will be immediately disabled
remotely, because software periodically checks your License via Internet and compares it
against Computer ID & IP address to determine usage.

License Key: 7PHG-RRTJ-KEDL-8GQE

Professional Add-On: 893X-TZLF

Any unauthorized attempts to resell or copy this product is forbidden.

We're constantly monitoring eBay (VeRO Registered) and websites for unlawful conduct.

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