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Creation Invention is well Invention is Invention lacks The invention

thought out and thought out and uniqueness and a doesn’t make
unique. The unique but the purpose. sense or is
purpose behind it purpose behind it incomplete.
is clear and easy to is unclear.

Proposal Well written and Well written and Contains many Proposal is
free of all free of most grammatical/ incomplete
grammatical/ grammatical/ spelling errors. Is and/or consists of
spelling errors. spelling errors. missing most of too many errors.
Includes all Includes most of the components
components as the components described in the
described in the described in the checklist.
checklist. checklist.

Marketing Marketing plan is Marketing plan is a Marketing plan is Marketing plan

easy to follow. little unclear and hard to follow and and
Advertisement is the advertisement the advertisement advertisement are
attention grabbing could use more is dull. incomplete.
and convincing. convincing.

Selling Price point is Price point is a Price point is far Price point and
reasonable and little high/low and off and profit is profit are
profit is accurately profit is slightly miscalculated. incomplete.
calculated. miscalculated.

Reflection Well thought out Reflection is Reflection is short, No reflection was

and explained. missing minor and includes submitted, or
Strong areas and details or aspects minor information what is submitted
mistakes were that were asked regarding has nothing to do
addressed. for, but mostly students thoughts with what was
well thought out towards project. asked of student.
for the response