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2nd Quarterly Examination
21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
Second Semester
S.Y. 2018 -2019
I. Multiple Choice. Read and analyze the following questions. Choose the correct answer that corresponds to each item.
Write the CAPITAL LETTER of your choice on the given answer sheet.
1. Which of the following is the oldest living civilization in the world?
A. Chinese Civilization B. Indian Civilization C. Japanese Civilization D. Sumerian Civilization
2. Who is the leading Chinese poet of the eighth century whose writings deal with the good things of life and with the
pathos of human destiny?
A.Confucius B. Po- Chu C. Li Po D. Tu-Fu
3. Who is the great Indian poet and dramatist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913?
A. Bhasa B. Kalidasa C. Rabindranath Tagore D. Shakuntala
4. Which of the following is the play of the masses in Japan?
A. Joruri B. Kabuki C. Nihongi D. Noh Play
5. What type of Japanese poetry is exemplified below?
“Poetry and love
will fill your heart forever,
or rip it to shreds!”
A. Haiku B. Manyo Shu C. Shikibu D. Tanka
6. Which of the following is NOT one of the Five Classics in Chinese Literature?
A. The Book of Changes C. The Book of Royals
B. The Book of Poetry D. The Spring and Autumn Annals
7. Who is the Father of English Literature?
A. Francis Bacon C. Thomas Paine
B. Geoffrey Chaucer D. William Shakespeare
8. William Wordsworth: Father of Romantisism; ____________________: Father of Short stories
A. Francis Bacon B. Washington Irving C. William Sharkespeare D. Christopher Marlowe
9. Which of the following DOES NOT describe the Neo-Classical period in Anglo-American Literature?
A. Neo-classical writers portrayed man as inherently flawed.
B. It employed black humor, parody, grotesque, absurdity, and travesty.
C. It emphasized restraint, self-control, and common sense.
D. Reason was emphasized as the highest faculty (Deism).
10. Which of the following is WRONG about the Renaissance Period?
A. It attempted to get rid of old feudalist ideas.
B. It was characterized by the adoption of a humanist philosophy.
C.It means “rebirth or revival”.
D.Man was seen as basically good.
11. Which of the following does NOTdescribe the period of Romanticism in European Literature?
A. Christianity had an immense influence during this time.
B. In this period, symbolism was seen superior because it could suggest many things instead of the direct
interpretations of allegories.
C. This period was a movement away from the enlightenment focus of reason and logic, focusing more on
imagination and emotions instead.
D. Key characteristics of this period include an interest in the common man and childhood, emotions and feelings,
the awe of nature, emphasis on the individual, myths, and the importance of the imagination.
12. Which of the following is a Latin American writer?
A. Gabriela Mistral B. Francis Bacon C. Sir Walter Raleigh D. Khalil Gibran
13. Who is the first Latin American author to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature?
A. Gabriela Mistral B. Gabriel Garcia Marquez C. Miguel Angel Asturias D. Octavio Paz
For items 14- 15 is an analogy. Choose among the given choices below the correct answer.
14. Japan: Land of the Rising Sun; India:______________________
A. The Red Dragon B. Land of Prayer C. Pearl of the Orient D. Sleeping Giant of Asia
15. The Girl Who Killed to Save: Herbert Dhlomo; Ethiopia Unbound: _________________________
A. Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo B. Joseph Hayford C. KebraNagast D. Naguib Mahfouz
16. In what country did the story “Silk” by Alessandro Baricco take place?
A. Italy B. Japan C. Korea D. USA
17. Who is the protagonist in the story “Silk” by Alessandro Baricco?
A. Ayako Mie B. Hara Kei C. HerveJoncour D. The author himself
18. In the story, The Valley of Amazement, what was Lulu’s reaction when she found out about the operation?
A. Shocked B. Blissful C. Fearless D. Discomforted
19. In the story, The Valley of Amazement, why did they have to operate Lulu?
A. She had an extra finger in each hand.
B. She had lost her right arm during the siege of Paris by the Prussians.
C. She had unusual hands like an octopus that have eight fingers in each.
D. She had to have one hand only to master piano compositions easily and uniquely.
20. What is the story, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time, all about?
A. It is a glimpse of what is like to have autism
B. It is a murder mystery who killed a dog in his neighborhood.
C. It is about an autistic who killed a dog in his neighborhood.
D. It is about a mystery in a nighttime when a dog was killed brutally.
21. What is the social significance of the story, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time?
A. We should not discriminate people with autism.
B. We should understand that autism cannot be treated.
C. We should make people with autism feel accepted and loved.
D. We should act and think like the people with autism so that they will not feel alone.
22. Where is the setting of the novel excerpt, The Folded Earth?
A. China B. India C. India D. Iran
23. Why did Maya and Michael’s families disapprove their marriage?
A. Because they have different religions C.Because both of them are minors
B. Because they are not financially capable yet D. Because they are not compatible according to Chinese zodiac
For items 24- 28, write A if the statements in the following items below about the literary piece, “Caroline”, are
CORRECT, otherwise write B.
24. Caroline was adapted to an animated film after it was released.
25. The literary piece, although fantasy, is also a psychological journey of the protagonist’s heart and mind.
26. Caroline is a short story that deals with the macabre, as reflected in mirror images of reality.
27. Caroline upends her own mother’s lack of cooking skills to create an “other” mother.
28. What makes it especially effective is the fact that these mirror images are reflections of the society.
For items 29-30, choose among the given choices below what is described in each of the statements.
A. Kafka on the Shore C. Yomiuri E. Fate
B. The Boy Named Crow D. The Paris Review F. Haruki Murakami
29. This follows the mysterious relationship between a 15-year-old boy and his friend named Crow.
30. It is in here where John Wray featured Murakami in his article.
31. Which of the following literary genre addresses issues of modern womanhood, written by women for women?
A. Chick Lit B. Woman Lit C. Manga D. Lady Lit
32. Which of the following is NOT a key feature of a popular fiction?
A. Plot-driven B. Stock figures C. Familiar or exotic setting D. Without Dialogues
For items 33-38, choose among the given choices below what is the form of poetry used.

33. Butterflies are cool, 34. Apples

In the big, huge, green forest. Crisp, juicy
They fly up so high Crunching, chewing, swallowing
On a tree and in the store
35. Why do a good guy 36. I flick my fingers; swing my wrist
Have to suffer and die young Beans and turkey are doing the twist
While the crooks survive Peas, plumbs, apples or mangoes;
On the walls, they’re doing the tango.
37. Bright streaks whiz through the sky 38. She sells
Thunk! Whoosh! Sea shells
Brightly colored explosions By the
Sizzle and pop, pop, pop. Sea shore
39. Which of the following genre of drama shows the downfall of a noble person?
A. Tragedy B. Farce C. Melodrama D. Comedy
40. Who wrote the literary text from Luzon entitled “Kambubulag”?
A. Merlie M. Alunan B. Gutierrez Mangansakan II C. Mikael de Lara Co D. Catherine Batac Walder
41. Who among the following is a Visayan writer which promoted writing in mother tongue?
A. Merlie M. Alunan B. Gutierrez Mangansakan II C. Mikael de Lara Co D. Catherine Batac Walder
42. Which among the following is a literary text written by Gutierrez Mangansakan II?
A. Kambubulag B. Kundiman C. Harvest of Sorrows D. Day in the Farm
43. Which of the following is NOT an aspect of characters in Drama?
A. Psychological B. Social C. Moral D. Ethical
44. Which of the following is NOT a purpose of an author in writing a poem?
A. To share his feelings B. To amaze the readers C. To provide description D. To narrate a story
45. Which of the following is NOT a way to get the context of a literary work?
A. Understand the history of the place C. Have a close reading of the text
B. Understand the culture of the place D. None of the above
For items 46-50, choose among the following choices below.
46.Children’s Manga 49. Women’s Manga
47. Boy’s Manga 50. Girl’s Manga
48. Men’s Manga
51. Which of the following electronic genre describes where the person writes about his personal experiences, activities
and opinions in a website?
A. Vlog B. Blog C. Hyper- fiction D. Hyperlink
52. Which of the following creative non- fiction focuses on a single event in a person’s life?
A. Memoir B. Autobiography C. Biography D. Essay
53. Which of the following fiction genre describes magical elements are blended with reality?
A. Magic Realism B. Slipstream C. Comedy D. Farce
54. Who are considered as the most important material in drama?
A. Director B. Scrip writers C. Characters D. Camera Man
55. What form of poetry is used in the following:
Green, leafy
Sprouted, growing, reaching
Light, bark, roots, forest
Seeded, shading, branching
Tall, strong
A. Antonym Diamante B. Diona C. Limerick D. Synonym Diamante
For items 55-60, construct your own poem using the discussed form of poetry. Choose among the following type of
poetry below:


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