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Apr 2019 – May 2019

Volume 8 Issue 1
Bulletin of Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation

In this Issue

• Editorial

• Three Days Workshop for Students And


• Gitanjali – A Class on Bhagavad Gita for

• Sthanik Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir

• Samskarvarga Prashikshan Shibir

• Regular Activities

• Article By Ma. Lakshmi Didi

Volume 8 Issue 1 -2- Apr 2019 - May 2019

The Time For Offering

In 30th May 2019. Punya Bhoomi Bharat ascended another step towards her ultimate
goal of becoming the Vishwa Guru. Another chance is given to all those who love this
motherland to make their offering....
It was a day of reckoning , a day for dedication, day for total surrender.
We must hurry up lest our chance is lost forever. How long would she wait, this dear
Motherland of ours for her children to wake up from slumber, from ignorance, from their
worthless dissipating pre-occupations?
How long can she go abegging to feed her children? Others laugh at her, throw mud at
her, call her mad. In a frenzy they tear her clothes apart. Yet, no curse ever escapes her
lips. She only smiles and hangs her head.
Her own coffers are full, her soils rich, her wealth untapped, yet her children go
without food or go elsewhere to eke out a living.
Her mountains, streams and forests resound with music eternal - melodies flowing
down from far- off centuries, yet ever fresh, sweet and invigorating. But alas, her
children have no ears. They dance to alien tunes.
They have all the time to gobble up facts and figures and to pose as knowledgeable, yet
have no time left to take a sip from the cup of nectar that Mother holds in her hands!
Her clothes are torn and tattered. But who can weave that exquisite garment of unity
with diversity, strength with delicacy, beauty with utility? Who knows the magic of mixing
all the colours up to produce that intense glow of white, the colour of love?
Sweetness still pervades her countryside, her villages and dwellings of the poor and
oppressed. Yet on the surface, nothing but the all- devouring currents of cruelty, violence
and gross indifference to the values of life.

Which temple will ring its bells to herald the arrival of the new era? From whose
orchards will the springs of new life sprout? From where will the call come again? From
the shores of Kanyakumari or the heights of the Himalayas?

Urgency is in the air. Time for offering is nearing. Where are her children who would
renounce their all for her sake, who would wipe her tears, clothe her afresh in a mantle of
love, compassion and harmony? Who would give her back her golden scepter and reinstate
her on her throne of Eternal Glory.
Volume 8 Issue 1 -3- Apr 2019 - May 2019

The dawn is breaking, still we continue to sleep on. We are busy building temples in
brick and mortar, but refuse to build them in our hearts where they should truly be. We
are not ready with our offerings. We are not ready to make any sacrifices nor to
transform ourselves ever so slightly. Like the proverbial donkey, we are busy carrying the
load of sandalwood on our backs.
Isn't’ it time to spread the message of love, compassion and tolerance? Isn't’ it time to
serve the lowest and the lowliest, for, it is there the Mother has taken her shelter now.
Isn't’ it time to renounce selfishness, self aggrandizement, domination in the name of
caste, creed and sex and hundreds of false, degrading, self- annihilating notions?.
It is time to wash away the humiliating encrustation in the body of our Mother. The
time has come to make an offering of the whole of our lives.
The Altar is ready, Mother is waiting.
Renunciation and service are the offerings, Discipline and Self-transformation, the
watch-words. Unity in Diversity is the theme, Harmony and Peace is the goal. Hard work
and Dedication, the rule.
The conch-shell is sounding. Let us hurry up lest the time for offering slip by once
Volume 8 Issue 1 -4- Apr 2019 - May 2019

Three Days Workshop For Students And Parents

As many as 70 participants were present for the workshop on 'Know India, know your culture’, on
11th April (Thursday).Almost all the parents, either mother or father of the children were present.
Programme started at 9.45 am and after prayer session, Prof Aravindakshan, the resource person for first
day's topic- spoke on ' Indian culture'.

He stressed the importance of prayer which can be done sitting while at home, standing while in a
temple or lying down before sleeping. Our culture is highly scientific. The Yama and Niyama of ones
dinacharya were also discussed. There was a question answer session after his talk. The programme
concluded at 12.15 noon with chanting of Shanti mantra.

On 12th February, the topic of discussion was Ramayana. Prof.Shanthakumari from Sanskrit University
Puranattukara, Thrissur was invited as Guest speaker. 87 people attended. How the swadhaya on
Ramayana can purify one, one's family atmosphere and the atmosphere of the surroundings where one
lives, was logically explained in details by the Professor.

On the third day, the topic of lecture was Mahabharata. Acharya Sri Vinod Sharmaji of Malappuram
was the resource person.92 people attended. Nicknamed as 'Gnyana Hamsa' by Srimad Swami
Chidananda Puri of Kozhikode, Sri Sharma elaborately explained about the text in his flawless speech. All
the participants were extremely benefited by the valuable class taken by the Acharya.
During all the three days in the three hours’ workshop, participants got the opportunity to interact with
the invited Guests and clear their doubts and queries at the end of each session.
Volume 8 Issue 1 -5- Apr 2019 - May 2019

Gitanjali – A Class On Bhagavad Gita For Kids

1st May a Gita class has started for children from classes I to class X. Mananeeya Lakshmi Didi is
handling the class. 15 children are regularly coming for the class. At the end of May, almost all the
children can chant the entire first chapter of the Gita. Some of their parents and grandparents are also
seen some days attending the class. Daily from 10am to 11am from Monday to Friday is the time kept for
the class. From June onwards it will be converted to a Sunday class as all other days will be schooldays.
Didi uses this class to acquaint the children with the major characters and their life stories.

Sthanik Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir

Sthanik KPS was organized from 17th to 21st at Kodungallur. Along with local Karyakartas, well-
wishers, Yoga varga and Samskara Varga students totaling 50 numbers, attended the shibir. During the
games session Sishuvihar children too participated. The daily routine started with prayers followed by
Bhagavad Gita chanting. There were two lecture sessions in a day. Daily Swadhaya Varga yoga,
games,agnyas and bhajan session were also part of the schedule.

The camp witnessed the active participation of 30 Karyakartas from in and around Kodungallur who
were motivated and committed. There were overall 5 members in the organizing team. The five day
shibir was inaugurated by Mananeeya Lakshmi Didi. In her address, she highlighted the unique features
of Indian Culture and how one should make it part of their lives. She appraised all about the need of
spreading the message of Bharat in a big way and appreciated the participants for their willingness to
come and attend the shibir.
Volume 8 Issue 1 -6- Apr 2019 - May 2019

Adaraneeya Radha Didi, Dakshin Prant Sanghatak, briefed the objectives of the camp followed by the
singing of Shibir Geet by Adaraneeya Kalyani Didi from V.K. Thiruvananthapuram branch. The first day
made the participants to ponder over the qualities of a true worker of Kendra and the discussion among
them drove home the work of a Karyakarta is a journey from the Unreal to Real and from Death to

Yogasana sessions were conducted jointly by YCC students Smt Suja from Edavilangu and
Kum.Chaitanya from Thrissur.

The Kendra Varga sessions specially planned by Adaraneeya Bhubaneswari Didi from VK Nagercoil
branch and Sushree Unnimaya from Thiruvananthapuram branch centre, on all the days provided an
exposure to all about the objectives of the Kendra varga and the methodology of conduction as it is one
of the main karyapadhati of Kendra.

The remaining days Mananeeya Lakshmi Didi spoke in detail about the Holy Trio throwing light upon
the significance of studying their lives by a Karyakarta. Since their life and message are based on the
realisation of the highest Truth. She requested every Karyakarta to imbibe the spirit and ideals for which
they stood for and work for the Nation.Sri Sudhakarji narrated the life and message of Ma.Eknathji and
the story of Rock Memorial. Adaraneeya Radha Didi explained the inner meaning of Kendra Prarthana and
made everyone aware of the activities of Vivekananda Kendra laying stress on the Karyapaddhatis.
Volume 8 Issue 1 -7- Apr 2019 - May 2019

Samskarvarga Prashikshan Shibir

Samskarvarga Prashikshan Shibir was organized at Anandadham, Kodungallur, from 22nd May to
26th May.

Mananeeya Lakshmi Didi inaugurated the Shibir. This being the Prashikshan shibir, there were more
of practical sessions than lectures. The participating children came in and around Kodungallur and a
couple from Thrissur. The Organizing team consisted of 12 members.

Daily routine started with prayer session taught by Kum. Sreelakshmi, followed by patriotic songs in
Hindi, Sanskrit and Malayalam by Su. Kalyani Didi, Su.Sutapa Didi, Kum. Sreelakshmi and Smt Padmaja.
Smt Padmaja, yogavarga member and close well-wisher, also taught beautiful ‘nadan path’ or folk songs
to the participants which well accepted. Games and Agnyas were taught by Su. Bhubaneswari Didi, Kum.
Sreelakshmi, Kum Unnimaya and Kum. Anushree. The Art of Storytelling Classes were conducted by Sri
Ashokanji, Ma. Lakshmi Didi, Sri Sudhakarji and Su. Radha Didi. Overall guidance was given by Su. Radha

The camp concluded on 26th.In the talk Ma. Lakshmi Didi advised the children to equip themselves
and then guide the youngsters who would draw inspiration from their Varga shikshaks. All the children
took the Sankalpa of starting Samskarvarga in their localities as early as possible. In all 54 children and 5
parents participated all the 5 days
Volume 8 Issue 1 -8- Apr 2019 - May 2019

Yoga Satras
Only 1 Yoga Satra was conducted during April-May at Anandadham. 8 people were enrolled this time.

Yoga Vargas
Regular 14 yoga Vargas are being conducted at 9 places.

At Anandadham, 2 yoga Vargas with an average of 10 ladies and 25 gents goes on regularly.
5 Yoga Vargas under Smt Suja
At Thrissur 1 Varga of 9 members
At Valsalayam 1 Varga of 14 members
At Edavilangu 1 Varga of 12 members.
At Edavilangu 1 Varga of 12, members.
At Kara 1 varga for ladies with 12 people.
6 Yoga Vargas under Sri Joshiji
At Kara 1 Varga for gents with an average of 6 men
At kadukachodu 1 varga 10 people.
At parambikulangara 1 varga 8 people.
At Methala 1 varga 7 people
At Keeltholi 1 varga 10 people.
At Elthuruthu 1 Varga with 15 people by Smt Mani
Practical examination for the tailoring unit students

At the end of their six months course on cutting and tailoring, 20 out of 30 students were present for
tailoring practical exam held on 25th and 26th April. Exam was conducted by Smt Jalaja and Smt Sajitha
along with Sushree Prabha as the external examiner. The successful students will be awarded certificates
and those who economically not very sound yet have the skill in them, will also be presented with sew-
ing machines.
Class on Jyotish Sastra

Sri Sethumadhavanji continued to conduct the class on Jyotish Sastra. 20 people attended the class.

Ganapathi Homam & Srichakra Puja

Regular Ganapathi Homam and Sri Cakra puja was conducted on every Purnima day and Vish-
nusahastranamam Pushparchana in the evenings by the inmates of Anandadham.
Volume 8 Issue 1 -9- Apr 2019 - May 2019

Dr. M. Lakshmi Kumari
(In this issue we are bringing Ma. Lakshmi Didi’s interesting articles on Bhagavad Gita which she had penned in ‘Yuva Bharati’
as it’s editor in the eighties of last century )

It was given to the far-sighted Sanjaya, ordained by Vyasa to be the war-commentator to the blind
king, Dhritarashtra, to capture that never-to-be-forgotten scene in the; battle of Kurukshetra and
immortalize it for all times to come.

It all happened on that sacred battlefield as the two mighty armies charged with contrasting
ideologies faced each other; in that resplendent chariot critically positioned in front of Grandsire
Bhishma and Acharya Drona, in which stood Arjuna, the hero among heroes, the very symbol of youthful
prowess and excellence, his powerful arm holding the Gandheeva Bow, ready to annihilate the forces of
unrighteousness in this war of his choice. Lord Krishna with his inimitable pose and poise had just
brought the horses to a swift halt and with his wondrous eyes sweeping over the entire Kaurava army
and a bewitching smile lighting up his face was telling his bosom friend, "Behold, Partha, the Kaurava
forces arrayed here."

Who ever imagined that these words would be the opening notes of the grandest Universal Song
ever sung by man? Who would have foreseen that the very same chariot would soon become the stage
on which would be enacted one of the greatest spectacles - not one of death and destruction but of the
total resurrection of human life for all ages to come! This was the moment that Vyasa chose to make
Arjuna, the unparalleled archer and warrior, aware of the vilest of enemies that lurked within his mind -
ignorance, doubt, passion, fear and loneliness, to fight which he had neither the power, weapons nor
strategy. It was at this moment that Arjuna, tortured with unbounded sorrow and compunction fell
victim to a deep and stupid delusion from which he had to be pulled out by none other than his own
dearest friend who had chosen to be his charioteer.

It was from this pose as Arjuna's charioteer, holding in his left hand the reins of the impatient
horses that Lord Krishna portrayed the grand panorama of human potentialities and possibilities and
guided his friend along the golden path of self-unfoldment to peace and bliss within. Sitting on this very
perch, Krishna revealed to Arjuna the intricate web of interrelatedness that exists between the forces
within him and those in the Nature outside and taught him the lesson of harmonizing them, to lead a life
of fulfillment. It was in this very chariot that the grand 'Finale' of the spectacle was also enacted when
Krishna projected Himself as the Lord and Master of the Universe and showed His cosmic form
bewildering in its complexity, beyond the vision of the human eye, transcending time, space and
causation. Here again it was that at the behest of his terrified friend that He transformed Himself back
into that endearing form of unsurpassed sweetness, ready to love and serve and to sacrifice, not only for
the sake of Arjuna but for the sake of all of us who would go to Him with love and faith. But all this was
Volume 8 Issue 1 -10- Apr 2019 - May 2019

not yet to be. Arjuna had to learn the meaning of surrender.

Arjuna the greatest archer of his time was habituated to look at the world as a target for his arrows.
His eagerness to regain the kingdom and restore the righteous rule of his brother had made him
oblivious of the intricate relationship that existed between him and the army in front composed mostly
of his own kith and kin. When Sri Krishna pointed out to him the Kaurava army, all of a sudden this deep
feeling of kinship was invoked in him and he was gripped by a strange sorrow which shattered him and
weakened him physically. Grief-stricken, deeply disturbed, he sat down in the chariot, the terrible
Gandheeva and arrows dropping from his weakened grip.

In a delirium his deluded mind started justifying his foolish decision not to fight this terrible battle
of great social and national consequences. In a moment the man of action turned into a renunciate, his
mind overflowing with ill-conceived concern and compassion. It is this delusion, dejection and
depression in Arjuna, which has since then come to be identified as the 'Arjuna State' that the master
craftsman Vyasa has captured to perfection to give to mankind a magnificent philosophy of self-
development based on self-sacrifice, self-control, self-surrender and self-knowledge, covering the entire
range of human activity and aspirations, which when followed can not only redeem man but ennoble
and enrich the totality of existence as we understand it. This is how Arjuna came to understand Krishna
truly and recognize Him as the Lord of the Universe through his sorrow which thus became for him a
Yoga - a path to reach the Supreme.

Are we who are perpetually in the ‘arjuna’ state of delusion and sorrow also entitled to this Grace?
This is the question to which the Gita has given the answer for ages. Like Arjuna, the Lord is willing to
carry every one of us in this pilgrimage of self-discovery. There is but one condition - we have to leave
behind our personal effects accumulated through millennia, of our egocentric burdens which form the
main cause of our sorrow and delusion.

If only we would do that Krishna is ever ready to take us hand in hand, His soothing touch, His
fragrance, the love in His beautiful eyes, all these and much more ever abiding with us. Keeping Arjuna in
front, the Lord vouchsafes 'yogakshema' to all, irrespective of our state and status. And He is ready to
take us not through any strange path but our own known and beaten track, be it of work or worship,
psychic control or philosophy - to that ultimate seat of rest at His Lotus Feet.

How? That is what the Gita - the song Celestial is about.

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