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Steps on How to Write Invitation Letter for an Event

What steps do you need to proceed to write a good invitation letter? What is the best
way to ask the reader to visit your event? Basically, there is no single approach to
writing a formal or informal invitation letter. Below we have collected the most common
steps you need to consider while creating a formal email to an event.

Step 1. Write the subject line (for emails).

It should clearly represent the essence of your letter. For example, you need to invite a
travel manager for an annual tour of hospitality services in Turkey: “Invitation for annual
hospitality tour in Turkey.”

Step 2. Add a letterhead.

If you are writing a formal invitation, use the company’s letterhead. It is not required, but
it will represent the authority of the organization in a more professional light.

Step 3. Write the salutation.

Start your letter with a salutation. If you don’t know the recipient’s name, you can write:
Dear Madam/Sir. If you know the person’s name, write the first and last name: Dear
Laura Ashley. End the salutation with a comma and skip a line. Always try to find out the
person’s name to address the letter personally. Here are the variants of starting

 We are glad to invite you …

 Our company will be honored to have you as a guest …

 Would you like to join the event that will be held …

 It would be our pleasure if you would come …

 I will be happy if you come to …

 On behalf of the company, we would like to invite you …

Step 4. Write the body of the letter.

In the first paragraph, state clearly the purpose of the event. But first, you need to show
your respect and happiness for inviting the person to the event. Then you need to
mention where the event will take place and the time. This information should be at the
very beginning, as it will be helpful for the reader to find necessary information without
reading the letter once more.

In the second paragraph you can identify yourself as a constituent. Describe the aim of
the event and why you think the reader needs to attend it.

Additionally you can attach more details about the event. If the event will have a
program, it is advisable to list it in the letter. You can also mention the special guests or
activities that were prepared for the event.

Provide additional instructions, as some events require special actions for every guest.
For example:

 complete the registration form

 get the copy of the invitation to an event

 bring certain items or documents

 dress code

 return gift, etc.

If the event may imply giving a gift and you don’t want to receive any, just mention “No
gifts please.” For other cases, don’t mention anything at all.

The letter of invitation should include the following details:

 Reason for the event

 Address

 Date and day of the week

 Time to arrive and time to leave (optional)

 Special activities and program (optional)

 Request for the reply (optional)

 A map (optional)

Step 5. Write the closing and signature.

Show your gratitude for considering your invitation. Say that you are looking forward to
seeing them at the event. If you plan to make a call to get a response, mention the date.
Also, if you are asking the recipient to confirm their presence by email or filling in the
form, indicate the deadline.

Write your contact information (email, phone number, etc.) after the text. If you are
writing on the company’s behalf, mention your title. If the person will have some
questions related to the event, they will easily contact you. See how it may look in the
following example:

Thank you for your consideration. We sincerely hope that you will accept our invitation,
and we look forward to your presence.


Your Name
Company Name
City, State

Contact phone number: +365987654500


Step 6. Proofread the letter.

Always look through the letter before sending it. Correct grammar, punctuation, and
spelling errors. Make sure that your text doesn’t contain incomplete sentences or

Tips on How to Write a Formal Invitation Letter

 Use an appropriate tone.

 Be polite and positive.

 Provide detailed information about the event.

 Always check the letter before sending it.

 Don’t forget to write the contact information.

 Mention special instructions or requirements if needed.

 Follow the required format if needed.

 Send the invitation letter beforehand.

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