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Dream Net (TL5)

This advanced development of paralysis-grid technology* features an invasive neural-induction

field generator grid that can be built into an area of floor or ceiling, or sometimes into a doorway or
furniture such as a chair or bed. The induction field extends out to a range of 0.5m from the grid
and affects multiple victims within range – usually activated by the AI-computer (see below)
once an entire group is within the field.

(*A Paralysis Grid is a TL5 technology that renders intruders paralysed and unable to move until the
field is neutralised. Such systems are usually connected to a remote-monitored intruder alarm system)

Anyone moving into an activated Dream-Net grid must resist an opposed** “Notice” skill check [Int
or Wis stat mod applies - rolled secretly by the GM] to even suspect that they have been paralysed
and that their mind has seamlessly plunged into an induced neural-interface AI-controlled virtual
reality dreamscape.

[**Opposed roll = 2d6 + 10]

(PC gets +1 bonus for sealed-system anti-energy-rated armour and +1 bonus for a Force Screen/field)

Success at the above “Notice” check means that they feel a sense of dislocation and may attempt an
opposed “Exert” “Know” or “Program” skill check – same as above to simply be paralysed but
conscious (i.e. NOT in the dream-game simulation). Thereafter, each combat round they may attempt
an opposed “Exert” (Con stat mod applies) to break away from the paralysis – same opposition – but
each failed check causes 2d6 HP damage. Reaching 0 HP in this way means succumbing to the
paralysis until the field is neutralised. Psychics with Biopsionics gain a bonus of +1 to the check to
break away. [Psionics with Telepathy who succeed at the above “Notice” check may attempt to
contact one of their comrades minds who are caught in the Dream Net – but each attempt (1 combat
round of activity) consumes 1 Psychic Effort to provide their ally with a new “Notice” check due to
the strain.]

Failure of the above “Notice” check means the individual’s body becomes paralyzed, while their
mind plunges into an AI-controlled VR akin to a Cyber-scape dream-game program or into a neural-
interface-controlled virtual reality.

The AI-computer running the dream-game program must be connected to the Dream Net; the same
computer may also turn the Dream Net on and off. Since most Dream Nets are built into buildings or
vehicles, the Dream Net usually is connected to the AI-computer via the same data network that
connects other appliances/systems. A Dream Net also could be linked via a communicator/wireless

If several people become trapped in the same Dream Net, they will experience the same dream-game
program (synchronised by the AI) and usually will be able to interrelate. Dream Nets used for security
are designed to fool the intruder into thinking they are exploring the expected environment
(office/lab/secure complex) “HoneyNet” mode; or a heavily-defended environment with hordes of
guards who arrest and interrogate them as prisoners “Rat-Trap” mode; or include nightmarish
simulations where horrors abound! “Nightmare” mode.

Physically removing an occupant from the area of the dream-net grid before it has run its course will
end the sim or dream game, but doing so without shutting off the AI-computer may cause shock and
disorientation. The subject must make an “Exert” (Con state mod applies) or go into a coma for 1d6
hours. Any other result mentally stuns them, but they otherwise recover normally after a few minutes.
Psi-Power Damper (TL5+)
This exotic energy-field totally prevents use of psi powers within it, although powers used from
outside the field on targets within it will operate normally. At the GM’s option, some powers may not
be affected by it, depending on their definition – e.g., the field might affect “natural psi powers” but
not “synthetic psi powers”.

The field is a concealed grid under or within the floor or ceiling and is connected by power cables to a
Damper generator (who’s size is: 0.5m cube per 10m x 10m x 10m volume covered at TL5;
or 0.01m for any volume up to 1000m x 1000m x 100m cube at TL5+ )

The field runs off building or vehicle power.