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Plaintiff, )
V )
DOB: 04/20/2003 )
ATN: 117215721 )
Defendant. )
Court No. 3AN-S19--S6 I/ CR


Victims' Rights Act Certification

I certify that this document and its attachments do not contain 1) the name of a victim of
a sexual offense listed in A.S. 12.61.140 or 2) a residence or business address or telephone
number of a victim of or a witness to any offense unless it is an address used to identify the place
of the crime or it is an address or telephone number in a transcript of a court proceeding and
disclosure of the information is ordered by the court.

Domestic Violence Offenses per A.S. 18.66.990(3) and (5):

[ ] All counts [ X ] None [ ] Specified below


Murder in the First Degree

AS 11.41.lO0(a)(l) / AS 47.12.030(a)(l)


Tampering with Physical Evidence

AS 11.56.610(a)(l)

APD CASE #: 19-19445 I

Complainant, Detective Brendan Lee, personally appearing before the court and being duly

sworn, states:

That on or about June 2, 2019, at or near Chugiak, Alaska, KAYDEN BRYAN

MCINTOSH, with intent to cause the death of another person, did cause the death of a person.

All of which is an Unclassified felony offense in violation of AS 11.41.IO0(a)(l) / AS

47.12.030(a)(l) and against the peace and dignity of the State of Alaska.


That on or about June 2, 2019, at or near Chugiak, Alaska, KAYDEN BRYAN

MCINTOSH did unlawfully destroy, mutilate, alter, suppress, conceal, or remove physical

evidence with intent to impair its verity or availability in an official proceeding or a criminal


All of which is a Class C Felony offense and in violation of AS ll.56.610(a)(l) and

against the peace and dignity of the State of Alaska.

I am employed as a Detective by the Anchorage Police Department in the Homicide Unit.

I am the case officer assigned to Anchorage Police Department case number 19-19445.

The following information was obtained through observations of the complainant,

statements by the suspect(s), witnesses and reports by the Anchorage Police Officers involved.

APD CASE #: 19-19445 2

COUNT's I thru II:

l. On or about the morning of June 3, 2019, dispatch received a report that Cynthia

Hoffman (DOB: 10/08/1999) AKA "CeeCee" had not returned home the previous evening

and was missing. Hoffman was listed as a missing person through APD dispatch.

2. On or about the evening of June 3, 2019, APD officers contacted Nicole House. House

indicated that her daughter, Denali Brehmer, and a friend she thought was named "Anthony"

were at her home the night of June 2, 2019. House stated that Brehmer and "Anthony" told

her that "Anthony" had shot CeeCee in the head and pushed her in the water.

3. On June 4, 2019, APD homicide detectives spoke with Denali Brehmer. After being

read her Miranda rights, Brehmer told detectives that she, CeeCee, and Defendant KAYDEN

MCINTOSH were smoking weed in the Valley on the June 2, 2019, when they started

driving toward Anchorage. The three of them stopped in Chugiak at a parking lot near

Thunderbird Falls. They walked into the woods and were playing around in the woods. The

three of them agreed to duct tape each other and take photographs. CeeCee was bound by

her ankles and wrists with duct tape. She also had grey duct tape placed over her mouth.

However, CeeCee started to panic. They removed the duct tape from CeeCee's mouth and

hands. CeeCee began to tell them she was going to call the police and tell them that they had

kidnapped her and sexually assaulted her. Brehmer had her IŒLTEC 9
mm in her hand.

Brehmer told detectives that MCINTOSH took the gun from her hands and shot CeeCee in

the back of the head. CeeCee was still on the ground and Brehmer believes she
was trying to
call police. Brehmer saw CeeCee twitching before MCINTOSH pushed her in the creek.

4. Brehmer told detectives that she and MCINTOSH left to her vehicle in the parking lot.

MCINTOSH told her to text CeeCee's sister and make up story about dropping her
a off
APO CASE#: 19"19445 3
somewhere. Brehmer told her she complied with MCINTOSH because she was scared of

him. They then left to Anchorage and MCINTOSH burned CeeCee's purse, some of her

clothing, her ID, and the gun that he shot CeeCee with.

5. APD homicide detectives also interviewed Defendant KAYDEN MCINTOSH on June

4, 2019. After being read his Miranda rights, MCINTOSH told detectives he, CeeCee and

Brehmer were smoking weed in the Valley and started driving to Anchorage. They stopped

in Thunderbird Falls and followed the trail along the river. They were hanging out and all

agreed to duct tape CeeCee and take photographs. He recalls CeeCee started panicking and

threatening to call the police on them. He stated he "blacked out", but that he remembers

shooting CeeCee and pushing her into the river. He remembers CeeCee twitching before he

pushed her in the water and does not know if she died from the gunshot wound or from

drowning. He stated that didn't want Brehmer AKA "Angel" to go to jail. MCINTOSH

admitted to burning CeeCee's purse, clothing, ID, and the gun he shot her with in Mountain


6. On June 4, 2019, APD found a body in the creek at the location that Brehmer told them

the murder occurred. The feet of the body were duct taped together with grey duct tape. The

body is pending identification.


On 6/4/19, a query of APSIN disclosed no prior criminal convictions for KAYDEN


APD CASE#: 19-19445 4

Dated at Anchorage, Alaska, this 4th?/)un.e, 2019.

?danLee l
Detective, DSN 29597
Anchorage Police Department

APD CASE #: 19-19445 5