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PHYSICS EDUCATE ASSIGNMENT #01 wo BE Ceo 1 The universal law of gravitation was proposed by (A) Copernicus (B) Newton (C) Galileo (D) Archimedes 2. When an apple falls from a tree (A) Only earth attracts the apple (B) Only apple attracts the earth (C) Both the earth and the apple attract each other (D) None attracts each other 3. The Sl unit of G (Universal gravitational constant) is (A) Nvikg (B) Nmvkg (ON (D) Nmikg 4, The atmosphere is held to earth by (A) Gravity (B) Rotation of eatthy (©) Magnetic field of earth (D) Winds and clouds 5. Value of Universal gravitational constant (G) was first successfullf caldylated by (A) Henry Cavendish (B) J. J. Théimsom (C) Issac Newton (D) Einstein 6. The value of universal gravitational constant “G" in SNq.ufitis)®67 « 10 Nm*/kg”, Then it’s value in CGS. units will be (A) 6.67» 10 (B) 6.67 « 10° (©)6.67 « 10% (D) It is a universal constant, its value igg€me ipany system of unit 7. The tidal waves in the seas (or waxing@gitthasfning of sea) are mainly due to (A) The gravitational effect of theSun.oRthe earth (B) The gravitational effect of tig mggh on the earth (C) The rotation of the carth SRPit8 own axis, (D) The revolution of titéartnarotind sun 8. The Sl unit of G (UnfveP§al Bravitational constant) is (A) kets? (B) kg'ms? (©) gms? (D)kgms* 9. The weakeStatce Of interaction among the following, between a proton and a proton in the nucleus of an atom ig (Aye leePOthagnetic force (B) Gravitational force (C)NueRar force (D) All are of same strength 10, ThE Value of G depends on (A) Mass of bodies (B) The medium between bodies (©) Temperature of bodies (D) It is an independent constant ANSWER KEY 1/2/[3][/4][5]6|]7]8]|9/| 10 Bic{[clfala[c/[B[a]/B[D