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(NAAC Accredited „A‟ Grade University)


Date-sheet for M.Sc. (Botany/ Zoology) 2nd & 4th Semester Regular and 1st & 3rd
Semester Re-appear examination to be held in June, 2019

Morning Session Time: 9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon

2nd & 4th Semester Regular
Date Semester Subject Course Title of the course
18.6.2019 2nd Botany V Cell and Molecular Biology
Zoology V Cell and Molecular Biology (Common Course)
19.6.2019 4th Botany XIII Biochemistry
Zoology XIII Biochemistry (Common Course)
20.6.2019 2nd Botany VI Biostatistics and Computer Applications
Zoology VI Biostatistics and Computer Applications (Common Course)
21.6.2019 4th Botany XIV Ecology
Zoology XIV Ecology (Common Course)
22.6.2019 2nd Botany VII Biology and Diversity of Gymnosperms
Zoology VII Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
24.6.2019 4th Botany XV Special Paper:- Any one of the following:
i) Advanced topics in applied Microbiology
ii) Advanced topics in Plant Physiology
iii) Biodiversity, Bioprospecting Ethnobotany and
sustainable Utilization of Plant Resources
iv) Wood Science, Forest Biodiversity & Plant
4th Zoology XV v) Advanced topics in Plant Pathology
Special Paper:- Any one of the following:
i) Molecular and Human Genetics
ii) Parasitology
iii) Entomology
iv) Molecular Physiology
25.6.2019 2nd Botany VIII Biology and Diversity of Angiosperms-I
Zoology VIII Developmental Biology
1st & 3rd Semester Re-appear
Date Semester Subject Course Title of the course
26.6.2019 1st Botany I Biology and Diversity of Algae and Fungi
Zoology I Biosystematics and Taxonomy
27.6.2019 3rd Botany IX Cytogenetics and Evolution (Common Course)
Cytogenetics and Evolution
Zoology IX
28.6.2019 1st Botany II Biology and Diversity of Microbes and Plant Pathogens
Zoology II Structure and Functions of Invertebrates
29.6.2019 3rd Botany X Immunology and Biotechnology
Zoology X Immunology and Biotechnology (Common Course)
01.7.2019 1st Botany III Biology and Diversity of Bryophytes and Pteridophytes
Zoology III Insect Diversity and Physiology
02.7.2019 3rd Botany XI Biology and Diversity of Angiosperms-II
Zoology XI Applied Zoology
03.7.2019 1st Botany IV Plant Resources Utilization and Breeding
Zoology IV Biology of Parasites
04.7.2019 3rd Botany XII Plant Physiology
Zoology XII General Physiology

Dated: Shimla-5, the 27.5.2019

Note:- 1. The Candidate(s) may seek information regarding equivalence of old course(s) with that of new course(s)
from the Academic Branch of the University. (Academic Branch Telephone Nos. 0177-2830890 and 2833522).
2. The examination centre in the private colleges has been created subject to realization of fee for Rs.50,000/. The
private colleges clubbed with other colleges are directed to deposit a sum of Rs.25,000/- towards examination related
expenditure fee. The fee is payable in the shape of Bank Draft drawn in favour of the Finance Officer, H.P. University,
Shimla before the start of examination.

Sd/- Sd/-
Assistant Registrar (Conduct) Controller of Examinations
1. Shimla for 2nd/4th regular and 1st/3rd semester re-appear examination as per notification No. 1-11/2016-
HPU(Conduct)-II dated 22.4.2019
2. Govt. College Solan for Shoolini Institute of Life Sciences and Business Management, Anand
Campus, The Mall, Solan(H.P.).
3. Vallabh Govt. College Mandi (H.P.) for the students of Abhilashi Institute of Life Science, Tanda, P.O. Balt,
Mandi (H.P.) and also for 1st /3rd Semester re-appear students of M.L.S.M. College Sundernagar, Distt.
Mandi, H.P
4. Gautam Girls College, Hamirpur, Distt. Hamirpur (H.P.) for 2nd/4th semester regular examinations.
5. M.L.S.M. College Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi, H.P. for 2nd/4th semester regular examination.
6. Govt. College Rampur.
7. Govt. College Dhaliara for the students of Thakur PG College of Education, Dhaliara, Teh. Dehra,Distt.
Kangra (H.P) .
8. H.P University Centre for Evening Studies, The Mall, Shimla for the Students of St. Bede’s College, Shimla for
2nd/4th semester regular examination