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A ferromagnetic material wrapped in a coil of wire is a/an Electromagnet

Faraday’s Las states that an electric current will be induced to flow in a circuit if
some part of that circuit is in a changing magnetic field
A device that varies the current and voltage from one of its sides to the other sied is called a
In an induction motor, the external magnetic field is supplied by several fixed electromagnets
called Stator
If the turns ratio is less than 1, the transformer is called Stepdown transformer
There are 100 turns on the primary side of the transformer and 100,000 turns on the secondary
side. If 220V is supplied to the primary winding, the voltage (in kV) induced in the secondary
winding will be 220V . The turns ratio is 1,000
The development of the Battery as a constant electricity source prompted further investigations
of the electric and magnetic forces
Who demonstrated that electricity can be used to generate magnetic fields?
Electromagnetism is the production of electricity in a magnetic field
Modern rectifiers are microchips called Solid-state rectifiers
A coil of wire is called a Solenoid
A/an Autotransformer consists of an iron core with only one winding in it
A vacuum tube rectifier which has 2 electrodes is called a consists of an iron core with only one
winding in it
A vacuum tube rectifier which has 2 electrodes is called a Diode
When applying the right hand rule, the thumb indicates the direction of the

An Electric generators converts mechanical energy into electric energy

The ratio Ns/Np is known as the Turns Ratio
The transformer that reminds one of a square donut is called a/an
Closed-core transformer
The process of conversion from AC to DC is Rectification or Rectifier
A device that concerts electric energy to mechanical energy is an
Electric Motor
EMF stands for Electromagnetic Force
A transformer has 1000 turns on the primary side and 500 turns on the secondary side. If the
current on the primary side is 5A, the current on the secondary side will be 10A
The two types of electromagnetic induction are: Self Induction and
Mutual Induction
Who used Zinc and Copper plates to create an electric current?
Alessandro Volta
The three types of energy losses in a transformer are ,
, and
The flow of electrons in an x-ray tube sis always from Cathode to
The experimental link connecting electric and magnetic forces was discovered by
The device designed to measure electron flow in a conductor is known as a/an