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Anagrams are words that contain the same letters but arranged in a different order.

For example,
11. What you call a person. Hair around a lion’s neck.
act is an anagram of cat. The answers to the clues below are anagram pairs.

Ex) A part of your body. A male sheep. 12. What superheroes wear. A place to see stars and planets.

13. Beef or pork. A group of athletes.

1. A short sleep during the day. Something to cook with.
14. Another word for strange. Less narrow.

2. An animal that people ride. The place where land meets sea.
15. One of the four directions. A place to sit.

3. Something you bake. Hair on your face. 16. A place to grow flowers. Something to be careful of.

4. A place to see art. Something that makes you sneeze. 17. Another word for big. An angry stare.

18. What polite people say. Not awake.

5. Another word for jump. Another word for white.

19. A time when things are cheap. A marine mammal.

6. An animal that lives in a pack. Move like water.

7. Another word for under. A part of your arm. 20. Something used to catch fish. A number.

8. A place to wash dishes. What covers your body. 21. Something used to water plants. A thing you put on your foot.

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9. The past tense of leap. Something to serve food on.

22.. Things you hammer. A mollusk with a shell on its back.

10. A sour fruit. A juicy fruit.
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