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“Who am I?

” is a question that makes me question myself again and state a somewhat uncertai
n answer. As of now, I am not really sure of who really am I but I will just narrate based on w
hat I think I am as of now.

I am a human being living in this beautiful world. I believe I came from God through my lovely
parents. I am a 17 year old girl and the oldest child in my family but I believe I do not act lik
e the others of my age. I know I still lack in many ways and not mature enough in such things
especially the way I think, which I really desire to have so I will have a deep understanding of
things and people.

At home, there are many simple things that I can’t do like cooking, doing laundry, and etc., but
I know how to clean because I am a person who gets irritated and bothered whenever our h
ouse or something/somewhere is untidy or unorganized. One of the hobbies I mostly do at ho
me is surfing the internet to listen and explore different genres of music. I have a strong affecti
on for music, whenever I feel happy, sad, or angry, I’ll just listen to music. I love music and I w
as one who doesn’t focus too much on the message of the lyrics unless it’s my favorite or just
too emotional that I try to understand the lyrics, but these days I am slowly trying to understan
d and appreciate it because most of the time I only focus on the melody, rhythm, beats, vocals,
expressive emotion of the singer, instruments, and etc. I also search for fashion related stuffs a
t the internet and anything that interests me like music, fashion, beauty, a little bit of arts and s
cience, and etc.

I describe myself as a person who is shy at first unless I get comfortable with them, I show the
m my fun side, but not that fun since I consider myself as a boring person for I am not humor
ous and not good at conversing with anyone. Whenever my friends hang out and talk with eac
h other, I find myself just looking at their happy faces, listening to their conversations and some
times I don’t try to share my story because I think it isn’t much important to share mine. I am
also a girl who sometimes can’t say “no” to things and favors, and can’t act like the way I want
to. I think I do this because I don’t want anybody thinking bad about me because I feel frustr
ated about what others might think about me. I do have a fear of saying what I really feel and
I feel bad about it because I am the one who feel the pain in the end.

There are times I asked myself why am I in this world but I am still not sure of why am I in th
is world and I think no one really knows the actual answer why are they in this world, but ther
e are some things that comes to my mind why am I in this world. One of my reasons I think
why am I in this world, is to enjoy life itself. Enjoying life with my family, having good friends t
hat are there for you through good times and bad times, doing things you love, experiencing u
nusual things and learning from it, having moments of happiness and a bit of sadness that mak
es most of the people stronger, are only some of the things that makes life very majestic. I beli
eve that each one of us has a purpose/s in this life whether it will only affect one people, som
e people, a community, or the whole world and whether it is a big or small change in a perso
n’s life or the world, but for me honestly I don’t think that small change exists if it you relate it
to someone’s life. I also believe why I am in this world is it have to do with the people aroun
d me, maybe someday I will have a positive influence on them or a positive influence to a pers
on that will change his/her view in life which is positive and that will make his/her whole life be
tter. The past months/days, I realized that I want to be a person that can inspire others to live
their own dreams and be what they want to be, which will make their lives satistactory but not
only that, but also a life filled with genuine happiness. I just want people to have a better and
positive view in life for them to enjoy their whole life being here on Earth and realizing tha t ea
ch of us is worthy in this world.

Knowing where a person should be going is important for me since it gives direction and motiv
ation for a person. Everyone has a plan for what or how they are going to live their life. For m
e, I will be studying first, then work to earn money and while working, I will study what I want
to achieve, fashion and music, which my heart really desires. And then, live and enjoy the life I
have. I think that is where I will be going for my life.

As a human being in this world there are many things that I am living for or what drives me t
o still keep living in this world. One of these are the dreams and desires I want to live and ach
ieve, these make me strive harder in order for me to achieve it and live with it. I am also living
for the beautiful days ahead in life. I am looking forward to the beautiful things that can happ
en in my everyday life, like a beautiful experience, a beautiful conversation, a beautiful moment
or etc. And lastly, I live for the people I love, like my family, my friends, myself, and God.

No one really knows what future or destiny they will have so I also do not know what future o
r destiny awaits me but I will do everything I can and need to do in order for me to achieve t
he future I want. I will do all I have to become a musician, a fashion designer, a businesswoma
n. I will also do all I can to make myself, family, friends, or anyone to be happy.

I just want to write myself a letter that I can read everyday to keep me reminded for me to be
happy and to live well.


Living a life that you won’t regret is what you want in your life so do everything you have to
do to be a musician, a fashion designer, a businesswoman, or anything you want to do from si
mple things to challenging things. I know there may be hardships because no human doesn’t e
xperience difficulties but I know you can pass strongly through it, as Kim Nam Joon said, “do tr
y to accept hard times as part of beautiful moments in life” so I believe in you Angela that yo
u will be living a beautiful life and you can do it. In any case there are hardships and you are
about to give up, just pray to God and everything will be okay, just view it as something that
will make you stronger and view it positively and beautifully because you can still be hap py goi
ng through it, and not just fromnachieving it. Isn’t life is so beautiful? Don’t give up on all the
things that will make you happy. After you have finished studying Accountancy on college, work
hard and while working, study music and fashion course then on weekends or on your spare ti
me, spend time on making music and drawing clothes that will make you happy plus it will imp
rove your skills. Do find time to hang out and spend time with your family and friends and cre
ate memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Angela, I know you won’t marry early
because I know that you still want to enjoy your life alone while enjoying in achieving your dre
ams. And before you marry, Angela, you should be stable financially, mentally, physically, spiritua
lly, and emotionally, so you and your family will be good, and for your children to not worry a
bout chasing for their own dreams. Always bring love, respect, trust, courage, confidence in you
r hands for you to be a better human being. I know you can do it, just believe in yourself, trus
t God, and work on it. Just be yourself, act the way you want to and stop pleasing others, Ang
ela because you can’ please everyone, just please yourself. I believe you’ll be happy and good.

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