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School Bus Service

Information for Parents and Students using the School Bus Service

During the week before the start of the school semester you will receive an e-mail from the Transport Office
with confirmation of the bus number, departure times as well as contact details of the operator and driver.

If you have any queries or wish to notify us of an address change or any other matter which would affect
the bus service, please contact our Transport Office on 01784 742067 or eghamtransport@acs-
schools.com. Non-emergency calls should be made between 09.00 and 15.00. If you have a problem
relating to the morning bus service, you are encouraged to contact the driver or operator directly. You can
contact ACS Egham Security at any time on 01784 477910 or the School Secretary after 08.00 on
01784 430800 or eghschoolsecretary@acs-schools.com.

For morning pickup, please have your children ready and waiting at the door or shuttle point at your
designated departure time. In exceptional circumstances, drivers will wait an additional 3 minutes (where
possible) for students, but will then need to continue with their route to ensure the bus arrives on time at
school. Please note that this does not apply to shuttle buses as they are unable to stop for extended

In the afternoon, all Lower School children are escorted to the bus terminus. Upper School students are
responsible for ensuring that they are on their buses which depart promptly at 15.35.

In terms of our our safeguarding responsibilities all children Grade 5 and below, that travel on the afternoon
bus home, must be met by a parent or a responsible adult. The only exception to this is where the lower
school child is accompanied by a sibling who is Grade 10 and above. In the event that this does not happen,
our drivers are instructed to return students to School where staff on duty will make alternative transport

Temporary Changes to Bus Arrangements

The guidelines below are applicable to Lower School children to ensure the safety of students and the
smooth running of the bus service. If you require an Upper School student to travel with a friend you will
need to check with the School Secretary to ensure that seats are available.

If you need to temporarily change your bus arrangement in any way, i.e. having your child ride on a different
bus or another parent to collect your child, you must send a note or email to the School. It is a courtesy to
let the bus driver know of the arrangements but imperative that the School is given written notice of the
changes. Please follow these guidelines:

1. Please email your child's Teacher and the School Secretary (eghschoolsecretary@acs-schools.com)
advising the change.
2. When the arrangement is for a student to ride another student's bus, an email from both the children's
parents is required. The School Secretary will then check availability on the bus and will confirm the
arrangements or advise you if no seat is available.
3. Should any changes occur during the school day, please telephone the School Receptionist or the
School Secretary before 12 noon. Please do not leave a voicemail, as your message may not be
received in time. This will help to eliminate any concerns or confusion during bussing at the end of the
school day.

PLEASE NOTE: unless the School receives either written or verbal communication of any changes, your
child will not be permitted to ride another student's bus or to be collected by another parent.

Late Buses
The school provides late buses for Middle and High School students involved in extracurricular activities
and run every evening commencing Wednesday, 29 August 2018. There is no service on the last day of
every term and during the final week of the school year.