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Name : Kevin Alcantara Ms. Sico

Class: 603


DBQ Argument Essay



People use go and travel to hunt for food. Humans 8,000 B.C learned how to

farm. Humans developed early agriculture. People settle down near rivers. Based on the document I think geography helped the development of civilization.

Goal:Introduce the topic that you will be writing about and state your claim.

*Do NOT cite any documents or use any quotes.


1. Reread the context on the very firstpage of the DBQ.

2. Underline 3 -4 sentences that you understand.

3. Rewrite each of those sentence in your own words.

4. Write your claim in the very last sentence of this paragraph.

Claim Paragraph

Geography helped the development of civilization because rivers helped people get food and it helped people fram. For example in document 2 “food could be stored

Goal:Prove your claim! Convince the reader why you’re right by using evidence from the documents.


for times of scarcity

stored food for more crops.

Crops could be planted after the flooding.” This let them

Geography helped the development of civilization because silt material grow crops and they were able to stay in one place. In document 4 the text states, “ irrigation and drainage made it possible to grow crops in a regular basis. As the sumerians developed agriculture and domesticated animals they were able to stay in one

place.” This shows geography helped because people stay in one place so they won't keep moving around to grow food.

1. In your first sentence, write your claim and one reason that supports it.

2. Decide which document has information that supports your reason.


3. Cite the document and


provide the information by using the following phrases: In document the text states… or

In conclusion Geography helped of civilization because it help people stay and live by the nile river most people lived there. I think people live there for the water. I think people lived there to grow crops get food and agriculture. Silt helps the crops grow and help farm

In document


chart/picture shows… to


4. Explain how the evidence you just wrote supports your claim.

5. Write your claim again and another reason that supports it.

6. Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as necessary

7. Write a concluding sentence that sums up what you discussed.