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ร6ๅ ท^




The .apostrophe (’ ) after consonants indicates that that consonant is aspirated.

- phila
The apostrophe (’) after the vowel น' indicates the French น. ฯ?
This mark (') over a vowel indicates the tone made in the roof of the mouth, designated the high
tone-. ■■
This.mark () over a vowel indicates the prolonged tone.
This‘mark ( ' ) over a vowel indicates an abrupt tone, throwing the sound from the speaker.
This mark (') over a vowel indicates an abrupt tone thrown into the chest.
All vowels without these tonal marks are spoken naturally without effort.
This mark (: ) after a vowel indicates a short vowel.
Twelve Siamese mew equal 10 English inches. i'lk
Siamese wah equals 80 English inches.
Siamese sauk equals 20 English inches.
Siamese k’up equals 10 English inches.
One picul equals 133J- English pounds.
One ch'ang equals li English pounds.
V /fc.

.1 ะ
’is Siamese names. English names.

1 I
£7101 Kee-iu’-an. Loom, one of the implements used by a person sitting and
weaving cloth.
27102 P’im . An implement iๆ which silk to be woven is put.
27103 Kra:-som. An implement on which the woven cloth is rolled.
27104 Tat-kron.. Shuttle, an implement in which is put the spool of silk used
in weaving cloth.
27105 Eight Mdi-Luk Ta-kaus For gathering the Ta-kaus and placing them with the
standing Huk.
27100 Mai-ya-ow .. Two sticks over forty inches long, to be tied to the Ta-kau
that are trodden with the feet."
27107 Kra: dahn. Board to roll the silk of the standing Huk.
27108 Two Tong Taangs. To which are attached the boards on which the standing-
Huk is rolled.
27109 I Maiya-ow.. Stick over sixty inches long, for stretching the Tong-taang,
placed upon the frame Kee.
27110 Mai-ya-ow. - Stick over sixty inches long, for stretching the P’ini and
the Ta:-kau on the frame Kee.
27111 Mai-ya-ow . Stick over forty inches, to be fastened beneath the frame.
27112 Cbu’-ak .... Rope for fastening the Tong-taang sticks underneath to
make ail taut on the frame"
27113 Ra:-wing. Implement in which are put the cocoons.
27114 4k_V. Implement for unraveling silk from the cocoons.
27115 Nai -k’rohng- Spinning-wheel for making silk or cotton yarns.
27116 K’ong-p’at . For reeling off the spun silk.
27117 Heep .. For compressing the Loom cotton.
27118 Kong-deet . Implement for snapping the cotton.
27119 Kai-su-ee . Implement to receive the soool for tlio shuttle.
27120 Kong-p’&t.. Implement for snapping off’ the cotton from the Nai.
27121 Heep-mahk-muk. Pearl beetle box.
jrann-waama, milk
27122 Pahn-waanfd, mills..
. stand of glass and pearl for elotlis.
27123 Heep-sai-kamp’ee.. Bookcase. *
27124 Ta-liun ....1 Set of stands (3), inlaid with pearl, on which food is placed.
27125 Chaim-hoi-muk
nhii.mi-hAi-mnV Pearl spoon.
27126 Yok-mai-nah-kep. Silk cloth.
27127 Mn-ang liahng karauk nah kep.. Cloth.
27128 P’um k’amane . Cambodian silk cloth.
27129 Yok t’aung.... Cloth, gold flowers.
27130 P’umk’arnane nah kep... Cambodian cloth.
27131 Mu-ang Clieen .1. Chinese cloth.
971 39 P’ah p’u’n. Cloth.
0!1.ไห ท ไr
27133 p ’ o 1ๅ + Cloth raised.
27134 P’hh tah let giiah' Cloth, raised like teel seed.
27135 P’ah song. - . .. Two cloths.
27130 T’ee naun p’ap. Folding bed.
27137 Maun sree sa min sah ra: bap ... Colored pillow, for resting body and arru*.
27138 Maun killing. Pillow for the sides.
27139 Mannnuut’au .. Pillow for resting the legs.
27140 Miiun ing Sara hap. . Pillow JL U1Uห to lean the
เพ jnmii lilt/ back against.

27141 Maun limn nah pak. Angular pillow.

27141 Mfnig p’raa tit Ink m&i. Silk curtains, flowered.
5 CEN, PT 2


ฮ่ .
Siamese names. English names.

'๘ ®

27143 K’an ท4m p’ahn rating. Water howl stand.

27144 IC’an It am ] (thug ท!ไ!!.". Wash bowl.
27145 K’an nam, p’altn raungmee fab... Water bowl stand with cover.
27146 K’an nfim Idling nah mee tail. Wash bowl and cover.
27147 Ban: p’ap ranni nfiDg. Holding cushion seat.
27148 T’iikt laling nah tom ta: t’aung... Wash bowl tray, gilt.
27149 Pahn k’rii-ang paang tom ta: Lady’s toilet stand with seven gold pots (designated Toll
t’aung .-.-. prtk).
27150 K’an tom ta: ti’aung. Bowl with cover and stand.
27151 Pah-ow. Gilt stand for holding the towel.
27152 Toll: tom ta: t’aung rating w’6e.-. Comb stand.
27153 Pahn miilik tom ta: t’anng. Beetle-nut stand (with accompaniments, three boxes, one
cup. one bag).
27154 Toh: tom ta: faung rating lu-em. Stand for satchel.
27155 Kah ท tiro yen tom ta: faung mee Gilt water goblet and tray.
f alit rating.
27156 Talit malik tom ta: faung. Beetle tray (with accompaniments, three boxes, one cup,
one bag).
27157 Ka: f olm tom ta: t’aung piihkkraa Large spittoon, gilt.

27158 la: t’olin tom ta: faung lek. Small spittoon, gilt.


27159 Mil ak hum p’dh. Hats and caps covered with cloth.
27160 Mii-ak la: met. Hat with air holes for ventilation, covered with cloth.
27161 Mii-ak cap. Cap covered with cloth.
27162 Mii-ak la: met. Cap covered with cloth.
27163 Mii-ak milking cap. Cap.
27164 Mti-ak mai cl4t hum p’ah. Hats and caps without cloth covers.
27165 Mii-ak la: met. Ventilator hat.
27166 Mii-ak cap. Cap.
27167 Mii-ak la: met. Hat.
27168 Mii-ak muking cap. Cap-
27169 Tang niirn raun... Hot. water bucket.
27170 Aap malik. Beetle basket.


27171 Krong nok k’ou yai. Cage for a large turtle dove.
27172 Krong nok k’ou clia: wall. Cba: wah dove cage.
27173 Krong nok ka: fall. Partridge cage.
27174 Krong nok k’ttm. K’inn cage.


27175 Ka: bung La: k'aun. Ligore basket.

27176 Ta: kraang dauk pekun. Wicker-work basket. The apertures resembling the flowe
27177 Ka: ck’oti dauk ntai. Flower basket.
27178 Ka: t’ai. Small basket, bamboo.
27179 Ka: lol,.. Small bamboo basket.
2718(1 Ka: chaht. Shallow basket.
27181 Ta: kraang ritun yah. Basket-work sieve for medicines.
27182 Hem.-.. Bamboo basket with cover, in which soldiers, when goin
to war, carry rice.
27183 Sa: milk.. Small square and otherwise shaped bamboo baskets.
27184 Ka: kraang Thun... Bamboo sieve.
27185 Ka: thing jut. Bamboo sieve, with stiff bamboo edges.
27186 Ka: bung. Basket.
27187 Ka: krill) lek fai. Porous basket for steel and flint.
27188 K’raang tak n4m. Basket water dipper, dammared.
27189 Ta: krau soi. Basket for gathering fruit from trees.
27190 Ta: krau.. Eattan foot-ball.
27191 P’&utn. Bamboo basket-work, grainery-
27192 Ka: bai. Dipper-shaped bask et.
27193 Ka: cb’attn.. Cocoanut milk strainer.
27194 Kill... Bamboo water dipper.
27195 Ta: krak ch’amra:. Basket for washing and cleansing articles.
27196 T’ang sam-rap sai nam raun. Bucket for warm water.
27197 Ivlaung sam rap sai mahlt. Beetle box.
27198 P’dum sam rap sai lfowplu’-ak- Basket-work for paddy stores.
27199 K'rusamrap tak niirn k’u. Basket water dippers.
27200 K’raang sam rap siihl tim mai- LoDg-bandled bamboo basket dipper for watering plants.
27201 Kra: krhu sam rap soi luk mai- Fruit-gathering implement.

Nationnl Mu¬
seum Nos.

Siamese names. English names.

27202 P'aang k aท g. Side leather.

27203 Banff Hen....
27204 Saddle.
27207 P’jth ckau nang. AVI life screen.


27208 Du-ang p’ra all tit.. Figure of the รนท made of perforated leather.
27209 Figure of the moon made of perforated leather.
27210 Perforated leather representation of Lady Maakalah.
27211 Perforated leather representation of Ralima รน์ท.
27212 P’aang sam rap pit tai nah chau.. Bamboo woven partitions placed under the screen.
27213 Rai pit lang chau.. Partition used back of the) screen.
27214 Four small flags to be fixed on the top of the screen.
27215 Four small flags to he placed behind the screen.
2:7216 Five perforated leather representations of tile monster
27217 Three perforated leather representations of P’ra rahm.
27218 Three perforated leather representations of monkey fights.
27219 Four perforated leather representa'ions of females.
27220 Perforated leather representation of a buffoon.'


27221 T’ang. Anvil.

27222 Hammer (for contracting metals).
27223 Hammer (for expanding metals).
27224 K&un klin rup. Hammer (for shaping metals).
27225 Kop t’awai. Burman plane.
27227 Nippers.
27229 Long, narrow knife.
27231 P’rah hu-et.. Grass and underbrush cutter.
27233 Malay knife.
27235 Lii’-ay ok tat kra ะ claim.. Saw with bamboo supports to cut planks with.
27236 Saw for sawing logs.
27237 Chinese plane.
27239 Implement for breaking up the giornd.
27240 Implement for digging small holes into till gronn'’.
27241 Fish net t hrown by men.
27242 (j-en.. Stationary fish net.
27243 Net.
27244 Net.
27245 Net.
27246 A bamhoo snare to catch fish.
27247 A bamboo basket with fish trap.
27248 E chii. Fish trap. The fish enter hut cannot return.
27249 Fish trap.
27250 Fish trap.
27251 Fish line for many hooks.
27252 Bet t’aut. Fish line with hook and handle.
27253 Fish trap, springs and hooks the fish.
27254 Trident harpoon.
27255 Spear for eels.
27256 Fish trap of bamboo slats.
272o7 Klaung-Ch’ama:.-. Drum.
272o8 Sedan top or cover.
27259 Plaa-kiin-naling.. .. Nobleman’s sedan.
27260 Elephant’s saddle.
27261 K’au-ch&ng... Hook for managing elephants—controlling them.
27263 A pointed piece embossed with ivory.
27265 A hind piece embossed with ivory.


cc &
Is Siamese names. English names.

27266 Baht. Priest’s rice pot, used to receive his morning meal.
27267 Tali-la:-pat. A priest’s tail.
27268 M&i Cali. Walking stick.
27269 Pall -kra i.. . . . . . . . . . . . The three cloths constituting a priest’s dress.
27270 Y all rn. Priest’s satchel.
27271 Ka: t’one-t'om p’at . Priest’s spittoon.
27272 K’an-n h rn-pab n-raung-t’om-pat_ Wash bowl and receiver.
Kah-niUn-tom-pat-. -V... พater goblet.
Klaung-makk-tom-pat .
Beetle box.
Needle case.
27276 Hill-meet-kohne. Hone for sharpening razors.
27277 Mhu-ixiut . TTrinal.
27278 Mau-ch’amra:. Chamber vessel.


T’ee-naun .. ..... .. ..
Axe-shaped pillow.
Rectangular pillow.
27282 Tom-pak-ch’oeng-pum... Priest’s cloth.
27283 Tom-pak-laung-cliu-en . Priest’s cloth.
27284 Choeng-pum-tom-pak-rm. Cloth, ribbed.
27285 Rabtai-k’ot-nahin-ka: mln-see-mu- A clored sash.
27286 P’ilh-hom-naun-praa-saung-eh'&n . A silk sleeping quilt or sheet, double.
27287 P’ah-liom-nanil, lai sdung-ch’&n... A colored sleeping cloth, double.
27288 Tama:-ka:-rok-sam-rap-kr a น n g - A water filter or strainer.
27289 p’iih-sang-wein-daang. Cloth.
27290 Pah-sakaraht-hom-naun-p’ap . --- A woolen blanket.
27291 Phh-laht-p’ap...... Rng.


27292 I Kraa-farang.I European trumpet.

27293 i Kraa-gnaun.I Trumpet, buffalo horn shape.


27294 P'ah-sin.I Cloth.

27295 P’ah-tah-tohng., Cloth.


27296 P’ra-krot-mote. Large umbrella.

27297 p Ta- k rot-p ’ ah- k ’ ee-p uu g Waxed cloth umbrella.
87298 Rotu-kun-uahng.. Nobleman’s umbrella.
27299 Cbat-lTa-oh’an-. Five-sectioned umbrella.
27300 Chat-chet-ch’an. Seven-sectioned umbrella,


27301 Yah-hui-nah... Tobacco.

27302 Yah-lom. Tobacco.
27303 Yah-hui-sai_ Tobacco.
27304 Yah-nd™ sak.. Tobacco.
27305 Yah-hui-toh_ Tobacco.
27306 Yah-pali-daang Tobacco.

ส์ ร่

gg ! Siamese names. English names.

2T307 T’one. Musical instrument.

27308 Ram ma nah . Musical instrument.
27309 Cha: k’aa Musical instrument.
27310 K’a: chap pee. Guitar.
27311 S6e sau....... Kiddle.
27312 1*66 Flute.
27313 Pee chaw all... Chawali flute.
27314 Sau cio. Fiddle.
27315 Klaung kcialr . Malay drum.
27316 K’Aung wong. Circular brass gongs.
27317 Ta: P’ohn.T;.. A kind of (km
27318 Klaung. A kind of drum.
27319 Poeng mahng. Musical instrument.
27320 Ra: naht t’iim Musical instrument.
27321 Ra: naht ake.. Musical instrument.


27322 Ru’a, prattu. . Boat.

27323 Ru’a wate .. Boat.
27324 Ru’a a yu-en . Cochin Chinese boat.
27325 Ru’a cha kaa k’am rahm raung . Boat.
27326 Ru’a sua t’ayhn olion .. .. .. Boat.
27327 Ru’a roil lining loi sintiii. Boat.
27328 Ru'a MaDgkaun chain laang_1 Boat.
27329 Ru’a toll k’a mang k’lu’n . Boat.
27330 Ru’a salmg kam haang halm. Boat.
27331 Ru’a kee len pra laung ohoeng_ Boat.
27332 Ru’a krabee prahp mu’-ang malm. Boat.
27333 Ru’a a sura: wall yup’ak.. Boat.
27334 Ru’a sukk’reep k’raung mu’ang.. Boat.


Ru’a krut hoeii ra: liet k’u ch’Ak-.
Ru’a ake. cli’aihoen hAu k’u ch’ak.
Boat preceding barges of the royal processions.
Boat preceding barges of the royal processions.
Boat used in royal processions.
27338 Boat preceding or following the royal barge.
27339 Royal barge used in state processions.
27340 Ru’a p’ra fee nang see supan hong Royal barge.
27341 Ru’ap’raf eenanganan tanahk’a; Ro> al barge.
27342 Ru’a p’ra fee nang mong k’on รน Royal barge.
27343 Ru’a p’ra fee nang suwan roil. -.. Royal barge.
27344 Ru’a p’ra fee nang ratana dee lok. Royal barge.
27345 Ru’a p’ra fee nang chakrap’at Royal barge'.
27346 Ru’a p’ra fee rang see f iparat_ Royal barge.
27347 Ru’a p’la fee nang p’ra Cham Royal barge.
27348 Ru’a p’ra fee nang keng . Royal barge with a bouse cover.
27349 Ru’a. ร waara wall tee.. Boat.
27350 Ru’a clialaiim.. Native fishing boat.
27351 Ru’a chalaum p’aa.. Aative fishing boat.
27352 Ru’a ทน’a. An up-country boat.
27353 Ru’a La-ow. Laosian boat.
27354 Ru’a pan long.. Native boat.
27355 Ru’a kraa uauk pahk . Boat.
27356 Ru’akulaa Native boat.
27357 Ru’a wate kbng. i. Native boat.
27358 Ru’a pet. Native boat.
27359 Ru’a mailt .. Native boat of one log.
27360 Ru’a sam pan pA t’rin. Native boat with cover.
27361 Ru’a mfi-ang.. Native boat.
27362 Ru’a mang kulaa. Native boat.
27363 Ru’a pai mAh.. Native boat.
27364 Ru’a sain pan... Native boat.
27335 Ru’a sahlAh. Native boat.
27366 Ru’a kai sukaun Native boat used by pork venders.
27367 P'ra maliah p6e chai rahcha rot Royal carriage.
27368 Tam nak cha.11 fAb. Building where theijking lands (royal landing places).
27369 Ru’an fa ka: dahn.. Frame ilouse. .
27370 Ru’an fa som ru-et. House with som ru-et partitions.
27371 p Floating bouse.
27372 Ru’an kru'-ang p’lik fa chahk .. Ordinary house of the poorer classes. Partitions made
a species of paltu leaf.


1 อี
’ธี ®
Siamese names. Englisk names.

27373 Nak pTa-rahm. Face of P’ra-ralim.

27374 Ck’a: dak . A kind of crowu.
97 27 ท Rat klau.. Head band.
2737G K’raup nak . Mask.
27377 N all Suk’reep.. Face of Suk’reep.

N all Hanumakn. Face of Hanumakn, giant monkey.
N:ih Ongk’ot.. Face of Ongk’ot.
27380 Hall K’i ew p’dt. Face of K’i-ew-p’et.
27381 Hall ling la-ew.. Ordinary monkey face.
27382 X all T’otsakan ... Face or T’otsakan
27383 Hall P’ee pake.. Face of P’ee pake
27384 Hiili Intarackit.. Face of Intarackit.
27385 H all Sat'ah sun.. Face of Sat’aksun.
27386 Nak Wiruin cham-bang. F’ace of Wirum cham-bang.
27387 Hall Yak saa nak- .. Face of tile monster Yak saa nak.
27388 Pak lai kien taung. Colored clotli with gold kues.
27389 Pakn waan fAh saung ck’an. Double vase.
27390 Meet k’ohne. Razor.
27391 Meet pauk ma-roiiang ma-prakng Knife for preparing mangoes and maprahrgs.
27392 Meet k’wdhnlet ma-prahng ..... Knife for picking tile meat of tke maprahng nut.
27393 Kru’-ang mu’ ch’hng k’lu’ng p’a: Turner’s tools.
27394 Kru’-ang mu’ ck’ang k’lu’ng mun Turner’s tools.
Kro’-ang m’u ck’ang k’lu’ng ทน'น Wood turning tool.
27396 Kru’-ang m’u diking k’lu’ng ทน‘น Wood turning tool.
27397 Kru’-ang m’u ekkiug k’lu’ng mai Wood turning tool.
27398 Kru’-ang m’u ch’kng k’ln’ng liiai Wood turning tool.
27399 Wood turning tool.
27400 Wood turning tool.
27401 Wood turning tool.
27402 Wood turning tool.
27403 Eigkt brass turning tools.

27404 Kru’-ang m’u cli’ang k’lu’ng Brass turning tool.

27405 Krn’-ang in’น diking k’lu’ng Brass turning tool.
27406 Kru’-ang m’u ck’ang k’lu’ng Brass turning tool.
27407 Kru’-ang m’u ch'ang k’lu’ng Brass turning tool.
27408 Krn’-ang m’u ck’ang k’lu’ng Brass turning tool.
27409 Kru’-ang m’u ck’ang k’lu’ng Brass turning tool.
27410 Kru’-ang m’u ck’ang k’lu’ng Brass turning tool.
27411 Kru’-ang m’u ck’ang Iian meet Carver's knife.
ka: leui niing.
27412 Kru’-ang m’u eh’ang pan mai, sa Carver’s implements.
niet ka; dut, samet nidi Ilia;
27413 Kru’angm’u ck’ang salak, siu.... Ckisel for carving or engraving.
27414 Kru’ang m’u ck’ang salak, siu. -.. Chisel for carving or engraving.
27415 Kru’aug m'u ck’ang salak, siu- Chisel for carving 01’ engraving.
27416 Kru’angm’u ch’kng salak, siu.... Chisel for carving or engraving.
27417 Kru’angm’u ck’ang salak, siu- Chisel for carving or engraving.
27418 Kru’angm’u diking salak, siu- Cliisel for carving or engraving.
27419 Kru’ang m’u cli’ang salak, siu- Chisel for carving or engraving.
27420 Kru’angm’u ck’ang salak, siu- Chisel for carving or engraving.
27421 Kru’angm’u ck’ang salak, siu- Cliisel for carving or engraving.
27422 Kur’ang m’u diking salak, siu.... Chisel for carving or engraving.
27423 Kru’angm’u ch'aug salak, siu- Cliisel for carving or engraving.
27424 Kru’ang m’u ck’kng salak, siu- Cliisel for carving or engraving.
27425 Kru’ang m’u diking salak, siu.... Chisd for carving or engraving.
27426 Kru’ang m’u ck’ang lv’ien p’likan. Painter’s brush.
27427 Kru’ang m’u diking lv’ien p’nkan. Painter’s brush.
27428 Kru’ang m’u diking k’ien p’ukan Paintei ’ร brush.
27429 Kru’ang m’u ck’ang k’ien p’ukan. Painter’s brush.
27430 Kru’ang m’u cli’ang k’ien p’uknn Painter’s brush.
27431 Kru’ang m’u ck’ang k’ien p’ukan. Painter’s brush.
27432 Kru’ang m’u diking k’ien p’ukan Painter’s brush.
27433 Kru’ang m’u diking ka:. Engraver’s tool.
27434 Kru’ang m’u 0I1 king ka:. Engraver’s tool.
27435 Kru’ang m’u diking ka:. Engraver’s tool.
27436 Kru’angm’u ck’kng ka:. Engraver’s tool.
National Mu¬
seum Nos.

Siamese names. English names.

27437 Mai'niu.... Inch rale. (12 Siamese inches ะะะะ 10 English inches.)
27438 P’ra trail.... Royal seal.
27439 P’ra rap. Royal image.
27440 Rot ...7. Carriage,'
27441 Ru’an. House.
27442 Ru’-a.. ... Boat.
27443 P’aa. Floating-house.


27444 Pahn-ohak-wow...j Kite-twine : weight, 7 oh’ang, Chinese.

27445 K’on-men.! Porcupine quills, 100 quills.
27440 Tra:. Tortoise shell.
27447 Tra-
Tra Tm'tm'ao elifrll
Tortoise shell.
27448 Tra Tortoise shell.
27449 Tra Tortoise shell
27450 Tra Tortoise shell.
27451 Tra Tortoise shell.
27452 Tra Tortoise shell.
27453 Hala-panghah Black wood.
27454 Plaa-yu-eu_ One Cochin Chinese hammock.


27455 Su’a-K’Idh.
27456 Sira-K’hih.
27457 Sti’a-K’lah. K’lali mat
27458 รน’a-K’lah..
27459 รน’a-K’l&h.
27460 รน a-K’bth.
2/463 รน, a-kok.
27464 StL’akok..
2/470 Su’a-mai-lai . Mdi-lai mat
27471 Sil’a-wai. Rattan mat.
27472 Sil’a-W&i.
27473 Su’a-wai. Eattan mat.
27474 Sil’a-wai. ..
27475 Sh’a-wdi ........... ...k...
27476 Lam-paan mat.
27477 รน’a-lam-paan. Lam-paan mat.
27478 รน,a-lam-paan. Lam-paan mat.
27479 Lam-paan mat.
2/480 Lam-paan mat.


27481 Hin-bot Stone slab and roller to grind medicines.

27482 Hin-bot. -. Stone slab and roller to grind medicines.
27483 Hin-bot Stone slab and roller to grind medicines.
27484 Hin-bot. -. Stone slab and roller to grind medicines.
27480 Hin-bot Stone slab and roller to grind medicines.
27486 K’rok-hin Stone mortar and pestle?
27487 K’rok-llin Stone mortar and pestle.
27488 K’rok-hin Stone mortar and pestle.
27489 K’rok-hin Stone mortar and pestle.
27490 K’rok-hin Stone mortar and pestle.
27491 K'rok-din Earthen mortar.
27492 K’rok-din Earthen mortar.
27493 K’rok-din. Earthen mortar.
27494 K’rok-din. Earthen mortar.
27495 K’rok-din Earthen mortar.



Ii Siamese names. / English names.

27496 Miiu-Vdw. Rice pot.

27497 Mau-k'dw_. Rice pot.
27498 M au-k’d w. Rice pot.
27499 MiUl-kViw... Rico pot.
27500 Miui-k’ow.. Rice pot.
2750 L Mau-k’tiw. Rice pot.
27502 Mhu-kaang. Curry pot.
27503 Miiu-kaang. Curry pot.
27504 Mau-kaaug. Curry pot.
27505 M au-kaang. Curry pot.
27506 Mau-kaang. Curr'v pot.
27507 Mhu-kaang. Curry pot.
27508 Gnaup. - - --. Parmer's รนท hat.
27509 Gnauji . Parmer’s รนท hat.
27510 Gnaup. Fanner’s รนท hat.


27511 Nai-pan-fai.. Cotton spinning-wheel.

27512 Nai-pan-fai. (' otton spin ning-w L) eel.
27513 Nai-pan-fai. Cotton spinning-wheel.
27514 Nai-pan-fai. Cotton spinning-wheel.
27515 Nai-pan-fai...: Cotton spinning wheel.
27516 Kong-p’at-fai. Bow for snapping cotton.
27517 Kong-p'at-fili. Bow for snapping cotton.
27518 Kong-p'at-fai. Bow for snapping cotton.
27519 Kong-p’at-fai... Bow for snapping cotton.
27520 Kong-p’H-fa.i .. Bow for snapping cotton.
27521 Heep-bot-fai. Cotton press'
27522 Heep-bot-fai. Cotton press.
27523 Heep-bot-fai. Cotton press.
27524 Heep-bot-fai.1. Cotton press.
27525 Heep-bot-fai. Cotton press.


27526 Ndm-talm sai-yahng dam-mu’-ang- Black sugar from the Province Sa-soeng-sow: weight, 41
27527 Niim-tabu sai-k'aw-mir-ang Sara- White ^sugar from the Province Sara-buree; weight, 40
buree. ehang.
27528 Nani-t aim sai-clain-nm'-ang Chan- Black sugar from the Province Chanta-buree; weight, 41
27529 N&tu-tahn sai-k’aw-mu'-ang Na¬ White sugar from the Province Nakaun-chai-s6e; weight,
27530 Niim-tahn sai-k’dw-mu’-ang Rah- White sugar from Rahclia buree ; weight, 38 chaug.
27531 Nitri - tabu sai - k’ilw - ranng-rau’- Inferior white sugar from Nakaun-chai-see; weight, 38
ang-Nakaun-chai-see. ehang.
27532 Ndm-talm rohng-chak-nank-mn- Sugar from the foreign steam sugar mill at Nakauu-chai-
au g-Nakau n - ell a i-s6n. ร 6e: weight, 38 ehang(48 pounds English).
27533 N&m-tahn sai-rohng-chak-nai-tnu’- Sugar from native steam sugar mill.at the Province Nakann-
ang-Nak ann-oli ai-s6e. ehai-s6e; weight, 33 ehang (44 pounds English).
27534 Nam-taint sai-dam-mu’-ang-Nak- Blown sugar from Nakaun-chai-see ; weight, 41 chaug.
27535 Ndm-talin Hai-k’;iw, mu’-ang.Sa- White sugar from Province Sasoeng-sow; weight, 38 chaug.


27536 Tiger s skin, spotted.

27537 Muskrat skin.
27538 A kind of barley ; weight, 351 ebang.
27539 Boa constrictor’s skin.
27540 Skin of a small species of boa.
2754 ใ Skin of a small species of boa.
27542 Dried bamhoo spi'outs ; weight, 13 ehang.
2754H Gum gamboge ; weight, 34J chaug.
27514 K&e p’ung. Beeswax : weight, 34J ehang.

ร็. i
Siamese Dames. English names.
"4- p

27545 ' Dai-dip--_-. Cotton yarn ; weight. 5 chang.

27546 Mai-ku-ep. Twisted silk, one twist.
27547 Mailao -!. Laos silk, two twists.
27548 Mai-iao. 1 Laos silk, two twists.
27549 P'on-raaw. . Bastard cardamoms : weight, 2JJ chang.
27550 P’on-kra : wahn-Pohtesat.. Cardamoms from the Province Pohtesat.; weight, 13 chang.
27551 Pling-ta; laa... Sea leech (beehe-de-mere); weight, 18J chang.
27552 Pon-kia-bow.. IOra-bow seed ; weight, 40 chang.
27553 Krang. Shellac ; weight, 28 chang.
27554 Pon-kra ะ wahnMatabaung Bastaid caruemoms from Province Matahong; weight, 91
27555 Klet-lin.
27556 Met-la-hiing Castor oil heans : -weight, 28 chang.


Yah dee, mu’ang Kahneha-buree. Best Kanhuree tobacco.

Yah klahng, mu’-ang -t'aung.I Medium tobacco from Province of Angt'anng.
yah Klahng, mil-ang
Yah JNak-aun-
mu’ang Nak-aun- Medium tobacco from the Province of Nakaun-cliai-sOe
27560 Yah klahng, mu’-ang Petch’a . Medium tch'a Peburee tobacco.
27561 Yah lew, mu’-ang Bang-ch’;Umg. - Inferior tobacco from the Province of Bang-ch'ahng.
27562 Yah lew, inu’-angNakaun-chai-see Inferior Nakauii-eliai-see tobacco.
27561 Yah klahng, Baug-eh’abng. Medium Bang-ch’dhng tobacco.
27564 Yah lew, Saraburee_-. Inferior Saraburee tobacco.
27565 Yali lew, mu’ aug Lak’aun.. j Inferior llgore tobacco.
27566 Yah lew, nm’-aug Kalmchaburee- Inferior Kahncliaburee tobacco.
27567 y ah lew, mu’-aug P’etachaburee.. Inferior p’etchaburee tobaccco.
27568 Yah dee, Saraburee. Eirst-class Saraburee tobacco.
27509 Yah lew, niu’-ang, Angtaimg. Inferior An glaring tobacco.
27570 Yah dee, mu’-ang Lak’aun .. Eirst-cla-s Ligore tobacco.
27571 Yah klahng mu’-ang Saraburee... Medium Saraburee tobacco.
27572 Yah dee Bahng-ch’ahng Eirst-class Baling-ch'dhng tobacco.
27573 Yah klahng, mu’-ang 1Kahneha- Kahuaburee medium tobacco.

27574 Yah dee, mu’-ang P’etchaburee -- Eirst-class P'etchahuree tobacco.

Yah dee, niu’-ang Nakaun-chai- Eirst-class Nakaun-chai-see tobacco.
27576 Yah dee, mu'-ang Angt’anng. First-class Angt’aung tobacco.


27577 P’rik t’ai dam. Black pepper,

27578 F’ai hot. Cleaned cotton.
27579 N An g N a hk.....!. ”. . . . . . . . . . . . ..
27580 Hemp bark. k
27581 Two hundred kins-flsbers* feathers.
27582 Prik-t’ai-k’aw. White pepper; weight. 21 chang.
27o83 Buffalo oil; weight 12 chang.
27584 Eang-nok-yahng-dee. First-class edible birds’ nests ; weight, 11 chang.
27585 พ’abta: k’ati.... Ta: kail rattan.
27586 ’พ’ai'ta-k’ah. Ta: kali rattan.
27587 Edible birds’ nests, medium quality ; weight, 11 chang.
27588 Pahn-bai-..!. Hemp cloth; weight, 1 chang.
27589 K’rahn. Indigo, h.alf-bucket.


27590 G’nah-met-krung-kaw. Tulseed from Agnthiee, the old capital.

27591 G’nah-met-iniT- ang-su - p’anta-bu- Tulseed from the Province of Supan.

27592 T’ma-k’Ow. White heans.

27593 T’u-a-ton-tai. nPni linoriQ
27594 T’u-a-t’aung... Taung (gold) bean's.
27595 T’u-a-loh-song... Soh song heans.
27596 G’nah-met-mu-ang- Rahchah-bu- j Bachahuree teelseed.
27597 T’u-a-dam-lek.. Small black bears.
27598 T’li-a-dam-yai. Large black beans.
27599 T’u-a-k’i-eu. Green beans.


I รํ

1I Siamese names. English names.

27600 T’ai-k’u. Plow for a nair of buffaloes.

27601 T’ai-dee-ow... Plow for single buffalo.
27602 K’ralit-yah. Rake.
27603 K’raht-'chak-yak. Rake to drag grass or hay.
27604 K’ralit-song-yali. Rake to hand up grass or hay.
27605 L’u-an-lalik-k’dw. An implement to drag rice.
27606 Mai-hn-a-yoke. An implement.
27607 MAi-keep-mu. An implement.
27608 MAi-ka: lung. An implement.
27609 Chit up... An implement to break up earth.
27610 Si-em. An implement to dig the earth.
27611 Ki-ew-ki-ew-k’t> พ-.. An instrument to reap paddy. Sickle.
27612 P’rAk-liu-et.. Grrfi^y cat ter
27613 K’an-lau-fialip-k’dw. A Laosian shoulder-stick for carrying burdens.
27614 K’au-ohai.. A. kind of sickle.
27615 S6e-k’ow.. Rice mill or grinder.
27616 S6e-fat. . .... Husk blower.
27617 Ka: du’-ang-tam-k’dw. Root pestle for pounding rice.
27618 K’rok-tam-k’dw. Wood mortar to pound rice in.
27619 Sahk-tam-k’d พ.. Wooden pestle for rice mortar.
27620 K’rok-ka: du'-ang. A kind of mortar for the pestle No. 27617.
27621 Ta: lam - p ’ u k- tarn-k' 6 พ. A kind of pestle used by hand.
27622 K’dwlu’ang-haum. Yellow fragrant rice, gathered five months after planting.
27623 K’6 พ-]น’-ang-pahn-t’aung. Luang p’ahn taung lice, gathered six months after planting.
27624 K’6w-k6m-taung... K’em taung rice, gathered six months after planting.
27625 K’6w-champak-t’aung. Champah t’aung rice, gathered live months after planting.
27620 K’dw-kan-chut.7.. Kan chut rice, gathered five months after planting.
27627 K’dw hang. Hang rice, gathered five months after planting.
27628 K’dw nahng haum......! Nahng haum rice, gathered six months after planting.
27629 K’dw k’aw sang sot_.'. White sung sot rice, gathered seven months after planting.
27630 K’dw k’aw cli’aw wang. White chaw wang rice, gathered three mouths after planting.
27631 K’dw k’aw k’amane. White Cambodian lice, gathered three months after plant¬
27632 K’dw p’ra ะ yah chom. Pi ll: yah ell dm rice, gathered three months after planting.
27633 K’dw ln-ang p’u-ang. Yellow P’u-ang rice, gathered three months after planting.
27634 K’dw t’aung mall k’aak. Taung mah k’aak rice, gathered eight months after plant.

27635 K’dw k’aw tall chu-i. White tall chu-i rice, gathered eight months after planting.
27636 K’dw nahng k’iii. Nahng k'ai rice, gathered five months after planting.
27637 K’dw hin saun .. Hin saun rice, gathered six months after planting.
9.7 K’dw ta: su-i. Ta: su-i rice, gathered four months after planting.
27639 K’dw kaan chan. Kaan chan rice, gathered five months after planting.
27640 K’dw ta: p’akp nAm . Ta: p’ahp nAm rice, gathered six months after planting.
27641 K’dw p’u-ang mah lai. P'u-ang mall lai rice, gathered five months after plan ling.
27642 K’dw lam yai.. Lam yai rice, gathered six months after planting.
27643 K’dw 11A111 p’ling. Nam p’ling (honey) rice, gathered six months after plant -

27644 K’dw chau ma-prakng. Chan ma-prahng rice, gathered three months after planting.
27645 K’dw kaan ma: klu-a.7. Kaan 111a khi-a rice (ebony rice), gathered three months
after planting.
27646 K’dw nu-en taang. Nu en taang rice, gathered three months after planting.
27647 K’dw dam k’wan t’i-en.. Dam k’wan t'i-en rice, gathered five months after planting.
27648 K’dw kew klahng. Kew klahng rice, gathered six months after planting.
27649 K’dw sdi t’aung. St')i t’anng rice, gathered six months after planting.
27650 K’dw hang mAh see make. Hang mAh see make rice, gathered six months after plant-

27651 K’dw plai gnahm. P’laf gnahm rice, gathered seven months after planting.
27652 K’dwJira: duk cli’Ang. Kra: duk eh’Ang (elephant hone) rice, gathered seven months
alter planting.
27653 K’dw lii’ang. Lii’ang (yellow) rice, gathered seven months after planting.
27654 K’dw daaug. . Daang (red) rice, gathered seven months after planting.
27655 K’dw nahng ta: k’raung. Nahng ta: k’raung rice, gathered seven months after plant-

27656 K’dw gnah ell Aim g. Gruali chAhng rice, gathered seven months after planting.
27657 K’dw pa: mail...... Pa: mah rice, gathered eight months after planting.
27658 K’dw k’aw.-y K’Aw rice (white), gathered eight months after planting.
27659 K’dw baling maun.- Baling maun rice, gathered eight months after planting.
27660 K’dw tnnng gnahm .. Taung gnahm rice, gathered eight months after planting.
27661 K’dw k’dw yai. K’aw yai (large white) rice, gathered eight months after
27662 K’dw chet p’ak. Chet p’ak rice, gathered eight months after planting.
27663 K’dw som bun. Som bun rice, gathered eight months after planting.
27664 K’dw pu-ang ma: liote. Pil-ang ma: hote rice, gathered six months after planting.
27665 K’dw sdi sa: wing. Sdi sa: wing rice, gathered six months after planting.
27666 K’dw sai bu-a.--7. Sai bu-a lice, gathered seven months after planting.
27667 K’dw haum nak. Haum nak rice, gathered seven months after planting.
27668 K’dw k’au pil-ang. K’Au pu-ang rice, gathered eight months after planting.
27669 K’dw daaug sai.". Daang sai rice, gathered eight months after planting.
SE EDS—Continued.

Siamese names. English names.

27670 White sup’an rice, gathered five months after planting.
27671 K!6w yung tat lai. Yung ta: lai rice, gathered seven months after planting.
27672 !K’6 พ Ik ret. Kret lice, gathered seven months after planting.
27673 K’6w kew. Kew rice, gathered seven months after planting.
27674 K’bwk’dw koh:. K’aw koh: rice, gathered seven months after planting.
2(67o K’6w t’aung suk. T’aung suk rice, gathered seven months after planting.
27676 K’dw t’aung ta: nee. T’aung ta: nee rice, gathered eight months after planting.
27677 K’dw Pauni.. Panin rice, gathered eight months after planting.


27678 K’dw rahk klu-i . Rahk-klu-i rice, gathered six months after planting.
27679 K’dw nok ka: tah Nok ka: tah, partridge lice, gathered seven months after
27680 K’dw dank ka ะ nahk. Dank ka: nahk rice, gathered eight months after planting.
27681 K’dw tdm... Tdm rice, gathered six months after planting.
27682 K’dwpolit k’ow clidw. Short stock paddy.
27683 K’dw p’oht k’ow ni-ew. Short stock glutinous rice.
27681 K’ow fahng k’dw chow. Long stock rice.
27685 K’dw fahng k’ow ni-ew . .. Long stock glutinous paddy.
27686 K’dw fahng haug ch’ahng. Long stock hang chahng (elephant tail) l'ice.
276S7 K’dw sa: milt koh dom. Sa: milt koh dom rice.
P’on du-ai plu-ak. Barley unslielled.
P’on du-ai saum. Barley husked (cleaned).

27690 Ki-en ka: t’aa . Cart wagon.
27691 K’ow kra: hu’ p’u-ak k’h. A pair of white buffalo horns.
27692 K’ow kra: bn’dam k’h ... ...... A pair of black buffalo horns.
27693 P’lu-a lek. ... An iron spade.
27694 luai A wooden spade.
27695 Ta: kraang raun-k’ow hilling_ Coarse sieve for sifting rice.
27696 Ta: kraang raun-k’ow t’ee ....... A fine sieve for sifting rice.
27697 Kra: bung. A basket.
27698 Kra: dong...... A bamboo basket rice cleaner.


Mdi chan fix’ an. Wild sandal wood.

Mai yung. Yung wood.
Mdi chan ta: tip. Chan ta: tip wood.
MiU son.. Pine wood or son wood.
Mdi ta: baak .... Ta: baak wood.
Mai klet lin. Klet lin wood.
M&i poling Poling wood.
Miii gnah ch’dng Ivory wood.
MiU nail see. .. Nah see wood.
Mai samak. Samak wood.
MiU chahng -... Chahng wood.
Mai nahng pron. Nahng- pron wood.
Mai ta: kMen... - Ta: k’len yrood (heavy).
Maich’aug yake Cli’dng wood.
M:ii ka: bow Ka: bow wood.
Mai teen pet_ Teen pet wood.
Mai nail met .... Nah ruet wood.
MiU in ta: nin... In ta: nin wood.
102 Mill ka: balik. - Ka: bahk wood.
103 Mai ell’am c.k’ah Ch’am ch’ah wood (pine).
104 Mdi P’a: wall_ P’a: wall wood.
105 M4i nahk but ... Nahk but wood.
106 MiU kra: t’ing .. Kra: t’ing wood.
Mai yahng.
Mai ta: bun.
Rak wood (lacker tree).
K’ldi wood.
Lum p’au wood.
Yahng wood.
Ta: bun wood.
112 MiU man mil_ Man mil wood.
113 Miiiki'em. K’iem wood.
114 M& ka: t’ang_ Ka: t’ang wood.
115 MiU rak ...._ Rak wood.
116 Mdi p’oh ta: laa. Pol) ta: laawood.
117 Mdi gnah ch’dng Gnah ch’dng wood, ivory wood.
118 Mai ta: lum__ Ta: lum wood.
119 Mai kate .. Kate wood.
120 Mainlolike. Ulohke wood.
121 Mai kiim ....... Kiim wood.
122 Mfii salik.. . . . . . . Sahk wood.
123 Mai hieng. Hieng wood.


Siamese Dailies. English names.

Mai mA: k all. MA: k’ali wood.

Mai (lam filing. Dam dong wood.
Mai 11: hake.T. Ta: bake wood.
Miii cban ta: t’it. Chan ta: t’it wood.
MAi ka: tang. Ka: tang wood.
MAi t’nri-en. Durian wood.
MAi bariwano. Bnriwane wood.
Mai cliueng.. Chueiig wood.
MAi With..”. Wah wood.
Mai ร,'น!ท.. SabII wood.
Mai pi-et ... Pi-et wood.
Mai suri-en.. ... Suri-en wood.
MAi bariwane... Bariwnne wood.
MAi Non..... Non wood.
MAi gnann kiii.. Gnann kiii wood (cockscomb wood).
MAi nalik blit. Nalik blit wood.
MAi piobng.... Prohng wood.
MAi tanghon. Tanglion wood.
MAi poling.. Pohng wood.
MAi pe: ...... Pe: wood.
Mai chakng... Cbabng wood.
MAi k’a: mill. Jack fruit tree wood.
M Ai ni-en pah.. .... Ni-en p all wood.
M Ai sang ka: t’am_. . . . . . . . . . . . Sang ka: t'am wood,
Mai nok nann.. hi ok nann wood.
M Ai k’Ah lialmg.... K’Ah nahng wood.
M Ai man nni.... ___. 1.......!. Man mil wood.
MAi mang k'a.... Mang k’a. wood.
Mill lam paan....... ........ ...... Lam paan wood.
M Ai Kobng Ealing..... Kohng Kaling wood.
MAi ma: prating .... Ma: piahng wood.
MAiK'raang.._.... _........ K’raang WO'd.
MAi Ka: t’aun. Ka: t’aun wood.
MAi Kak...~..................... Kak wood.
MAi su-em.. Su-em wood.
MAi pilng. Pring wood.
MAi in tanin. In ta nin wood,
Mai ta; k’i-en sai. Ta:k'i-en sai wood.
MAi p’ong. P’ong wood.
MAi Jv'ua .........................
K’aa wood.
MAi Krai... Krai wood.
MAip’lap.........1... P'lap wood.
MAi teen peti... Teen pet wood.
MAi cb’ah nuieng. Ch’ali mueng wood.
MAilu-’et k’wai. Lu’et k’wai wood (buffalo blood wood).
Mill pa: ni-eng.. Pa: nieng wood.
MAi ka: ri-eng. Ka: l i-eng wood.
AlAi Mang liabn_..............
Mang kabn wood.
MAi gffali di aling ...... ..........
Gnali oh’ahng wood.
MAi yabng ka: si-en. Yahng ka: si-en wood.
MAi ta: koh. Ta: koh wood.
MAi si-et sail.!.." Si-et sail wood.
MAi ka:nahn... Ka: nahn wood.
MAi ta: k’i-en Salim p’ann.Ta: k’i-en salmi p'aun wood.
MAi sai bu’ang... Sai bu’ang wood.
M ai ti-eu.. Ti-eu wood.
Malta: k’i-en. Ta: k’i-en wood.

Mai kra: l'aa... Kra: nia wood.
MAip’om gnuet...!..... P’om wood.
MAi yung- . .. Yung wood.
MAi kauniu .... Kauimi wood.
MAi mak. Mak wood.
MAi p’a: wak. P’a: wall wood.
MAi sang kl'i-et.. Sam kri-et wood.
M ai li-en... Li-en wood.
MAi champah. Champah wood.
Mai filling ku-et.... Chung ku-et wood.
MAi ta: taaw. Ta: taaw wood.
MAi p’ai. . Bamboo.
Mai ka: baak.' Ka: baak wood.
Mai lnhw. Labw wood.
Ku-ep wood ; weight, 3 tarn lung, Chinese.
MAiku-epnak sabm-tamlnngcbin.
One round block teak wood, semi-circumference, 10 kam ;
Mai sak yai ranp sig-kaw kam_
weight, 14 ch’ang.
MAi sak k’ee k'wai paan.-• K’ee k’wai teak plank
MAi sak t’aung paan.-. T’aung paan (golden) teak plank.
Mai lahw_.1.. Laosian silk ; weight, ร tarn lung, Chinese.
Dai dip.j Cotton yarn : weight, 5 cbang Chinese.
National Mu¬
seum Nos.

Siamese names. English names.

20000 Galena from the Province Pa: lak.

20001 Kaa t’aung' kam.. Gold from the Province Krahin.
20002 R&a t’aung-daang. Copper from the Province Chant’uk, under the jurisdiction
of the Province Koralit.
20003 Raa-dee-buk... Tin from the Province Ranaung.
20004 Raa-dee-buk.-.. Second-class tin ะ another quality found iuthe plains, white,
-■ ..■ร** in the Province Roket.
20005 Raa-dee-buk. Tin found in the Province Prachuep.
20006 Raa-piu-ang. Antimony mixed with gold, found ill the stream Nam It, in
20007 Raa-mu-ang yai. Ores from the great mineral district.
20008 Rda-tee-sam .. Third-class orej found in yellow soil, mixed with red stones,
in Poket.
20009 Raa-pru-ang. Antimony attached to rock, at an island near the sea-shore,
at Poket.
20010 Yakng-k'iem-pa-naung.. Copal varnish gum.
20011 Raa-lck - .... Iron ore found in the Province Singora.
20012 K&a-t'ee niing. An ore found back of mountains, in the Province poket.
20013 Ore at Ivob-Ohang Island, in the Ranaung Province.
20014 Raa-ka-ow. Granular-iron pyrites, “ white ore ” from Ranaung Prov¬
20015 Baa-koli-Chang.. Ore trom Rob-Chang Island.

Kau-ka ะ mane_
Luang-pu-eng- -> Rice made of each of these kii!|ls of unglutinous paddy.
Kau-ohut. I Rice made of each of these kinds of unglutinous paddy.
Chan-ma: praling
Pli-eng-makla! .V Rice made of each of these kinds of glutinous paddy.
Ta ะ รน-!.)
Luang-haum..... )
IJahng-ma: see make.> Rice made of each of these kinds of unglutinous paddy.
Taung gnahm...1
Kau-yai. 1
Plai-gnahm. .I Rice made cf each of these kinds of uuglutiuous paddy-
Sdi-taung _
Kau-chaw wang.
Kret .. ..I Rice made of each of these kinds of unglutinous paddy.
Oharapah t'aung
Taung-suk. .ร Rice made of each of these kinds of unglutinous paddy.
Nok-kra-tali.> Rice made of each of these kinds of glutinous paddy.
Nam p’uug.)

K’au-guali-chAng 7.’.-I.I >Rice made of each of these kinds of unglutinous paddy.

P’l-a: yak-ell’om.> Rice made of each of these kinds of unglutinous paddy.
Nalinyta: k’aun. . .... 3
L’uang-pahn-taung.. \
L’uang ..> Rice made of each of these kinds of unglutinous paddy.
Hauni-nak . .)
P's :• mah.
p’ueng-ma ะ hote ...I Rice made of each of these kinds of unglutinous paddy.
Baauy . __
K'au-pa-eng ..K Rice made of each X of these kinds of unglutinous paddy.
IvatL-sang-Hot. . )
ia:ะ sawinff..
Soi-sa saw ill .ำำ
K/aw-kaw. ร nice made of eacfli of these kiuds of uuglutinous paddy.
Hin.. .)
Dank-kra: Dahk > Rice made of each of these kinds of glutinous paddy.
Dam-yai. )
Dam-kwan-t’i-em. 1
Ta ะ pah-n&m. > Rice made of each of these kinds of glutinous paddy.
JNuen-taang . .,.) J

IN ahug-kai. .. ร
&.*.7 Rice made of each of these kiuds of unglutinous paddy.