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English for Rosemary Richey Series editor David Bonamy English for Series editor David Bonamy Contents Nemes and numbers 6 Paying for things 98 ‘Managing your money 9.10 Review ‘Starting out 12 ‘What do you do every day? p14 ‘What's your job? p16 ‘Customer care p18 Review p19 Products and services p20 What can you do? p22 ‘What can banks give to ‘cumomers? p24 ‘Customer service p26 ‘Review 9.27 Tieng yours ‘amis Jara Present simp of be ‘Saying nares and auras Aeronyms ‘What oes ABD stand for? ‘Asking and answering questions have (present tense) Do you havo any cash? Present simple He pays Wis roy standing order Discussing ways © mange money Asking questions Do you have a car? Describing things in ~ | There is Thor aro (Completing a fact shoot Singur plural questions Is thee? Are hoe 7 Desorbing day routines Preset simple What do you do evry day? ‘Adwabs ofreqvancy ‘always, novor somtimes, eating an arle Forming sentences Understanding expressions anda 1m esponsibe for te cae of ‘dea wt ‘Assessing fodback Adjectves Giving instructions ‘The imperative ‘Comparing products and services | Verb opposites Nationals, counties and languages Numbers ‘9p0 hundred and twontysix Curency symbols pound, § dota, Everyday tings petrol. garden, comput groceries. ‘alr, income, pension, budget, ‘mongeaes, Every acts getup watch Ty suey, ‘9010 wor, ‘Companies places of work sobs in Banking Poste and negative acces ona atrtve, fgnerant until, ~ Prodveis and services| forign exchange, nsurance, Advertsing special ofr oe git. iit, ‘mall pit, Cine banieng Products and services ‘rot car ntorest at. Customer surveys ‘What are they doing? p28 How can help you? p90 Foreign currency 9.22 ‘Asking questions .o4 p35. ‘save / spond Donen enc “Answering cempreension ‘can and cant ‘questions ‘Questions and short answers Exchanging information Sequencing ‘Word parneships telephone banking an cant + present sirole Interpreting teeback Comparatwo adjectives Describing whats happening now Present continoous 1m serving a customer CConmunieston sks Pott language (Could you. woul tke Word tees ‘Comparing curencios \Wr-questons “Answering comprehension Which county uses... 7 ‘questons| ‘quoston weds (Countable and uncountable noone ‘Asking and answering questions Tine expressions vary day noma the moment, “Tanssctons Foreign exchange ‘yr back rte, commission, fat 0, Currencies yn, yuan, bam. ‘Singular and purl nouns