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PFA's Office
No. AC/Admn/Re-engagement Mumbai CSMT
of Retired Staff/2O1 9
Date : 2BlOSl2Olg
Sub: Re-engagement of Retired staff
on monthly remuneration basis in
services in Her Accounts Offices, exigencies of
Centrai Railway.
ln terms of Railway Board's letter
12t12t2017' it has oeen'oecio"olo-iirr No.-E(Nc)-ill2 ooTlRc-4tcoRE/1 dated 16t1ot2017 &
Accounts offices bv Re-eng"s;;;;i"f
,g-rorrli*i,ig';llrn.ius in various 6rc cadres
stafr, *h;;;;";;iired from Accounts in Her
Sr.SO: 05, Sr.TtA : 03, ASV: 02
Hence applications of retired staff
of Accounts Department who have retired
[Tjy;ffi;!?4,:fil,",jJl,jJ;Xi:nlff;i[:jiJi:; iiA;. oiii#, iaumoai csMi from
Terms and conditions of re-engagement
"r ";;;
1. The Scheme is valid uptooifiilzolo. of retired staff
2' Retired Railway staffofAccornt. Departmentofabove
3' The re-engagement shall be strictty ,'pt" ir.," mentioned cadrescanonryappry
,g; years on or before 01..1 2.2019
of regular "ris
f.;-RR;riepartmentar or titi
3r?,,31'"'oilitv ""noiobt"s serection whichever is
4 rhe maximum upper age limit for the Re-engagement
emproyee shourd continue in service of staff is 6s years. No re-engaged
5' The Administration is at liberty to terminate or rg".
even before 01112/2019 in case
thL services of the re-engaged emproyees
their work/ .onJr"t ,, found unsatistaciory.
6' The emplovees Remoreoloiimi=se{comRrr.ory
or in revie*'.ilu not eligible for Re-eng;g;;.; r"tir"J;; ;;;;T# disciprinary action
SRRS/LARGESS wiil not bE etisibte Further emproyees retired under
7 ' The remuneration-
for re-engag',ed staff fixed as monthly remuneration
reducing pension from his/ rJr tist pay is determined by
drawn 1i e easic + DA). ih; ;_;rgaged
as per Rairway Board's retter No. rG..lttzoiaeL_z,rsgdated
execute an agreement to abide by
a, the terms and conditions
ect to prescribed medical fitness.
e appricant sha, be adjudged by
competent authority before
mployee will have to give 7 days Notice
service. for discontinuing the
12. Re-engaged employees sh
which they witt be posted. ^,.-^ r-,,
ours ,
followed by the office in
work by tfre aOmini'stration. rd as per the requirement of
observed OV ifre office in w :ly off and General Holidays
be etisibre ior anv.kind or leave (rike
cL, RH, ApL, si:k
appropriate deduction wiil be made
rro, le;::?:j"P;:B!"J.?y ,ffi:
tn" mt;ili r;;rreration
13' copy of following documents
.h",ild be attached;;ih
" ''r ' th"
a) Servicecertificate/pensionertdentityCaiJ '' apptication and it is mandatory
b) pensionpaymentOrder
14.The last date for submission o
desirous for re-engagement, h Staff retired from Railways
Annexure ,A;;; submit ,v .He
,,,r to !y in the prescribed format at
2gt,6t2,1g. , Mumbai CSMT on or before

for Pr^rrruenrrat Katlway

Application for re-engagement of Retired Staff in HQr Accounts Offices under pFA, Central
Railway in response to Notification No No. AC/Admn/Re-engagement of Retjred
Staffl2019 dated 281051201 9.
Affix recent
To, passport size
Principal Financial Advisor coloured
photograph with
Central Railway
signature across
Mumbai CSMT the Photo

I hereby apply for re-engagement as in Central Railway on monthly

remuneration basis, on terms and conditions mentioned in the said notification My
service particulars are as below.

1. Name.
2 Designation at the time of retirement :

J. Office from which retired:

4. Date of Birth:
5 Date of retirement :

6 Normal Retirement or other than normal retirement :

7 . Addressforcorrespondence:

I Tel No :
Mob. No
I Last Pay Drawn Pay Band GP< as per 6'h
PC or 7th pC Pay Matrix Level_{

10. P.P O. No Date

11. Enclosure (copy of documents) :

a) Service Certificate
b) Pensioner's ldentity Card
c) PensionPaymentOrder

I declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my Knowledge and I

am liable for punitive action if found false/ incorrect. ! also declare that I have gone
through the terms and conditions stipulated in the Notification and I shall abide by
them. I have not retired underSRRS/LARGESS.

Signature of the Applicant

Applicant's Name.-