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NARIT International Astronomical Training Workshop 2019

Final report from Group 3 (AP, Bayu, Nguyen Thi Thao)

1. Stellar Photometry

+ Prepare for the observation:

Check the source: distance to the moon through website skyview, aavso, simbad
(put some pictues here)

+ Calibration:
Bias Frames: zero second exposure frames. Shutter remains closed. Underlying noise of CCD caused
by electronics
Flat Frames: Non-uniform response of CCD pixels. High SNR uniform exposed frames. A good flat
should remain constant to about 1%. Median values and Normalized Values
Dark Frames: Finite exposure frames taken with the shutter closed. Presence of hot pixels/bad pixel
may produce dark current.
Science Frames: Frames containing astronomical objects of interest.
Cleaned Images: (Raw Object Frame - Bias Frame) / Flat Field Frame

+ CCD Data Pre Processing using IRAF


1. Run ds9 from Terminal (ds9 &)

2. Activate iraf 27 (source activate iraf27)
3. Activate xgterm (xgterm &)
4. Activate iraf on xgterm
5. Access folder with data
6. Initiate cl >> noao >> imred

Creating Master Bias

1. Initiate ccdred
2. List down bias images
3. Initiate master bias (mbias) via epar zerocombine
4. Input processing info:
1. input: bi*
2. output: mbias.fits
3. combine: median
4. ccdtype: [blank]

5. To run, Shift + : go
Creating Master Flats

1. Initiate ccdproc
2. Subract mbias.fits from all flats
3. Combine all flats via epar flatcombine

Cleaning Images

1. Initiate ccdproc
2. Subract mbias.fits and mflat.fits from all images


cl >> noao >> imred >> crutil >> epar cosmicrays

Input : clean target images

Output : d//flag*
(eliminate suspected cosmic rays by hand)

Stellar photometry
cl >> noao >> imred >> ccdred >> daophot

A. Prepare Data for Photometry

Check value of the sky:
Point and hit H for histogram

Value of the Sky:

cl >> noao >>nproto >> epar findthresh
Input CCD specs
Will produce sigma value

Get annulus
>> imexam
FWHM value from several stars

Input parameters:
>> epar daopars
matchra : sigma value
fitrad: sigma value
sannulu: 4*FWHM

>> epar datapars

>> epar findpars

>> epar photpars

B. Conduct Photometry
To load image to ds9 and tag coordinate: (will produce coo.1 file)
>> epar daofind filename
Sigma value: 4
To inspect magnitudes: (will produce .mag file)
>> epar phot
Load image and corresponding coo.1 file

To input aperture:
>> epar photpar
Aperture: 3, 6, 9, 12

result v-i = a*(v-i) +b (put some pictures here)

2. Spectrograph
Using ULTRACAM Pipeline for Data Reduction
Invocation: filefolder>>tcsh >> ultracam9.16

Check the data

google-chrome [run name]

Check the slice

rtplot [filename .dat]

Get data:
grab [filename]

Make a list
ls [run filename]_*.ucm > [run filename].lis

Open list:
more [listfile.lis]

combine :: enter parameters
Create bias:

For flats

Check the combined images:

cplot [filename .ucm]