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Student Name: DIPANJAN NANDI Section: BICG9102-02

Country Name: Indonesia

Physical Factors

Total Population: 210 million, its 4th most populous country in the world. (1)
How does population compare to Canada? 1/6th of Canada’s population.(1)
Total Area : 19 million compared to world its 16th, slightly less than 3 times of
Texas (1)
How does area compare to Canada? 1/6th (1)
Climate: Tropical, hot humid. Around 28-35 celcius Similar to Indian Climate.(2)
Physical Features: Mostly coastal lowlands, some islands have interior mountains.(4)(1)
Capital City: Jakarta(1)
Neighbouring Countries: Australia ,India,China (3)
Three Largest Cities (by population) :Java(100m), Sumatra(20m), Bantam(8m) (4)
Something you learned that you think would interest your classmates:
Independence day
Visa Information
The currency denomination
Unemployment rate
Indonesia spreads over “Ring Of Fire” .It has over 400 active volcanoes and it bear 3 Earthquakes
per day (1)
Indonesia is one of the medal winning countries in Asian games and Olympics (10)

Political Factors

Head of Government: President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (1)

Head of State: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (1)
Major Political Parties : Democrat Party, National Mandte Party,
United development party (1)
Local Address for Canadian Embassy: World trade centre 6th Floor Jl. Jend Sudirman kav. 29
Jakarta 12920, Indonesia(7)
Address of Embassy in Canada: 55 PARKDALE AVE. Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1E5 (8)
Government / political system: Democratic, with parliamentary system (2)
Description of the flag: Two equal horizontal bands, red (top) and white. Red symbolizes courage,
white represents purity
Economic Factors

Total GDP: $ 962.5 billion 2009 . 1/14th times US Economy.(1)

GDP per capita: $4000 2009 (1) near about 1/10th of Canada.((1)
Latest rate of inflation or CPI : 4.8%(1)
Major export markets:119.5 billion 1/10th times US export market
Typical export products: Oil and Gas, plywood ,textile, rubber.
Major import sources: Singapore, China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Malaysia.
Typical import products: Chemical,Foodstuffs,Fuel
Unit of currency: rupiah (Rp) (5)

Cultural Factors

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Javan, regional languages.(5)

Religion: Muslims 86.1% , Protestant 5.7%, Roman Catholic 3%, Hindu 1.8%,Other
Or unspecified 3.4% (2000) census (1)
Major Newspapers: The Jakarta Post, Kompas, Java post (9)
Major Magazines: Inside Indonesia, Gatra,Swa. (9)
Sports: Table Tennis, Badminton, Football (10)
Persons of Note: (Politicians, Artists, Musicians, Athletes, etc.) Suratno Nano,(musician) SIagian
Rizaldi(musician) (10)
How does this country differ from Canada?
1. physical feature of Indonesia. Comprises of different Island
2.Indonesia faces earthquake in every 3 days.
3.It is not as develop as Canada
How is this country similar to Canada?
Both country has natural resources oil and gas,both has provinces not states.
Describe a typical Saturday night or Sunday afternoon in this county (that is, what do the
people do in their leisure time?)
Like other countries Indonesian people gets wild on Saturday night , drink , party, dances. Lots of
pubs and bar are their and night life in Indonesia attracts many tourists. On Sundays people prefer to
stay at home but, some people goes to shopping mall, for window shopping. (11)(1)


Most significant event in last 200 years, and why:

1945 Indonesia gets Independence from Japan. After the Netherlanlands Indies rule in Indonesia,
Japan ruled for 3 years, 1942-1945, after that they surrender and Indonesia got Independence. (1)
Most significant event in last 20 years, and why:
In 2004 Dec , 160,000 people died due to Earth quake , After this event seismic moment magnitude
scale and richter scale is no longer applied to such events (13)
Most significant event in last 2 years, and why:
Indonesian Manufacturing Markets are expanding.Indonesia strongly hit by Global economic crisis
on 2008 , and now they are trying to get back the economic growth in track, so they are expanding
their manufacturing market.(12)
Most significant event in last 20 days, and why:
US businessman are interested in investing in Oil and Gas, Mining,Health,Manufacture sectors. They
think it’s a growing economy Investing here will give them good return on Investment.(12) 24/09/10

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Suggested Further Readings

Where should your classmates go if they were interested in learning more about this country?
Read Southeast Asia lovely planet book and Cia.gov world fact book.